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I have to admit, I’ve been fascinated by tarot cards since I was in my own teen years, but didn’t know anything about how they worked, and didn’t really have anyone to ask. It all seemed so complicated, and eventually I just kind of gave up on ever being able to learn about tarot cards. Fast forward, and I found myself as an adult with some extra time on my hands and I wound up with a tarot deck in my possession, and access to this ARC. 

I’m far from being a teenager, but I’ve always been the kind of learner who does best when I keep things simple and get the basics down firmly. And I figured this book might be the best way to do that, especially after seeing that it is specifically geared towards beginners. 

This book is definitely designed for people who have no experience with tarot cards. I appreciated that it approaches the variety in decks, offering input on how many different kinds of decks that are available, and encouraging readers to find one that they connect with, whether it is the traditional deck, a more diverse or inclusive deck, or an abstract deck that reflects their own identity and preferences. There is also a resource list at the back of the book that provides contact information for small businesses.

After you’ve chosen a deck, the author reviews how to clear energy from a deck. There are several techniques offered, and these are to be used before the deck is used for the first time as well as before and after readings. It also talks about ways to store your deck properly. And the biggest message that I took away from this is that there isn’t one single right way to do anything when it comes to your deck. You have to find a way that works for you specifically, something that feels right, like it fits for you personally.

Once a deck is ready to be used, the author explains the different types of spreads that can be used, both when doing a reading for yourself or for someone else. She starts with the easiest spreads and slowly works up to the more difficult ones, explaining everything in an easy, natural way that flows and makes sense.

Finally, she discussed each of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards, explaining what they symbolize, how their meaning can be interpreted in a reading generally, in regards to social or romantic relationships, career or financial situations, and your personal or spiritual needs, as well as what a reversed card might indicate. However, throughout the entire book, you are encouraged to rely on your intuition and trust what it is telling you. 

The writing felt more like it was a conversation between the author and the readers, making it a comfortable and familiar-feeling read. Despite the fact that this was geared towards teenagers, she never dumbed down her writing or language, and never made it sound like she was talking down to the readers. It resonated just as deeply with me, an adult unfamiliar with tarot, as it could with a teenager who is new to tarot, and I felt like we could both get just as much out of this book. I finished this with a lot of highlights in my ebook, and I can already tell that this is one that I’m going to refer back to a lot until I’m no longer a newbie (and maybe even after that too). One thing I did find, however, is that it was really helpful to me to have my own version of the cards handy so that I could see what my cards looked like as the author discussed the traditional cards and what the images symbolized, allowing me to compare mine with the ones pictured in the book. This book is definitely a keeper.
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Thanks for letting me read this book. I liked this book overall because I have an interest in tarot myself. I let my 17 yo read most of this book as well and she asked to stop because she didn't really understand the information.
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This was a great book for young teens/young adults. I'm an adult and found it extremely useful and it banished any preconcieved negative views that I had with Tarot cards. I've always been interested in Tarot  but always 'feared' it. This book was very easy to follow. It also explained that the cards 'did not predict the future' but infact guide you with ideas and suggestions to improve your life/current circumstances. Nothing is written in stone. I do have Oracle cards, i will now venture into Tarot!
Thank you to Zeitgeist and Netgalley for an early copy for an honest review.
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A fantastic introduction to tarot for teens. Very much recommended, especially for teens and young adults. In some ways, easier to follow than others.
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I wish I had access to a book like Caponi’s when I was a teenager. I highly recommend this book to any teen who is curious about tarot but doesn’t know where to look or is intimidated by what’s currently available. With approachable language, this book is informative yet interesting.
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A great, concise, and straightforward introduction to tarot! I loved how approachable the subject felt within the text -- it feels very well-written for the audience for whom it's intended.
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I absolutely was excited to see another book from Stefanie Caponi, and although this is just a teen-ized version of her original 'Guided Tarot', I loved the original, and was curious to see what changes she made with this one, and was certainly happy to dive into the same content once again. While I don't rely on her original book as much anymore, given my increasing familiarity with Tarot, I do still pick it up from time-to-time to double check things or get a nice refresher.

As for this version: it's largely a lot of the same content as the previous book it's based on. Most of anything that has changed feels more so a desire or need to reword rather than the content being specifically aimed at teens. Even for the card meanings, the "Career/Money" meaning suggestion is kept, though changed to, "Career Goals/Money", which I feel is a missed opportunity to change that to relating to school or education. Some mid-late teens may have jobs, but I feel like school more so relates to their every-day life. (And even if they do have jobs, the mention of "promotion" felt very out-of-place for 13-18 year olds. Who is getting promoted at that age? XD)

I do agree with another reviewer that I feel the language and syntax is not too geared towards teens. Perhaps late teens at best, but I do think the wording of certain sections could've been rephrased or simplified to make it more approachable and relatable for teens. It does feel largely like a copy-paste book, rather than one 'based off' its predecessor.

That said, the content of this book is still fantastic, and I'd still recommend it. Fantastic details on the RWS imagery and meanings, exercises, journal prompts, and spreads to practice with. But to compare it with the original, I do feel like more effort could've been put in to really make it for teens. So if you already have the original book, I see no reason to purchase this one unless you're a die-hard fan. A few meanings were altered a bit, some spreads were renamed (though are the same otherwise), and a few other parts were rephrased, but for the most part, this is a copy-paste. If you're buying for a teen, you might as well get this copy, though like I said, if you already have the original, they could just read that instead. (Unless you want them to have their own book, which could be valuable!) 

