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📖Book: Lizzie Blakes's Best Mistake 
⭐️Rating: 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
✍🏼Author: Mazey Eddings
🎤Narrated: Summer Morton; Will Peters
📚Genre: Romance
🗏 Pages: 322
🎧Length: 9 Hours, 58 Minutes
💕Tropes: Oops baby, Forced Proximity, Opposites attract, Duel POV
⚠️Warnings: Pregnancy, Abortion, Ableist Language
🔖Readability: 4.5/5 italic font is used
🥇First Line: There was no place in the world Lizzie Blake loved more than Philadelphia. 

Things to expect: 
✨ADAH Representation 
❤️Face Sitting
🥧Kinky Baked Goods
🛏️Two-Night Stand 
👶Surprise Pregnancy 

Only Mazey Eddings can make a surprised pregnancy story sexy, hilarious, light-hearted, and reliable. I am also unsure about this type of trope, but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the love story between the two main characters. They get hot and heavy right off the bat, and the self-discovery throughout made me love the story even more. Rake as a character name was annoying, but I did get used to it in the end. Mazey shows us that no matter who we are, every part of us deserves love, and this is hands down my favorite book by her by far. I can't wait to see the next one that comes out next year. The audiobook of this is just as good as the print version, and honestly, I think I like it more.

Thanks to St Martin Press for the advanced reader copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own

I have purchased my own copy.
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Not going to lie, this book was wild. I laughed a bunch and also read this in a day so I have to say   4 stars!! Usually the pregnancy trope is a no for me, but I went into this read without knowing it was and I was already invested by the time I figured it out. It was super funny! Lizzie and Rake had the best banter! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to listen in exchange for a review.
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I loved this book so much. The writing just clicked with me. I really enjoyed the relationship and also the ADHD representation. It definitely made me feel seen. Lizzie and Rake were so cute together and I listened to this audiobook in like one day. 10/10 would recommend.
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What a lovely story! This book is beautifully written, and the character development was excellent. This was a fun romance full of humor and lovable characters. I was engrossed from the first page and it ticked all the boxes of my expectations . I would definitely recommend to others.
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3.5 stars

A slightly unconventional love story with a lot of laughs and even more tears. 

Despite being very unrealistic and having one of my least favorite tropes aka unexpected pregnancy, I still enjoyed the overall journey.

The audio narration was very well done and both the narrators did wonderfully with the storyline and dialogue delivery.
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Loved this book! So many cute jokes! Definitely spicy to boot. First accident pregnancy story I’ve read and I throughly enjoyed it! Cant wait for the next in the series
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<i>Lizzie Blake's Best Mistake</i> is companion novel to <i>A Brush with Love</i>. These books can be read separately because they do not highlight the same main character. Although each are referenced throughout.  Lizzie was introduced as the ditzy friend who is always late and a complete scattered brained. We find out more about her here. It is another story following a character with a disorder. This time, Lizzie is suffering from ADHD. However, this story is a bit farfetched. Pregnant with a stranger who moves from Australia to help her raise the baby. Hmmmm
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I loved how well done the pregnancy trope was done with this book. Although Lizzie was a frustrating character at times I really enjoyed how descriptive her adhd was and how it affected how she saw herself and how those around her saw her as well. Rake was a great balance for her and loved watching him show her she is more than negative things she saw in herself.
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This book was 10x better than her last! I actually enjoyed the story and characters. It was fun and refreshing!
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This book was everything to me. Lizzie and I share so many similar qualities, and it's encouraged me to go talk to my doctor to see if maybe, I'm not too much like I've always been made to seem. I felt so deeply with this book. I can't even put words to how I feel. This book gave me hope. This book gave me life. This book is everything I wanted and everything I needed all wrapped into one. This book easily in my top five reads of 2022. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.
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This started slow and I originally found Lizzie's character to be annoying but she and the story definitely grew on me. I loved the realism (no happily ever after as far as her relationship with her Mom being repaired, which was sad but more true-to-life than if they'd suddenly reconciled). I loved the ending as well.
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Glad I read the ebook, which I loved, first because I did not vibe with the voice of the male narrator for Aussie Rake in this audiobook.
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I hate to say it but I did not like this book at all. I had a problem with how horny Lizzie is. It was just over the top and I was cringing every time she would make a dirty joke or talk about how much she wanted sex. I don't think that I have ever read a book with such a horny main character. To say it was over the top is an understatement.
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Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake IS a favorite read for 2022. This book was a breath of fresh air. I loved this book so much! 

This book is set in Philadelphia, according to Lizzie the greatest city in the world 😂Lizzie is a hot mess but I love her. She is coping with her ADHD as best as she can and I feel for her because dealing with a mental disorder is not easy. Rake is a hot Australian and he’s such a gentleman. He genuinely cares for Lizzie and supports her. It made me laugh, cry, I fell in love with Lizzie and Rake. 

✨ accidental pregnancy
✨ mental health representation 
✨ family boundaries 
✨ baking goodies 🍆🧁 
✨ one bed & one shower 🥵 
✨ dual POV
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If you are a fan of accidental pregnancy trope then this is for you! Lizzie Blake’s best mistake is a fluffy romcom. We meet Lizzie, a baker in Philadelphia with ADHD. She made a mistake and lost her job. She prefers a one night stand over a serious relationship. She met a man online and they hit it off, so they spent a few nights together. Then she finds out she is pregnant. The problem is that Rake lives in Australia and was in town for business. 
First of all, I love their chemistry. They both understand each other. I enjoyed how their relationship progresses. I also love the fact that there is mental health representation in this book. 

