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Introducing Sai the Peacock: The Unique Beak

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Simple, vibrant illustrations with a HUMONGOUS message! 

People can be mean, let's not sugar-coat it....unfortunately there will be people in life who will make us feel yucky, low and defeated. Those people are stinkers (and some of those could even be in our family!)
THEN there will be people (or CRICKETS in the case of Sai the Peacock) who will accept, admire, and love us for who we are. Those are THE BEST. 

Sai meets some stinkers who laugh and make fun of him for his voice and his beak, and he feels so bad that he stops singing in front of ANYONE! He only decides to sing while he is alone- or THINKS he's alone. 
BRING IN CRICKET- Cricket LOVES when Sai sings, and enjoys 'chirping' along... Cricket gives Sai the confidence to start sharing his voice again and all the other crickets love it! 

Those stinkers from before? Do they feel left out and guilty that they aren't admitted into Sai's FANTABULOUS SHOW? Yup, yup they are- ! 

Sai learns that with a little kindness, support and friendship - he can do ANYTHING! 
Such an important message to not give up, to follow your dreams and you can accomplish everything you want. In turn, this is a great example of showing how far a little kindness can go- great topics of conversation to have with your kids or students! 

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Sai the Peacock has a huge beak that makes a sound unlike the other peacocks.  He was teased so he went into the forest where he meets a cricket that loves his sound.  Wonderful words of friendship such as "Cricket cared about Sai's feelings, brought him up when he was down.  He loved that he was different and loved his unique sound."  They story is wonderful, the illustrations are fun, cute and colorful.  A fabulous book.  One of my new favorites.

 I received an ARC from Greenleaf Book Group through NetGalley.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.  I am voluntarily submitting this review and am under no obligation to do so.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. A positive message picture book about being yourself and doing what you love to do.
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This encouraging rhyming story of a young one who is not appreciated because of being quite different. It takes one good friend to help gain confidence.
The illustrations by Sophia Frizzell are delightful, colorful, vibrant, and imaginative.
Well suited for reading WITH someone of any age.
I really want to get one for my local public library!
I requested and received a free temporary e-book on Adobe Digital Editions from Greenleaf Book Group Press via NetGalley. Thank you!
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This amazing picture book doesn't just introduce the spectacular Sai it also introduces some lessons that kids should learn early on! It is sure to teach kids not only the meaning of confidence but also how to be a good friend, how to be seen and loved, and how to embrace one's difference! I'm so excited that this book exists! The illustrations are gorgeous and the story belongs in the fables hall of fame! I hope everyone gets the chance to read this someday!
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As someone who struggles with her own self/body image this little book was a comforting read. To see people finally start talking about body positivity, write diverse characters and weave diverse stories is an amazing feeling. This book, although a children's book, tackles the most sensitive of subjects - ACCEPTANCE... 
With colourful illustrations and an adorable story, the book is trying to convey the importance of being unique, being accepted and being confident. I believe the unacceptance of one's own features is a product of years of media brainwash, years of people shouting at us what's deemed attractive and what's considered abnormal and ugly. To bring about change, I believe we need to nip it in the bud and thats done by teaching our children different ideologies than the ones we were raised on. 
Only then can these weird ideologies of what's normal and whats not change. 
So reading these books is very important if we want to break from the shackles of weird beauty standards. 
This book promotes self love and acceptance as well which I really loved because we're all different, we come in different shapes and sizes and we're all beautiful in our own ways. This topic is very close to my heart so I can go on and on about the importance of this book but I won't drag it out. Instead I want to commend the author for this book, thankyou for making me feel like I am not an anomaly, thankyou for trying to change the world one step at a time so I can walk with my head held high and my beak on full display. 
I highly recommend this book.
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Poor Sad the Peacock was made fun of due to his large beak. This is a great book to show children that not everyone is the same we are all unique in our own way. The book and illustrations were beautifully created.
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Introducing Sai the Peacock: The Unique Beak by Estani Frizzel is a charming children’s book about having confidence no matter how much people say mean things and hurt you.
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This is a lovely book with a great message and beautiful illustrations that will appeal to the readers. The author reminds readers the importance of confidence and doing what you love to do. It was a bit weird how some verses rhyme and others don't. I would've preferred some consistency. But, it's a wonderful book to help children learn to be "Beakonfident."
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This is a beautiful story with a lovely message. The artwork is absolutely stunning and the main character is one that will inspire. I love how the other characters in the story realize the error of their ways and apologize to Sai. Lots of great teachable moments in this one.
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Confidence abounds in this book about Sai the Peacock with the unusual beak. 

His usual crew is so unkind and cruel because his beak is larger than typical.  So he surrounds himself with other friends (the crickets!) who praise his singing abilities and love being around him!

Soon the peacocks notice something has changed-they don’t know where the crickets went.

