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Actual Rating: 4.5 ★

I really really enjoyed Made of Stars by Jenna Voris! It feels like a wonderful Space Opera blend of Six of Crows, Robin Hood, and Bonnie and Clyde.

Did I like it? Yes. Absolutely. This was SO CLOSE to a 5-star read. 
Shane and Ava are our Bonnie and Clyde duo who honestly remind me a lot more of Kaz and Inez from Six of Crows. We begin the book with Ava breaking Shane out of prison and carrying on with charming others and stealing ships. 

We also follow Cyrus, a lowly boy who’s graduated top of his class from flight academy, the school for space cops, and he ends up in a position next to his main irritation and rival Lark.
Shane, Ava, and Cyrus end up crossing paths amidst a heist revealing a well-kept political secret that shakes the entirety of Cryus’ belief system.

We also meet Jared, the most adorable secondary character ever. I just want to give him a hug.

While I really enjoyed this a lot, I do think there is a lack of balance between the narration of the three main characters. I wished for a lot more of Shane, I feel like the discussions into his character and experiences were too sporadic to have much impact. 

My suspension of disbelief was also sorely tested at some points cause this fell into the same trope that you find in Six Crimson Cranes where you have teenagers vs the world. 

There’s so much intrigue, there’s a healthy balance of romance, drama, and intergalactic politics. It was action packed – though not exclusively in the air, which I wish there was more of – and there was a nice steady thrum of things happening throughout the book. 

I knew the ending. And I was still heartbroken when it happened. 

Do I need more? URGENTLY. The problem is I don’t see any indication anywhere that there’s going to be a sequel so I’m slowly dying inside. The ending is a little bit open ended so there is room for a sequel but it does come together nicely that I do think it can also just end there as well.

Overall, highly recommend, this was a blast to read! Thank you NetGalley, Jenna Voris, Penguin, and Viking Books for Young Readers for allowing me to read an eARC of this book.
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I saw “Bonnie and Clyde in space” and knew I needed to read this, and I’m so glad I did. This contained a perfect mix of focus on characters while still having a quickly-moving plot filled with scenes you’d expect from a sci-fi novel. I loved the mini heists we got to see, and really enjoyed the character dynamics. Ava and Shane were definitely the standouts for me and their story intrigued me more than Cyrus’s point-of-view chapters, but the whole book drew me in.

It was the type of reading experience where I desperately needed to keep going, but at the same time was dreading the end because I just didn’t want to say goodbye to the characters. Highly recommend this!!
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ARC copy provided in exchange for an honest review. this in no way changes my rating or review.

this was so. damn. cool!!

the space politics in this?? the adventure? heists? romance? trauma? it was good, guys – really good. i’m not usually one that runs to read political tales – even when they’re set in space – but when it’s done well (such as in this book or in my fav ‘red rising’) suddenly i’m sucked into the corrupt, confusing, insane political world. and Jenna Voris wrote this space politics brilliantly, it was believable (or as believable as adventures in space can be), not too complicated to follow, and had twists and turns throughout the story.

the characters were also so masterfully written!! and (another similarity to ‘red rising’) this book was realistic. the characters didn’t always win, and there wasn’t a big happy ending where the bad guys laid down their weapons and everyone celebrated together – hell, it wasn’t even clear who was good and who was bad half the time. the moral greyness was exquisite!!

“What was the difference, really?
Two boys who could shoot and fly and kill. Two boys from opposite ends of the system, who fought their way out of the different kinds of prisons.”

the romance was another great aspect! in my opinion, the bonnie and clyde romance between Shane and Ava was a bit fast, i almost didn’t get enough development. but Lark and Cyrus? SO PRECIOUS. i loved both of them so damn much, i reallyyy wish we got more of both characters!! cannot wait to see more of Lark next book (fingers crossed!).

thank you so much to the author, publisher and netgalley for the free copy provided in exchange for an honest review!

i definitely recommend this book, it was really enjoyable. thank you for reading!
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Special thanks to Penguin Teen and NetGalley for an eARC of this book! All thoughts and opinions reflected in this review are my own.

Bonnie and Clyde meets Six of Crows in this fast paced, political space opera.