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC (audiobook) in exchange for an honest review.
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My gosh this was such a treat! I love Mazey’s characters, their banter, and her ability to write about real problems. Altogether 10/10 experience!
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Mazey Eddings is the master of fun one-liners and the swoony rom-com! Lizzie was such a great character to root for and I loved the love story so much!
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Ultimately, I have very mixed feelings about Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake. There were elements of the characters and the plot I really enjoyed, and elements of the characters and plot that frustrated me to no end. I was excited about the premise, especially as woman named Elizabeth who has ADHD, and I must say that Lizzie’s portrayal was a highlight of the book for me. She is chaotic, vibrant, forgetful and oh, so relatable. Her plans that never seem to stick, her to-do lists that she struggles to carry out, and her constant attempts at improvement felt like an accurate and realistic representation of ADHD. Lizzie’s insecurities were a common theme throughout the book and resonate not only with the experience of having ADHD, but also of transitioning into adulthood and learning how to create a life you want. My favorite part about Lizzie’s character is that while she does make progress on some of her goals regarding organization and punctuality, she ultimately doesn’t change to meet anyone else’s demands. The undercurrent of Lizzie baking promiscuous baked goods was fun & quirky and I would have liked to see it incorporated even more than it was.

The unexpected pregnancy trope is not a favorite of mine, and overall I was frustrated by it and couldn’t connect to it. I don’t buy into Rake moving from Australia to the US immediately after finding out Lizzie is pregnant for so many reasons, 1) what if something happens? This is very early in the pregnancy and she could very easily miscarry, etc. 2) why do you want to be with her now if you didn’t before? I don’t vibe with that. I understand that they are brought together by this baby and fall in love over time, but for me, this just fell a bit flat. I did however, love the chemistry between Lizzie and Rake. It was sexy and playful and I enjoyed watching their sexual chemistry and intimacy develop beyond the bedroom. Although, the start of their relationship left me wanting more, by the end I was sold.

Another point of mixed feelings for me were Lizzie’s friends and family. Her friends and brother in particular undergo a lot of growth regarding their treatment of Lizzie and how they respect her, which I thought was admirable, but it frustrated me that those changes even needed to happen. Her parents offered no emotional support to her growing up or as an adult and expected her to conform to their idea of a perfect daughter, expressing their disappointment loudly when she ultimately fails. Her brother who is present throughout her childhood never seems to notice and it takes his wife pointing it out for him to realize the unfair treatment towards Lizzie. Eventually, he begins to make a real effort to connect with her, and their relationship improves, which felt strained and a bit uncomfortable, but very realistic. The growth was a positive and I appreciated that sibling relationships can be complex, but I still felt that he should have done better. Lizzie’s friends also treat her like a child, and question her decisions in methods similar to her mother. It was infuriating to read the way they spoke to her and responded to her decisions. While they also developed, apologized, and realized that Lizzie was an adult, it felt very late considering these were friendships that were supposed to have existed for years. I found myself significantly more frustrated with her friends than her family because these are people that she chose and that chose her. Surely, they could have made more of an effort early on.

The explanations of Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Rejection Sensitivity Disorder (RSD) were simultaneously beneficial if you did not know about them, but also blocky and disruptive to the overall flow of the book. I found these explanations and descriptions to be a bit frustrating myself, but as someone who has been through the process of diagnosis and is quite familiar with both I am hesitant to speak too loudly against these descriptions. I think that if you are not familiar with ADHD, RSD, and their symptoms, then these explanations were likely very helpful for understanding the context of the book.

The narration in this audiobook was also hit or miss for me. I’m not going to lie. When the narrators started doing their interpretations of Australian accents, I almost DNF-ed this one on the spot. Instead, I stuck it out, since the accents are only a small portion of the narration and am glad that I did. I enjoyed the separate male and female narratives to represent each character’s perspective because it added clarity for the listener. Overall, there was a lot I liked and a lot I disliked about this audiobook and I’m left still trying to sort out my overall thoughts on it.

Shoutout to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for the advanced copy of this audiobook. Note: I have not read a Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings and don’t know if it would have altered my opinions on this book at all.
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The second installment in the series is a hit! 
Lizzie’s story is so moving. It brought perspective to a very common condition that is severely misunderstood. I, for one, had no idea of everything that goes in the brain of an adult with ADHD. I had the feeling that it was severely exaggerated but I guess that every case is different. It is a wonderful and wholesome story. I cannot wait for the upcoming book. I went to the bookstore on publishing date and picked it up because it was that good!
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Lizzie Blake has made a lot of mistakes - no need to list them all. But after losing another job because of her uncontrolled ADHD, she breaks the “no more than a one night stand” rule, and ends up pregnant. Rake, the two might stand in question, uproots his life in Australia to make sure he can be in his child’s life. From their meeting to co-parenting, they are in for the ride of a lifetime.

I have never read a character I could relate to more, while simultaneously being almost nothing like Lizzie herself. Her inability to keep track of time, her passion, and a bag filled with anything and everything(guilty as charged) were great details and showed her ADHD rather than us hearing about it as a description.

Lizzie and Rake were adorable, as they tried to navigate living together, prepping for their newborn and adamantly denying feelings for each other. I could fall into this book again and again!
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