This book could work just as well for adults too. I think it's a great starting point for anyone's Tarot journey, though I will note that it does lean a little more towards divination than introspection, but not in any way that I found distracting or negative.

Quick note for editors: I found a missing period (Kindle) on the Page of Cups under "Career Goals/Money".

If I were to nit-pick, I wish the keywords were more unique per card. Several had the same keywords, which for beginners could make things confusing. The descriptions certainly help differentiate them, but I feel more effort could've been put in for unique terms. (As an example, The Magician, The Emperor, and The Chariot all have the keyword "inspired action".)
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I own and have read Guided Tarot many times. I was excited to see a teen version is coming out because I have a young teen interested in tarot as well.  I appreciate that this was aimed to teens but after reading through the book it feels almost the same as the adult version of the book. Overall still a great tarot meanings book for beginners.
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* ** I received an arc in exchange for an honest review
This book was a great introduction to tarot. It goes into the basis of tarot but also how to read the cards and interpret them. It was helpful in figuring out what I believe to be a difficult thing to do
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This book was a decent beginner tarot book. The activities to grow skills in the book were good. However, I felt that the writing style really wasn't geared towards teens. Other than using some examples that would resonate with teens, the word choice and wordiness of the book seemed geared towards a more older reader. Overall, an OK resource for tarot. *I received an ARC of this book and this is my voluntary and honest review.
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This was a comprehensive introduction guide to tarot--one I wish I had when I was a teen. As a tarot reader, it's hard to find good information out there, and I think this book does an amazing job at sharing the art of tarot and how to practice.
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Great for Beginners

Stefanie Caponi begins by giving background information on Tarots by explaining that most tarot decks contain a total of 78 cards; 22 trump cards called the Major Arcana and 56 cards called the Minor Arcana. She states that one should purify their Tarot deck because  this helps clear any energy that may be attached to the deck before you begin to work with it, and it helps you attune to your deck, merging your energy with that of the deck itself to form a bond. Purification can be done through several methods. The two she mentions here are by smoke from incense or by using crystals.

The author discusses the various tarot spreads, steps in performing a reading, how to interpret the cards, and doing a narrative reading. She further discusses each card in both the major and minor arcana in great detail.

This is a great book for anyone beginning their journey in learning to read tarots.
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I read the original Guided Tarot by Stefanie Caponi and it’s one of my favorite tarot guides. No fuss, informative, lots of different takes on each card and spreads to try with good, thorough explanations.

Guided Tarot for Teens is the perfect adaptation of the original Guided Tarot for a teenaged audience. I think this version of the guide is approachable for anyone, including adults, and is just as well explained and thorough as the original guide. That being said, I think the two books are similar enough that it’s probably not worth getting both, but I highly recommend getting either one of Caponi’s guides if you want to learn about tarot. The teen edition would make an excellent gift for any tarot-curious young folks in your life, too.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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Ah! This is great. I love the Netgalley ebook version of it, the links work well and it's just an overall great guide to use as I'm branching out in my own practice and learning along the way. It says it's for teens but I appreciate the simplicity of the various learning points and it's perfect for adult tarot beginners like me!
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This is a great book for teens or beginners of any age who want more information and direction than the little white book that accompanies the Rider Waite Smith or other tarot decks.It is easy to understand and encourages one to jump right into your deck and start reading the cards. The exercises included in the book are helpful, and reflect and encourage the intuitive meanings of tarot. 

The images included in the book are of the classic Rider Waite Smith deck, which is helpful if you may have a different deck. A lot of the card meanings are derived from the symbols in this deck so even if it isn’t your preferred deck, it definitely helps to have some familiarity with it and having the images right there to study is helpful. 

This book starts with the basics, some history, choosing a deck, and clearing your deck, before moving on to readings, and finally the card by card guide. There is even a quick reference guide at the back of the book to help you get started quickly or give you a word or two when you need a jumping off point during a reading. 

If you have been confused or frustrated by the little white book that traditionally accompanies a deck, I suggest taking a deep breath, and starting over with this book as your guide.
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Thank you NetGalley and Zeitgeist for an advanced digital copy of Guided Tarot for Teens. 

All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I loved this book. I wish I had this book when I was a teen. Over the past few years I have read several tarot books, and this one by far is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed how Stefanie Caponi covered the tarot meanings, history of tarot, different spreads, reflective questions to try as well as so much more. All of the information is very easy to understand and follow along. This book is very informative whether you are a teen or adult.

I feel this book is perfect for beginners, teens or adults, who wish to learn about Tarot. I will definitely be getting this for my personal collection.
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A great introduction, lots of useful information to get started. Thanks so much for the arc, can’t wait to put It into practice
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I loved this book. It is the kinda of book I wish I had when I was a teen. This book explains in great detail about Tarot. Everything you want to know. This book is not just good for teens but people interested in Tarot and want to begin.
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I have read many books on tarot and this one was the easiest to understand while the books can go into more detail this one is great for beginners and great start to understanding tarot.
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This book is very informative whether you are a teen or not. I found myself taking notes and journaling while using it. I highly recommend if you want to dip your toe into Tarot with an easy to understand guide.
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