But they went to be with Sai whose message is “Beakonfident.”  What a great message to surround yourself with your cheerleaders, celebrate your strengths, and find confidence within. Kids will empathize with Sai and can think about being kind no matter what people look like.
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Little Sai, the peacock, has a huge beak everyone makes fun of. No one bothers that he has a lovely voice and likes to sing. A dejected Sai becomes silent and sings when none are around. A teeny cricket listens to the songs and encourages Sai to sing. The cricket and Sai become friends. Sai’s voice attracts more insects and crickets who love his songs. Sai becomes a celebrity. But do his fellow peacocks and family recognize his talent? 
This is a beautiful story showing how one doesn’t have to be restricted by physical appearances to become what they want. It’s all about being confident and doing what you love. 
The illustrations are lovely. The color composition matches the story on the page. I haven’t seen such a cute cricket ever. The illustrations feel textured, though it is hard to tell in an eBook. 
My only grouse is with the narrative style. Some verses rhyme and some don’t. The lines fall in and out of rhythm. A story in simple short sentences would work better.
To sum up, Introducing Sai the Peacock: The Unique Beak is a lovely book with a good moral lesson and beautiful illustrations. I’m assuming there will be more in the series. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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A cute story about gaining confidence in yourself with the help of supportive friends!  Sai is a peacock whose beak is larger than others and loves to sing, but his friends and family tell him he’s not a good singer and crush his dreams.  When Sai meets a friendly cricket he’s encouraged to be himself and follow his dreams.

It was nice to see a different type of illustration in this book-it seemed like the illustrations were made from paper or mixed media!

Thank you to the publisher and Net Galley for the advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review
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In the same genre as "The Ugly Duckling" this story about being different is a story that will always need telling. The importance of surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and finding confidence in what you love is a great message.
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My first impression of this book is the absolutely gorgeous, vibrant art work….it is so stunning! 

Poor Sai (the peacock) is bullied and made fun of for his large nose and dreams of becoming a singer.  He hides himself and only sings when alone in the forest. Then one day an odd friendship develops with a cricket, who boosts Sai up to his full potential. This is a really sweet book about an age-old topic of not fitting into societal norms. I really enjoyed this book and it was made even better with the artwork.  The one thing I struggled with was the fact that Sai’s own mother was amongst those who didn’t believe in him…this was uncomfortable for me.  

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and opinion. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Sai is a peacock who loves to sing, but the other peacocks make fun of him because of his large beak and say that he needs to stop singing.  One of the bullies is his own mother!  Sai is very lonely, but he decides that it is best for him to just be silent.  Sai still had song in his heart, so he would sing when he was alone.  One day, he is discovered by Cricket, who loves Sai's voice.  Cricket becomes Sai's friend and encourages him to sing.  Cricket likes that Sai is different and that he has a unique sound.  He encourages Sai and Sai's confidence grows.  Soon Sai is singing concerts to sold out crowds and is about to embark on a world tour.  Meanwhile, the other peacocks have noticed that the crickets were quiet and go searching for them.  They then witness Sai singing in concert and realize that he is actually pretty amazing.  They finally regret being mean to Sai.  HIs mom apologizes to Sai and tells him that she is proud of him for following his dreams before his world tour begins.
Overall, I really liked this story.  I liked the illustrations and the rhyming pattern.  I like that Sai became his best self with the help of his friendship with Cricket.  This is a perfect story to have discussions about bullying, confidence, and friendship.
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This is a heartwarming story that demonstrates the power of support, friendship, and forgiveness. Though Sai is ostracized by those closest to him because they feel he's different and his passion does not align with everyone else. Sai finds inclusivity in the most unexpected place. Through the push and praise of some new friends, Sai finds his voice and his confidence along the way. Great little book, nice message, and beautiful illustrations!
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This was a cute book that reminded me of “The Ugly Duckling”. Sai is a peacock who likes to sing yet the other peacocks think his beak is too big and he can’t sing. He is unsure of himself yet others believe in him. It makes him realize that it shouldn’t matter what others think and to believe in himself.
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This picture book tells the story of Sai the Peacock who really wants to be a fabulous singer but is doubted by his mother and other friends. One day he meets a cricket who fully believes in him and encourages him to follow his dreams. When he finally makes it on stage to a sold out audience he sees his mom in the audience, realizing his talent. The book reminds readers of the importance of believing in yourself even if others do not give you the vote of confidence you search for. The phrase BEAK-onfident is used throughout and I love it! I think kids will enjoy this book and the fun story of a peacock, a bird that we do not often hear singing but that has so many other beautiful features. I would recommend this book to parents and teachers of children in the age 4-9 range. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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BEAKONFIDENT, everyone! This is the story of Sai, a peacock with an unusual beak. Through the help of a friend, Sai learns to find his inner confidence and shine! A good story for the following themes: being a good friend/looking at the inside and not the outside/using your talents.
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