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An unexpected inheritance
From a relative who'd kept their distance
An uncle who she'd never known
Or heard of as she'd grown!

A key, large and ornate
Is about to change Maisy's fate.
What is it the key to?
What will it do?

Maisy is warm, bubbly and fun
Always smiling as she get things done.
No matter the curveballs fate's thrown at her
She fills her life with smiles and laughter.

So what'll happen when she discovers
There are angels, nephilim - and evil others?
Why did she give the key away?
To a demon - definitely not her day!

Get ready for a crash course
In the paranormal - it could get worse!
As Maisy is aided by a trio of nephilim
The fate of the world to redeem!

What a fun paranormal romance
With mystery, adventure and perchance
Even the hint of things to come soon
If Maisy can prevent all meeting their doom!

I really hope this is the start of a series of books
And highly recommend at this one you have a good look!
For my complementary copy of this book, I say thank you,
I throughly enjoyed reading it and this is my honest review.
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Not my usual type of book that I normally read but it was OK... Paranormal book dealing with angels and demons and witches....
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DNF @ 22%. I really tried to get into "Imperfect Angel" by Christi Barth because I have very much enjoyed her past novels, but this book didn't jive with me. I even stopped reading it once, waited a while, then tried again from the beginning, and nope, not into it. There was a lot of world-building early on, but I could not keep some of the details straight. I found Rhys to be insufferable, and I didn't really love Maisy as the main female protagonist, so I couldn't really root for them to get together. I am not opposed to reading paranormal romances in the future, but this one didn't do it for me.

Thanks to Christi Barth, NetGalley, and Entangled for the ARC of this book!
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Guys, come on. I know that the cartoon-ish romance covers have turned into quite the trend since 2020 (and this one really was the reason I looked into the novel in the first place, look at it), but the cartoon cover usually holds a promise about its books's content: This should be a rom-com. Sadly, Imperfect Angel isn't, so I was left deceived and dropped the story at around 10%. This is probably closer to urban romance than anything else? A genre that takes itself too seriously to keep me engaged through basic writing alone. The illustrator did a great job though. :(
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Imperfect Angel
By Christi Barth

Imperfect Angel by Christi Barth is a fantastic paranormal romance with great world building and once you start, is very, very hard to put down. 

Maisy and Rhys’ chemistry are off the charts, and I enjoyed their banter, their sizzling hot steamy scenes, and swoons moments. 

Barth did an amazing job writing this light romantic read full of magical characters that were an absolute joy to read.
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Imperfect Angel was a cute paranormal romance, and PNR is definitely my jam! The writing style wasn't exactly my favorite but it was definitely entertaining. I think anyone who is a fan of Buffy or Supernatural will eat this book up. I would definitely recommend it even though it isn't my absolute favorite thing I've read this year!
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I would recommend this to fans of Supernatural, Lucifer, and paranormal romance readers in general. Thank you for the read.
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Light, fun rom com with interesting, well developed characters providing the perfect laugh and perfect escape! I enjoyed getting to know Maisy and Rhys - so this paranormal romance had me hooked!!

Thank you to NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, and Christi Barth for this review copy for me to read and enjoy. As always, my reviews are voluntary and my opinions are my own.
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I really tried to get in to this one but I found myself falling asleep reading it. The characters are fun but a little corny so it just wasn’t for me.
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This was a fun romcom! The naughty imperfect angel made me laugh! If you're looking for a fun, flirtly romcom with a bad boy main character this is the book for you!
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Christi has a way of relaying feelings (humor, sarcasm etc.) in her writing that I love. I felt attached to the characters so quickly in this story that I felt invested. 
Imperfect Angel is a well-written, great read for some romance and humor in a way I have come to expect from Christi (talks like I know her 🥲)

Definitely read this! It’s a fun and funny quick read that will have you searching GoodReads for the other books Christi’s written.
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If you looked up peppy and optimistic in the dictionary, you would likely find Maisy Norgate's picture there. In spite of the fact she lost her parents at a young age and is currently doing multiple odd jobs when she really wants to be an artist doesn't get her down. When she gets an inheritance from an uncle she ever knew she had and it turns out to be an old ornate key, she promptly gives it away as she has no use for it and that's a mistake. Her uncle was the last "Keeper of the Key" and now that responsibility of keeping the gates of Hell locked and the demons inside has fallen to her. Rhys Boyce is Nephilim, a half human, half angel warrior and a grumpy, pessimistic one at that.  He and his friends and partners Gideon and Zavier are freelance warriors and tasked with protecting Maisy during her transition to Keeper with some pretty serious consequences if they can't get the key back and get her transitioned in two weeks. 

