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One Night With You

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This was a fun quick read, I did initially struggle with the story to begin with but once I got a few chapters in I was keen to keep going.

Probably not one of my favourite books by Laura Jane Williams but it is definitely worth a read.

Thank you to the publisher & Netgalley for the opportunity to read this gifted copy.
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This was a fun and interesting read. 

I enjoyed Ruby’s friendship with Jackson and Candice, as they have a good solid bond at the beginning of the book. I enjoyed the chemistry between Ruby and Nic, and enjoyed following them as they each explored their new cities. I will say I thought the book bogged down a bit in the middle, there was a bit too much of will they, won’t they and it seemed like forever before they could get together. 

Yes this was a fun and entertaining read but I also felt it held a really great message for all it’s readers. Life can be scary at times and we are often faced with some very hard decisions. Sometimes it seems that easiest choice is the right decision and we fall into this trap of not putting ourselves out there for fear of failing because almost doesn’t count.
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Reminiscent of One Day, this is the ultimate "right person, wrong time" story.

Nic and Ruby hook up after Nic moves to London for a fresh start and buys Ruby's couch from her. Ruby is about to embark on her own fresh start in Manchester. The night is magic but the timing is terrible.

Ruby is a terrible character though. Well written, with depth, but selfish and conceited and more like a petulant teen than an ambitious and driven woman in her early thirties. I thoroughly enjoyed the 50% of the book written from Nic's point of view. Even the way Nic sees Ruby is lovely. She was not worthy.

There weren't enough of the side characters. They were there but they were plot devices, one dimensional people as backup dancers to the Nic and Ruby musical number. Also those text exchanges were ridiculously cringe.

Very hard to get emotionally invested, the plot was predictable. Nic wasn't enough to carry this for me, sorry - not a true love for the ages.
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Nic has just moved to London and meets Ruby on his first night, her last night before she moves away to pursue her dream. The sparks fly, they have one night together.... can this be the start of something, will they see each other again?

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Australia for the early copy of this in exchange for my honest review.

This was a page turner! The banter and chemistry between Nic and Ruby had me invested, wanting to see where their story would go.
It is dual POV - which i love, a friends circle along the found family trope and some laugh out loud moments.
Unfortunately it's not spicy but the story is rich enough in detail it doesn't need to be.

Add this to your to be read pile!

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Thank you so much to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for the advance copy of this book, all thoughts are my own.

In this book we meet Ruby who is moving out of London and Nic who was moving in to London, they met over the sale of Ruby’s sofa and hit it off straight away.

I loved JP and loved everything about his story and his life, he was just a lovely human ❤️

I’m not sure that I liked Ruby as a person, she was nice but came across as someone who just constantly had a moan about how life let her down. I liked Nic, I thought he came across as a really nice bloke.

I think this book had a good storyline but just lacked in the the way it was executed. Super sad as I really wanted to love it, unfortunately the more I got into the book the more I didn’t want to finish it. It started off really well but then it just felt slow, I feel like it started to drag on and honestly the story could have been shorter.
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I enjoyed reading Ruby and Nic’s story. I felt that the middle was a bit slow and so I really struggled to continue reading. I was a bit disappointed by the ending.

My favourite character was definitely JP. I thought that Ruby and Nic had great chemistry however I did find that Ruby was a bit annoying and so a bit dislikable. 

Overall the book was good and I would recommend it to people who like romances.

I would like to thank NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers Australia for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review
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