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A James Bond style pure thriller. Not something I always go for but an enjoyable fast paced read.It's not something I will reread though.I might read more but have to mood for this type of book. Those looking for this type of book should enjoy it.
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I always look forward to Humphrey Hawksley books and this one was both an action packed and suspenseful thriller. I would not say it was one of his best but well worth a read.
Thank you Netgalley and the Meryl Moss Media Group for giving me the opportunity to give my unbiased opinion.
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Ice Islands brings Rake Ozenna to Japan in pursuit of members of the Yakuza involved in transnational crimes. This is a really enjoyable series featuring an unusual and fascinating lead character. I am hooked!  I received an ARC from NetGalley, and the opinions expressed are my own.
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This author has a good series going, and continues here. This has all the elements of a good thriller, and has a number helpful reviews. So I'll just recommend it to thriller fans.

Thanks very much for the free review copy for review!!
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Thanks to Net Galley and author Humphrey Hawksley, I was sent an Advanced Reader Copy of Ice Islands.
With Major Rake Ozenna, whose home unit is the Alaska Guard, Humphrey Hawksley presents his most recent political thriller. Although I've only just started reading this series, I must admit that I think having read the other volumes would have been quite beneficial.

This book centres on a Japanese threat to the US, the assassination of the Russian leader's son, the inauguration of a new American president, and Major Rake in the middle of it all.

This fast-paced thriller has a terrifyingly believable concept. It is very great, with a compelling story and superb characters. There is a lot of action, but there is also a well-researched emphasis on the threats our current society poses. This is really engaging and entertaining. The stories are unique, and the characters are incredibly genuine.

The entire narrative was captivating to me. The author, Humphrey Hawksley, has done a fantastic job crafting this tight and exciting tale. I had a great time with the characters. The unexpected turns were good. The characters were appealing and convincing, and the writing was authentic. 

The author did an excellent job of writing the notion that we are neither fully good nor totally bad into the story. I highly recommend this book to whoever love political thrillers.
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An intense spy thriller with action and suspense. Major Rake Ozenna’s is sent on a mission and it is to interject himself into the Kato family. The Kato family  are a part of a Japanese Empire that poses a threat to outsiders. A Russian leader’s family member is murdered and Sara Kato is a suspect. This event complicates Rake’s mission. Tensions start between Japan, America and Russia and Rake is caught in the middle of it. This story will keep the reader at the edge of their seat. An exciting thriller.

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House for this book, I received a copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This is the first book that I read from the Raze Ozenna series and I loved it! Ice Islands is a story written at a fast pace, full of intrigue, treason, and lies. It provides beautiful descriptions of remote places, Japanese cultural heritage, and how the political scenario sometimes intertwines with the dark side of societies. 
I downloaded a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Wow, what a great book. Humphrey Hawksley has done a brilliant job with this tense and thrilling story. I initially sat down to read a few chapters, and still found myself reading it a couple of hours later. Major Rake Ozenna is a great character. Sara may not realise it, but Rake is one of the most capable men alive that can keep her safe. He doesn’t need convincing that she’s not a murderer. He just has to contend with her family and the US Government. 
If you enjoy Thrillers, then you will love this book. It’s well worth a read. 5/5 Star Rating.
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Just as I feared, Humphrey Hawksley has transformed Rake into a private-sector GI Joe battling super villains of the James Bond sort. I didn't really read very far before quitting. There is no creativity here, no effort by the author to develop scenarios that keep Rake in his home court, only crash bang boom. I won't ask for the next book.
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Rake is a tribal council but is working from DC as he works for the American President for special issues. The appearance of a new President has told Rake and his supervisor is to stop his effort. Because Rake is a a Major in National Guard, he cannot stop, and is dropped into Japanese a criminal powerful gang. Rake is sent to rescue Sara Kato but stopped by the President as Sara is picked up by her brother, second leader to the Japanese gang. The President keeps been held back from Rake as he tries to rescue Sara and prevent the development atomic bomb is manufactured and set off. In a conference, a secret son of Russian dictator Sara is suspected when the young man is killed.  Russia, Japan and USA are drawn into possible atomic war. The characters are very realistic, and the plots are unusual. I loved the story right to the end, and then wanted to back and read over.
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I needed an FBI sized board to keep all these characters and their link to get through this book but I got there in the end.

This book was fast paced and really interesting. I didn't realise this was part of a series but I was able to follow along.

I purchased book one from Kindle so looking forward to starting that next.
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I wanted to like this but it was not my cup of tea. The story lines and characters were too hard to follow along with and understand what was going on. Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy.
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