I was looking for something light and fun and Imperfect Angel was that--a paranormal romance with some snark thrown in was a great escape from some other reads I had going. It has some spice and steam, angels and demons and some definite steam and spice. Maisy and Rhys are a likable pair, complete opposites in personality and lots of snarky banter. Gideon and Zavier and Maisy's best friend and roommate Liss are entertaining too. There are no big surprises here but it is an engaging, endearing and quick read. This is my first book from the author and I hope that she returns with another story set in this world.
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Growing up, I loved showed like Charmed, Buffy, Supernatural, so I really had some high hopes going into Imperfect Angel. However, it just didn't hit the mark for me. Maisy, the female main character, just drove me bonkers. Demons show up trying to kill you, half-angels come to save you and tell you that there is this whole new demon world trying to get to you, yet she doesn't listen to a damn thing they say and is a complete child about giving up her life in an effort to protect others. I have also been kind of in a "mood" so maybe that was part of why I was so irritated with this bright and sunshiney paranormal romance. Also, can someone explain to me why in about 70% of romance books the female MC works at a bakery?????
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I was so excited about this book as soon as I saw the cover and read the synopsis. It was what I expected yeah, the overall plot could have been better but it was still good. The characters were the issue for me, i wasn’t able to connect with them in any level, but that’s a me thing I guess. I know many people can relate to them. I just had really high expectations that was impossible to pass I guess. Overall okay good read.
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A really interesting premise, but I thought there were more interesting ways to execute this idea. That being said, it was enjoyable if not the characters being a little bit flat - but the concept makes up for this.
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Candidly, this book was a cute paranormal that was just ok.  It's quirky, funny and a bit romantic.  I'd prefer a bit more romance than the paranormal plot. 

Thank you Entangled Publishing, LLC for the complimentary copy of this paperback.
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I DNFed this book. I had difficultly connecting with the characters and was very frustrated at the heroine for her attitude around the paranormal world.
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I was so excited to read this book during fall. Angels, demons and the changing weather had me counting down the days until this book landed on my kindle. But within those first few pages, I felt like I failed. I couldn't connect to any of the characters. Rhys and Missy seemed to have so much personality, yet I couldn't click or feel anything towards either of them. The same went for their friends too. And the story-line just didn't work for me either. I tried picking this book up throughout the week and still, I couldn't feel anything. I stopped at 22% and I hope whenever I try this book again down the word, it'll work for me. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be right now. So I hope if you pick this one up, that you end up enjoying it so much more than I did!
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Thank you NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for allowing me to read this book! This is a very cute paranormal grumpy/sunshine book! I do like the idea that the author was going for with the supernatural aspects. At first I kind of wished the way Rhys and Maisy met happened a bit more dramatically but it made sense once I read about their second meeting. I didn’t like the insta lust at first but as you get into the story you really connect with the way they fall for each other. I find all of the characters extremely likable in their own way! I wish there was more angst leading up the first kiss between them but the chemistry that continues to progress is great! I loved all the paranormal creatures! I really liked the plot twists that kept happening. I really liked experiencing the way Rhys felt what it felt like to fall in love for the first time and how much his feelings confused him! This book was so fun and I hope to read more about these characters in her future books! I loved picturing all the creatures that attacked them and the interesting places they visited! I loved this book and highly recommend!
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me reason, so they must deal with a lot of unexpected problems. Rhys is a great bodyguard--tall, dark, and handsome, with sexy wings. His grumpiness just shows that he is focused on his mission and is devoted to keeping Maisy safe. The fact that they eventually find themselves attracted to each other just makes things more complicated (and fun). It was very satisfying to see them both grow, bringing out the best in each other

Title - 4 stars - This refers to the fact, I suppose, that Rhys and his team are only half angels, which makes them considered imperfect by others in their paranormal world. Maisy, also, thinks she is the wrong person for the job she's been asked to do because she doesn't have any special abilities or insight.

Cover - 4 stars - Beautiful bright color that draws the eye, with a couple of changes in the font to subtly lean towards the subject of the book.

Overall - 4 stars - Although there were some frustrating moments, I very much liked the characters and their interactions. The plot is just silly enough to be entertaining, and the underlying message was warm and positive. Witty banter among the three Nephilim as well as between Rhys and Maisy provided some amusing moments. All in all, a winner for Barth.
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