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This is quite a unique little story. It has elements of the macabre but it is also a sexy character study. It is a quick novella and worth the read for the atmospheric tone. I do think the ending was a little rushed, but I recognize this is a novella, so I understand why. I wish the romance was a little bit more fleshed out but overall I think readers will enjoy this one-sitting kind of tale!

Thank you to Netgalley & Brigid Gate Press for the advanced readers copy of this novella. It did not affect my review in any way.

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What I liked about the book:
1. That cover is gorgeous! It gives me pin up + Rob Zombie feels.

2. It was a super quick read as it’s a novella.

3. I loved the descriptions in this book, as well as the Paris setting. It was all very pretty to read. It had a very Moulin Rouge! feel to it, especially with George being a sweet artist and Cece being the starlet.

4. I also liked the mystical/paranormal feel to it. It was simple enough to not be convoluted, but enough of a story to want to see it through to the end.

What could have been better:
1. More time spent developing the characters would have had me more invested in them.

2. The romance really felt one-sided, which I didn't enjoy as I found George to be a sweetie.

3. This book was marketed as erotica, but I personally didn’t see it that way. Yes, there is sex and some taboo things, but nothing crazy that I haven’t seen in books purely marketed as romance. This tag is a bit of a stretch.

4. The ending was pretty jarring. I felt there was so much build up for a sudden change of plans on Selena’s part and everything came crashing down super fast. I would have appreciated not having a shock happen in the last 20 pages or so, as it just felt dizzying and out of place.

5. Most disappointing was I got the feel from the synopsis that Cece and George would be working together to solve the mystery, but there was barely any interaction between the two. I was looking for partners solving a mystery and I didn't get that.

Special thank you to NetGalley, Brigids Gate Press, LLC., and Antonia Rachel Ward for the opportunity to read this book for free. I am voluntarily leaving my honest review.

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I loved the idea that you go to a party and get possessed with a malevolent spirit, the story was a short novella. It was a great idea and I think it worked out really well, I wish there was a little bit more to the story but I thoroughly enjoyed going through this erotic novel.

“You’re a sweet boy.” She smiled. “I’m perfectly well. But perhaps,” she moved a little closer to him, “there’s something I can do for you?”

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I have very mixed feelings about this one to be honest. And it’s definitely not terrible but it wasn’t amazing it was just okay.
The characters were interesting and their motivations were understandable but I did feel like the insta love for George to Cece didn’t make much sense but I can over look that since it’s a novella and it’s hard to build romantic relationships in such a short space.
The setting was perfect the olden days France really brought an atmospheric vibe to the whole story which I loved.
The spice wasn’t very spicy just very dark more horror that erotica to be honest
But the plot was so twisty and interesting I read this in one go and I’m glad I found it.
Thanks to Netgalley and Brigid Gate Press for an E-ARC of this novella.

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