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(My netgalley copy expired but the library I work for purchased this title at my request.)
I feel like every little kid with a pet has dreamed of taking it with them to school. Reading Benny Goes to School lives out that fantasy and shows all of us that we should be glad we didn't act on that urge in the cutest, silliest way possible! Now that it is out and we have a library copy I've read it at story time with the kids and it was definitely a hit!
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This is sweet and fun and I absolutely added it to my 'must-read' book lists for back to school books!  Please make this a series!
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Awesome read! My boy loved the book. It helped him become school ready. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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Overall I like this book. It’s about a dog Benny who goes with his owner Sam to school but can’t come in and proceeds to play in the playground until everybody else comes out and joins. This is a standard story and take the illustrations are wonderful. Maybe it’s the news about students getting attacked in bathrooms or the dogs loose in school that ends up harming people but there’s just something that well makes one feel a little off. I think it’s adorable. it just sits a funny way with me and I can’t exactly say why. I like this book but…
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If you’re as much of a dog and animal lover as I am, it’s hard to resist a tale of a loving furry friend spending the day with one of its favorite human while she goes to school. Sam knows dogs aren’t mean for school, but she can’t resist little Benny’s sad puppy eyes (I feel ya, Sam). How does it go? You’ll just have to read to find out. Don’t worry – lots of love and laughter are in store.
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I can't judge if this measures up to the Sam & Benny books because I haven't read any of them. However, my baby enjoyed listening and I enjoyed reading.

Benny The dog goes to school with his girl, Sam, and is only allowed to play after numerous teacher complaints. Benny the dog has a lot of character and emotion thanks to the illustrations. In contrast to his genuine tail, he actually has something resembling a moustache.
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Benny Goes to School
by Judith Koppens 
Pub Date :Aug 2, 2022 
Clavis Publishing
Children's Fiction
4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Description :
A story about a caring girl and her enthusiastic dog. For tail-wagging and non-tail-wagging readers ages 4 years and up.

It’s time for Sam to go to school. She stuffs her backpack as Benny watches. “Bye, Benny, see you later.” But Benny doesn’t want to stay home alone; he wants to go with her! Sam knows that doggies don’t belong at school. But how can she resist those sad puppy eyes? So she says yes, just this once. What will the teacher say?
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Benny Goes to School is a cute and heartwarming story about the bond between a little girl named Sam and her dog Benny. It was the first day of school and Benny did not want to be apart from Sam. Nor did Sam want to be apart from him.  I love the bonds dogs have with their little people. My daughter loved this story and laughed all the way through it because of all the funny things Benny done at school. I however had some issues with it. Sending a message to children that it's okay to disobey their teacher, and break the rules is not ok. 

Marja Meijer did such a wonderful job with the Illustrations. They are bright, cute and very detailed. I loved the messy hair, bright red desk, plants in the classroom, and kids artwork in the hallway. Benny was cute too , although I'm not sure why he had a huge Mustache. 
I think a lot of kids ages 4 -7 would love this book. 

I received a free E -ARC copy of this book from netgalley prior to release. Many thanks to NetGalley ,the publisher and the author for the chance to read and review a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I do not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing free books from publishers & authors. Therefore, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only an honest one.
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This was a fun story about Sam and her dog Benny. Sam has to go to school and leave Benny, but when he gives her *that* look she can’t just leave him home!

With whimsical illustrations (although I don’t really get the dog mustache?) Sam and Benny have a day full of hijinx. Cute and quick read.
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OK, welcome everybody.  Today we have not one, not two, but FOUR newcomers to class, all showing how awkward it can be to attend a new school, or indeed school for the first time. Let’s look at each in turn, eh?

First we have EMMA’S FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (9781605377834), which shows a young girl with the bird’s-nest hair she inherited from her mother, having doubts about going to school.  She takes the brave decision to reassure herself in her favourite dressing-up costume, which makes her look like a flamingo of all things.  But she loves flamingos, and she needs to be herself.  It’s a bit odd that nobody else is having their first day of school, and that we see no staff, but the kids there already with full knowledge of where everything is take to the bizarre sight wonderfully; job done.  Don’t come here for logicality (and real responses to a flamingo walking into your form room), but this is pretty and the purpose is served.

On Emma’s left is BENNY GOES TO SCHOOL (9781605377803), part of an established series.  Sam is told she cannot take her dog Benny to school, but Benny has other ideas.  It’s not strictly about a kid with doubts about how much enjoyment, punishment and everything else the teachers will deliver, but it does make the place a welcome-seeming environment – again, through some daft lapses of reality – so it earns a place at this table.

