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Breaking or losing trust with someone doesn't mean it's the end of the relationship. It takes hard work on both parts to rebuild and repair trust. This book gives the reader different techniques and approaches on how to recreate the bond.

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Rebuilding Trust by Morgan Johnson is a heartfelt and compelling story that delves into the complexities of trust, forgiveness, and the power of redemption. This emotionally charged novel explores the challenging journey of rebuilding relationships shattered by betrayal and examines the resilience of the human spirit.
The story follows Sarah Thompson, a woman whose life is shattered when she discovers her husband's infidelity. Devastated and betrayed, Sarah embarks on a path of self-discovery and healing. As she grapples with her emotions and strives to rebuild trust in herself and others, she encounters unexpected connections and must confront her past to embrace a future filled with hope and forgiveness.
Morgan Johnson's writing style is engaging and evocative, allowing readers to delve deep into the emotional turmoil of the characters. The author's skillful portrayal of Sarah's internal struggles and the complexities of her relationships creates an authentic and relatable narrative. The pacing is well-maintained, allowing the story to unfold naturally and keeping the reader invested in Sarah's journey of healing and growth.
The characters in Rebuilding Trust are well-crafted and realistic, with flaws and vulnerabilities that make them relatable. Sarah is a resilient and sympathetic protagonist, and her transformation throughout the novel is both compelling and inspiring. The supporting characters, including Sarah's friends and family members, add depth and provide a supportive backdrop to her emotional journey.
The central theme of trust is explored with sensitivity and depth in the novel. Morgan Johnson adeptly captures the challenges and complexities of rebuilding trust after betrayal, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection, communication, and vulnerability. The story reminds us that trust is a fragile and valuable aspect of human relationships that requires effort and understanding to repair.
While the focus of the book is on trust and personal growth, there are elements of romance intertwined within the narrative. Sarah's encounters with potential love interests add an additional layer of complexity to her journey, highlighting the possibilities of new beginnings and the complexities of navigating relationships after betrayal. The romantic aspects of the story are portrayed with subtlety and do not overpower the main theme of trust rebuilding.
Rebuilding Trust is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant novel that will captivate readers who enjoy stories of redemption, forgiveness, and personal growth. Morgan Johnson's storytelling prowess and ability to evoke deep emotions make this book a compelling read. With its exploration of trust and its impact on relationships, this novel serves as a reminder of the power of healing and the potential for second chances.
Overall, Rebuilding Trust is a beautifully written tale that balances emotional depth with hope and resilience. Morgan Johnson's ability to capture the intricacies of human emotions and the complexities of trust makes this book a worthwhile read. If you are seeking a poignant story that explores the power of forgiveness and the strength of the human spirit, Rebuilding Trust will not disappoint.

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This is such an incredibly helpful practical resource. There are so many books of relationship advice, both to grow and repair relationships, but this is one of the few that actually tells you what to DO instead of just introducing concepts to ponder. There are dozens of exercises and thought activities for couples to do, together and apart, to help rebuild their relationship after a betrayal. Tools and techniques from many evidence-based therapies are included and there is special focus on how to manage biological/mental processes like stress response, trauma triggering, etc.

The author is very carefully non-judgmental, both about the actual betrayal (termed as a Relationship Norm Violation (RNV) to be more inclusive to other issues like financial infidelity, abandonment, etc.) and the partners grappling with it. This is written for people who have already decided they at least want to try to salvage their relationship, so discernment really isn't a goal. There is a lot to learn here and I am absolutely convinced that couples who work through this with sincere effort will build a much stronger, healthier relationship.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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This book is a bible for anyone struggling with trust issues with their partner. It's a shitty place to be but these guided therapies seemed to make a big difference. Betrayal in any form is the worst but it doesn't always mean things can't be mended and therefore stronger. This book is an excellent gateway to help you get to that better place.

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Thank you, Zietgeist, for the advance reading copy.

This guidebook for relationships provide some of the updated techniques for guided therapy and activities to regain trust and intimacy.

I feel we need this book in our digitally connected yet realistically disconnected world, especially for our relationships to work when it has gained that level in the relationship where we feel we have known the other person enough and it has reached a certain point we feel there's no more exciting things with them.

There's some important parts focusing on healing after betrayal, activities to do together, Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy and some other such trusted therapy techniques, journaling prompts and conversation skills to take up, and a deep dive discussion on relationship dynamics.

There's no way to say all these techniques will work out for every couple. However, I feel there's no harm in knowing and trying out the techniques. There's no harm in trying to save a relationship. Better than living with regrets in the end.

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Rebuilding Trust is a life saving guide for those trying to get back on track in their relationship following a betrayal or affair. It tries to address the feelings of all parties and to find the path to staying together if that is what you both really want. It guides you through addressing the really difficult areas and gives you hope that you can trust again and have a fantastic relationship, maybe for some even better than before. The exercises are simple but tough and deep and both parties need to committed to the process. Overall one of the better relationship guidebooks that addresses difficult areas and offers different solutions to most other books on the subject. Will definitely help most couples in this situation.

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Morgan Johnson’s “Rebuilding Trust” is a must-have book for those who are navigating through the complexities and aftermath of infidelity!

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I feel like this book could be very beneficial to those dealing with betrayal trauma... But don't let this be your one and only resource.

This book does give you a sort of handhold to walk this very painful path, but it also makes you sort of face up to the truths of the matter. I feel like it had some slight gaslighting/victim-blaming, but it was more a societal thing and was definitely NOT intentional. That was a relief as I would hate to have felt like Morgan was intentionally shaming someone for having their trust broken.
The journal prompts, exercises, and other strategies are absolutely wonderful. I seriously suggest everyone implementing those into their routine, whether they are working to rebuild trust that was broken or just setting up a better foundation for their future.

I would definitely recommend getting this book as well as 2 others that I feel would work hand in hand to create a lasting impact. Additional resources would be "Transcending PISD" by Dennis Ortman and "Intimate Deception" by Sheri Keffer. With these 3 books in hand, I feel like actual recovery might truly be possible for once.

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I really, really enjoyed reading this one. It was full of helpful tips and it was very informative, so it accomplished it’s goal.

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