This book was a lot of fun, in a tragic sort of way. It was fast paced, explosive, and easy to get into. I often struggle with SciFi, especially space operas. They tend to be too dense and bogged down in the sciency details for me. I didn’t have that issue with this one. So if you’re looking for a denser, science focused SciFi with a lot of galactic history and worldbuilding—this may not be for you. But if you’re looking for a ragtag crew of teenage space criminals pulling off heists and saving their planet from a intergalactic dictatorship, this is definitely worth the read.
The only thing in this book that didn’t work for me was the romances. I never felt any chemistry between either romantic pairing. The relationships themselves were never developed. The friendship and history between Ava and Shane was well done. I could really feel that connection between them, but the the romantic aspects never translated for me. As for Cyrus and Lark… their entire friendship, relationship, connection did not work for me. We start out with Cyrus finding him a spoiled bully, and then we time skip and are just told “actually he’s not that bad. I maybe even have feelings for him?” But we see none of that development. In fact, we barely see any interactions between the two of them at all, and any real development between them is told in a summary of one to two sentences every few chapters. We don’t see any of it on page. It was… not convincing, to say the least.
I actually liked the characters as individuals, and I loved the platonic connections between Ava, Shane, and their crew.
The other pitfall of this book was that I couldn’t stop comparing it to Six of Crows. Yes, because of the heists, but even more so because the archetypes of each character matched up a little too closely with a crow. Shane is Kaz—a morally gray leader from the slums with PTSD, who will do anything to protect his people (especially the girl he loves) and his home (West Rama/The Barrel). Ava is less so, but I think she does fall similarly to Nina with her actress tendencies and using flirtation to be the distraction while still being totally badass. Jareth is Wylan. Cyrus is Matthias. Shane is the only one where it was so overwhelmingly similar that I couldn’t think of anything else, though. He felt like Kaz Brekker in a space opera fanfic. Which is totally fine, except that Leigh Bardug0 is such a master at her craft, that every time I thought of the similarities, this book fell short in its execution, compared to the masterpiece that is SoC. I really wish I hadn’t gotten that stuck in my head, because I think I would’ve enjoyed this book more if I’d been able to let it stand on its own.
Now that’s not to say it’s a bad book. It’s a good book, and I really do recommend it. I enjoyed my time reading it, and I look forward to what Jenna Voris does next.
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Made of Stars is inspired by the story of Bonnie & Clyde but set in space.

Shane & Ava, our Bonnie & Clyde, have great chemistry & Cyrus easy could have been made to be a one demential bad guy but the author really fleshed out his character and gave him a heart. 

I do have to warn you that it ends on a cliffhanger that will leave you needing the second book right away!

Thank you to NetGalley & the publisher for an ARC of this book!
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Bonnie and Clyde, but in space?!


This book has it all, amazing world-building, characters that seem to jump off the page, and a story that will have you from the get-go.
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3.5/5 STARS (rounded up)

This is a YA sci-fi, retelling of Bonnie & Clyde. Think Bonnie & Clyde in space. 

Similar Books:
The 100 (when they were in space)

Ava and Shane are a thieving galaxy duo who discover a plot against their planet. Cyrus is a pilot trying to stop the outlaws and protect the people. They team up to stop something that could destroy them all. 

I thought this was a very good debut! There are two relationships to follow Ava and Shane (Bonnie & Clyde) & Cyrus and Lark (MM romance). I enjoyed the heists and action portions of this book and wanted more of the Bonnie & Clyde feel. It was very creative and there are not enough sci fi YA books. I know how Bonnie & Clyde ends and I had that in the back of my mind the whole time so the ending was not a shock to me. I’m hoping there will be a sequel or follow up with a twist. 

If you enjoy sci-fi and Bonnie & Clyde, definitely read this! 

Thank you Penguin Teen for the ARC! 🪐
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This Bonnie and Clyde in space YA novel was truly a ride. From breaking out of prisons to interplanetary wars, this story never lets you linger too long in one place to get comfortable—it was always go, go, go. 

Meeting Ava, Shane, and Jared at the beginning was intense. I didn’t know what to expect, especially because we were thrown right into a prison break. Then it evolved into meeting Cyrus at the Academy with Cornelia and Lark. At first it was hard to grasp this cast, but soon I could see how both sides would eventually interweave together. 

However, it wasn’t long before more characters were introduced, and it felt like the reader was meant to care for them enough to feel something when they were in danger. The story went by so quick, there wasn’t a chance to fully develop any of the characters before they were facing off about a thousand guns. So many died, and it felt like a nonchalant event. And maybe you can argue that was the point, but it made it hard to fully ground yourself into the story and feel immersed into these characters and their worlds. 