Still going round, we have OLLIE’S BACK-TO-SCHOOL BEAR (9781398500044) – and there have been three of these before, as well.  Ollie runs off the night before her first day in class, when she hears an owl calling outside.  Indeed all the animals form a train of characters – and they all go to school, and willingly, but for one shy little bear.  Ollie helps the bear, the bear helps Ollie, and she’s fine with the idea of the big, bold building when dawn breaks.  Subtly coloured, this looks drab perhaps at first glance, but is definitely charming enough when that’s called for.

Finally we welcome YOUR SCHOOL IS THE BEST! (9780735271647), again a sequel, to a book showing how delightful a cockroach thinks a kid’s birthday party is, much to the lad’s upset.  Here the whole roach family smuggle themselves into school, and this is more about the comedy of the bugs’ misassumptions about how great it is for us to have them around than it is about schools.  A black sheep of our little family, then, but not one to be ignored.  And the lesson is clearly that if you don’t have a flamingo costume, perhaps it’s best to not go for a cockroach one instead.  But hey, boldness and making sure you feel at home are to be encouraged.

A diverse class, then, which we like – and yet all get the same strong four stars.  I’d recommend buying any or all – and quickly, because there’ll be a test on them shortly.
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This is really a heartwarming story. Benny is really cute. I really enjoyed reading this book. The relationship between Sam and Benny is really heart touching. I loved the pictures. I felt really happy after reading this book.
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This is a cute tale of a dog who doesn't want to be apart from his human, though it does send a strange message to children that it's okay to disobey your teacher, AND break the rules. A nice compromise is reached, but what happens the next day . . . and the day after that?

On the plus side, Marja Meijer's illustrations are quite endearing.
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My baby girl loves this dog so much, now she wants a dog  to go to school with her. There's nothing else need to be said., but maybe one day i'll get her a dog.
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Sam gets ready for school, and Benny (her dog) wants to tag along. Sam tells him dogs aren’t allowed at school but takes him anyway. What follows is Sam’s dilemma and Benny’s antics at school. 
This is a sweet book (and the fourth in the series) with Sam and Benny. Kids will love the story and want a similar adventure for themselves (parents and teachers, be prepared). The teacher is stern yet understanding and playful. 
The illustrations are done in watercolors and have a cartoon-like feel. What I love are the messy hairstyles and long noses of the characters. Kids, right! They have messy hair (heck, even I do). 
The kids even sit in different ways on their chairs. I couldn’t help but chuckle at their expression in the class. The teacher’s corkscrew curls are so cute! I love how the kiddo books these days show diverse classrooms. 
To summarize, Benny Goes to School is a playful and heartwarming story about the bond between a little girl and her pet dog. 
I received an ARC from NetGalley and Clavis Publishing and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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I really loved this adorable book about a girl and her dog who just wants to come to school with her. The illustrations were cute and well-done and the story itself was heart warming and funny. I loved the message about the importance of having love for animals and how a little flexibility can give someone the best day of their life! Definitely recommend for kiddos and their parents.
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This was an adorable book about Sam and her dog Benny. Sam is about to go school and Benny wants to go with her but dogs aren't allowed at the school. Benny ends up going to the school and causes quite some problems for Sam. It was a sweet story and I really liked this book. Having a pet is like having a best friend and this book will teach young kids the affection for pets. I'd definitely recommend this book.
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This was a cute children's book about a little girl who brings her rambunctious dog Benny to school one day.  The artwork was bright and fun in this one.
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This was a cute short story about a sweet little girl and an adorable dog.  It gave me Mary Had A Little Lamb vibes. 

My favorite part was the illustrations. 

This is for sure a cute book that would be best read to children aged 3-7.
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Going to school can be many emotions.  Fear, excitement a few to name and they are a roller coaster of ups and downs.  This is a great resource for parents and their children on going to school   Benny is Sam's dog.  But dogs don't belong to school you say.  Benny and his funny antics will calm those school day jitters of the unknown.  Fun and endearing as kids head back to school.

<i>A special thank you to Clavis Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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I've not read the other Sam & Benny books, so I can't say if this lives up to the series. However, it was simple and cute, and got a few good laughs from my kid.

Benny the dog follows his girl, Sam, to school, and (after a lot of teacher protests) is allowed to play. You might want to clarify with your kid that their teacher is not going to be swayed like Sam's eventually is. (I forever lament that there was no "bring you pet to school day" when I was a kid, and wonder if media has led me astray and if that EVER happened?)

The illustrations give a lot of personality and emotion to Benny the dog. He's actually got something of a moustache, which shows a bit more liveliness than his actual tail!

Overall, a good pick to snag at your local library.

Advanced copy provided by the publisher.
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What a cute first day of school story! This book is about a dog who doesn’t want his friend to go to school without him and a girl who doesn’t want to leave him behind. Their silly antics will make children giggle as they try to solve the problem with the teacher. The illustrations are just as much fun as the story! 
Thank you Net Galley for this cute story in exchange for an honest review!
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