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Washed New!

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Washed New!
A True Story
by Sandra Boyd
Pub Date 06 Apr 2021
Carpenter's Son Publishing/Clovercroft Publishing, Carpenter's Son Publishing
Biographies & Memoirs | Health, Mind & Body

Washed New was provided to me by Carpenter's Son Publishing and Netgalley for the purpose of this review:

Sandra Byrd's short memoir reveals the family secrets that led to her parental abandonment. 

As a result of her experience overcoming the emotional turmoil of rape, abuse and divorce, Sandra Boyd has compiled an insightful book. She was able to fight demons who came to chain her feet twice in the middle of the night as a result of the revelation of the power of prayer. 

Through faith and prayer, this book walks you through the first steps towards overcoming your past. Her story reveals how her prayers were answered and how yours can be answered as well.

I give Washed New five out of five stars!

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It is a bit hard to write a review about someone else's life and especially Sandra's. This book is not just about all Sandra had to go through but also a call for all of those who need to scream out experiences like this one. I do not read memoirs or nonfiction books but I got so involved my heart melted. Thank you so much Sandra for sharing.

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Sandra’s book is an honest testimonial of her life trials, heartaches, backslides and achievements. She lets you in to see her biggest fears and failures and ultimately how she was able to overcome and live a more fulfilled life. She shares her experiences and the lessons they have taught her as well as offering the reader advice on how to learn from her mistakes. I felt her sincerity and loved that she had questions posed at the conclusion of the book to inspire me to examine my own life and walk with Christ. The interweaving of Bible verses throughout the story made it easier for me to apply her advice to my own life. Cutdown to Sandra for being so brave and honest!

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I read it but I didn’t care for it. It was probably more of personal preference for me as I don’t follow any type of religion

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