Cyrus felt like the only character who had enough development. It made me sad to see him start to question his entire life up to that point—a necessary thing he needed to go through of course, I just felt bad because he kept going from trauma to trauma. I loved how he really came into his own and basically took up the torch to finish what had been started. 

As for the world building, I wish there had been more time to delve into it. I loved learning about West Rama and Nakara. Even when they were at the Opian base. It felt like most of the scenes never went deep enough to fully show these planets and surroundings. 

All in all, I just wish there was more—more character developments, more world building, more grounding. Maybe then I would’ve loved this book even more. Regardless, I still had a fun time reading.
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If you're looking for unexpectedly patriotic criminals in space who take interplanetary politics into their own hands, look no further. Made of Stars had the perfect blend of lovable (if morally skewed and confused) characters, excellent pacing, and a breakneck plot that basically never lifts its feet from the gas pedal.
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I do love YA scifi, and I did enjoy this. I do think Made of Stars fell a bit flat in some areas. I did love the Bonnie and Clyde relationship, but I wish we could’ve gotten more of (Shane specifically) being more vulnerable, especially after his time in prison. Speaking of which, there’s a prison break right at the start, which is over in like a page.. I wanted that action!! 
I was a bit 50/50 on Cyrus.. I never really cared for him, but I liked his struggles with listening blindly to authority. 
Jared is easily the best character and was robbed of more page time !!
The world building felt awkward at times, and the plot was nothing too extraordinary, but it is certainly an enjoyable debut :)
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Shane and Ava are con artists. In space. But now they need to change their plans in order to save their planet, whilst being chased by a cadet with a grudge.

This was a really interesting and fast paced space adventure. Characters were really engaging, and the ending felt spot on. A good, easy read!

Thank you to the publisher for providing a review copy
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Shane and Ava work together to steal whatever they need including aircraft and supplies until Shane is caught and imprisoned.  After escaping, Shane discovers a secret military plot that would ruin his home world.  Determined to put a stop to it, Shane and Ava take on their biggest job yet, but soon run into Cyrus, fresh from the academy and on his first assignment.  Cyrus doesn’t know who to believe – his General or the outlaws?

MADE OF STARS was a great Bonnie and Clyde inspired YA space science fiction.  I really enjoyed how the pacing alternated between action and character focus to keep the plot moving while giving both excitement and insight into the characters and their motivations.  The author created compelling characters to explore good versus evil and right versus wrong.  I liked the writing overall, however, there were times where I forgot that this was YA-aged characters and I was thinking they were adults but then mention of their ages brought me back to their reality.  There was romantic tension, though I didn’t feel like there was an overwhelming feeling of teenage angst that many YA books have.  The plot held my attention and had me eagerly turning pages.  I easily could have read this in one sitting if I wasn’t interrupted by things I needed to get done.  This book ends on a cliffhanger, leaving me wanting to know what happens next.

I really enjoyed MADE OF STARS and would recommend to fans of YA space science fiction.  I hope there is a sequel.  I look forward to reading future works by this author.

Thank you to Viking for the giveaway print copy.
Thank you to NetGalley and Viking for the DRC.
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I came for Bonnie and Clyde in space and stayed for the sci-fi politics. While reading about Shane and Ava's exploits in taking down a corrupt government was great, I had the softest spot for Cyrus and his journey toward turning against the oppressive military he joined. The ending was also a fantastically unexpected move that worked so well regardless, and I liked how stuff wasn't wrapped up in a neat little bow. I'd still like a sequel though!
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Bonnie & Clyde + Rouge One = Made of Stars

I was already intrigued when I discovered the story was a Bonnie & Clyde retelling, but I loved the mesh that I'll reference as Rouge One. 

Our duet - along with their cohorts - are set on a path that will end with their demise. (sad, I know, but it's Bonnie & Clyde) 

Over the course of their story, we're given glimpses into their past and what lead them from bandit to freedom fighter. 

With the aid from an unlikely source, will their deaths be in vain, or will it forge the path to free their people? 

I know I already said I loved the mesh of the two stories, but I do, I really do! 


 It's rare that I wish there was a sequel because I truly want more, and this is that case. We can't leave it like this! I need Lark to have his HEA!
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4/5 ⭐️

I don’t know why but for some reason whenever I pick up sci-fi books I always choose the ones that have an open ending, emotionally devastate me, are about teens grappling with their humanity, and give me some kind of existential crisis. (No joke I’ve read 3 like this.)

