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Encyclopedia of Birds

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This is more like an extended picture book of birds rather than your usual encyclopedia, but that is all for the good. An engaging collection that's light on text yet packed with beautiful paintings of every kind of bird. I like the unusual categories -- like birds who feed their young or birds that don't fly -- and I like how this brings unexpected groupings. This is the sort of book that will appeal to kids who like to observe their world and think about the connections. A keeper.
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This beautiful and detailed children's encyclopedia teaches readers about all types of birds, even ones that can't fly! There are colourful pictures, easy to read labels and text boxes that are easy to locate. Bird are grouped by characteristics they share such as: being related to chickens, having interesting beaks or not being able to fly. These are logical classifications for young children and I think it will be a resource they will want to look back on and enjoy reading multiple times. I would recommend this book to parents of children in the age 5-10 range. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me review this book. 
This book was interesting about the various bird species. There were several birds I’d never heard of; so it was cool learning about them. The information bubbles were nice cause it didn’t clutter the page and the information at the bottom of the page was great too. Each bird had an interesting fact to go with it. This book is a definite must for a kid who is into birds or just wants to learn more about them.
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This is a beautifully-crafted book, full of information but very accessible to the intended audience younger children.

The book is organized by types of birds (including flightless birds that swim!) with examples of each and information about them. The illustrations are colorful and make for a cohesive look from cover to cover while appearing true-to-life.

This book would be a lovely gift for a young bird lover and a great resource for learning more about different bird species.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review!
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