Shane and Ava were two interesting main characters with some serious tension. Shane a “bad boy” rogue and Ava who just wanted her name known across the galaxy. And after meeting one night they both decided to do heists to get money. Some they’d keep and some they’d send to their desolate home. I really liked them together and they had great chemistry I just wish there was just a bit more build up. And their ending was a guy punch I just wanted them happy.

At the beginning I was very unsure of Cyrus. He seemed kind of boring? I don’t know how to describe it but watching him grapple with authority and doing what’s right was extremely well done and realistic.

With the writing I felt the flow of event could’ve been better. We’d get a few scenes and skip to a few weeks or months later and it made it difficult to really see the characters grow. Doesn’t stop the final third of this book hurting because goddamn that hurt.
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This book promised Bonnie and Clyde AND DELIVERED! all the characters were so likeable and the ending blew my mind. overall a VERY enjoyable book
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When Ava breaks Shane out of prison, they quickly fall back into their life of somewhat petty crime. But this time Shane has his sights set on a much bigger job, one that could fill their pockets with enough money to last them for ages. But then Shane overhears a plot that could bring his entire home planet to its knees, and suddenly things aren’t so simple. Cyrus has always known what’s right and what’s wrong. Right is graduating at the top of his class and becoming a well respected officer reporting to a well respected general. When Cyrus stumbles upon Ava and Shane amidst their latest job, he knows what he needs to do. Stop them. But when Ava and Shane share some of what they now know, it sets Cyrus’ entire point of existence into question. And he has to figure out whether he wants to help them or stop them.

MADE OF STARS was a fun young adult sci-fi that once started, I couldn’t put down. I finished the entire thing while sitting in my university lectures because I couldn’t get enough. I absolutely adored the dynamic between Ava and Shane. How they were so obviously in love with each other, but neither of them could admit it. Their dynamic plus Jared meant I constantly looked forward to their points of view, and the found family aspect of this book just drove it forward even more. Cyrus was a bit harder to love at first, with him being so stuck in his ways and so sure about everything. But once the carefully built pieces began to crumble in his mind, I grew to love him. Especially whenever he was with Lark. Their budding relationship was one I immediately became obsessed with, especially when Cyrus changed from not caring if Lark accidentally got himself killed, to worrying over what silly move he was going to pull next that could get him killed. It was heart-warming. I also didn’t expect the plot twist—of sorts—with Ava and Shane, but since this is a Bonnie and Clyde retelling and I’ve never actually known the story of Bonnie and Clyde, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.
I do have a couple of things I disliked about this book, but the lights definitely outweighed the dislikes. My main issue is that I felt a couple of scenes were rushed, or not as fleshed out as they could have been. Like at the beginning for example, when Ava breaks Shane out of prison. I felt myself asking, ‘that’s it?’ when Ava hands him a gun and walks out. That prison is supposedly one of the worst, and Shane got out because Ava walked in and handed him a gun? It just felt too easy. And at the end with Cyrus, when he’s at the party. It felt like it could have used more, and I was left feeling disappointed because there was a big build up to what would happen at the end, and yet nothing really happened. 

Regardless, I loved this. We need more YA sci-fi, now more than ever. And MADE OF STARS was a perfect addition to this genre, and a perfect debut too. I look forward to seeing what Voris publishes next. 

(And I can’t wait to see if there’s going to be a sequel. With that ending, I can’t see how there won’t be.)

Thank you NetGalley for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This was so much fun and I liked some of the twists, but it ultimately fell just a little too flat for me. Looking forward to more by this author though!
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This captivated me from the start. The setting alone is so well done that it felt real--from the cold planet surface to the insides of the space crafts. The characters are flawed and make decisions that lead to committing crimes, yet their motivations make them people I believed in and could make a difference in their world by ultimately helping others. The danger and suspense of the action kept me reading and not wanting to put this novel down.

The plot brings together characters who start out thinking they know what they want from their lives and that what they want makes them enemies, but then as they interact, they start to question everything they've ever been told and wonder what truly is the right thing to do. What makes a good person? These characters all face difficult challenges, not only physically, but emotionally as well. The ending had me cheering despite the bitter sweetness it brought.
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Thank you so much to Penguin Teen for the ARC! I've always been fascinated by the story of Bonnie and Clyde, and when I heard of Made of Stars, which was essentially Bonnie and Clyde set in space, I knew I had to get my hands on it! I really loved all the little nods to Bonnie & Clyde's story (including the character names of Clara and Blanche). The characters, the slow burn romance, the worldbuilding, the emotional journeys — it was just all so well done.
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