Cover Image: Underneath the Earth's Crust. Trip to the Core of Our Planet

Underneath the Earth's Crust. Trip to the Core of Our Planet

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The author does a great job of delving into multiple things about what lies underneath our surface. Between caves and rocks and dinosaurs, and everything else in between. They also cover how certain animals live in the rock. Techtronic plates and how they create earthquakes, etc. This book was quite comprehensive, and I really enjoyed the mix of real photographs with illustrations. All together it comes out to a fantastic nonfiction book for kids.
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A good, overview of geology for children. Engaging pictures and illustrations make it easily accessible for kids. Book does a nice job of providing cursory information on the basics. Would make a great springboard for research into a topic that seems to interest the young reader. Cursive subtitles may be difficult for some children to read without assistance.
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Underneath the Earth's Crust Trip to the Core of Our Planet would be a great addition to our classroom library. The images are captivating and the read is short enough to grab and hold attention of elementary students. It is also perfect as a reference point and discussion starter. The layout of some of the pages is a bit puzzling. I am not sure if it would impede comprehension or increase it since it's different. Nonetheless, a welcoming visually fascinating work.
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This is a super informative nonfiction children’s book all about the Earth’s crust presented in a fun and engaging way!

Some topics discussed include:
- layers of the earth’s crust
- animals and plants that live underground
- caves and underground natural resources and their respective industries (e.g., mining)
- gemstones, fossils, gold and stones
- submarine locations, animals, and caves
- geysers, thermal springs, tectonic plates, and volcanoes 
- the earth’s core

To keep the readers engaged, there are beautiful images that vary in size from small to large, filling two pages, and some even include illustrations. The text is visible, though at times I think it could have been a little bit larger for early readers. Additionally, I think that for learning and comprehension, the incorporation of a glossary may have been useful for learners (especially for the bolded terms and other terms such as the term “fluorescent”) as there is quite a lot of new scientific and advanced terminology. A glossary may also be beneficial for instructors who may want to prepare educational material from this book.

I think this would be a great educational resource for classrooms.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing an advanced review copy. All opinions are my own.
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A pretty good young science book, but don’t think the earth’s core is actually travelled through, any more than any scientists or probes have managed it.  Instead we stick to much more local geology – after showing us the structure of the planet, we’re left with the nearby stuff, but it’s all key to the subject.  Minerals and mining, hot springs, volcanoes, tectonic plates – all are here, as well as subaquatic changes in geography, and the caves and animals that you really don’t need much vertical travel to encounter at all.  The different chapters are introduced with a lovely photo, pretty much spoilt by a childish bit of cartooning, but visually everything here is strong, and the text never goes into too much detail.  Recommended.
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Wow! Underneath the Earth's Crust. Trip to the Core of Our Planet by Mack Van Gageldonk is a children's nonfiction book currently scheduled for release on August 9 2022. From space, the earth looks like a beautiful, colored ball. You immediately see the white clouds, blue oceans, and green, gray, and brown pieces of land. But on the inside, the earth looks very different. Are you also curious about what’s underneath your feet? Is it hot inside the earth? And do animals live there? Travel along to the center of the earth and discover everything about stone caves, geysers, volcanoes, and other magical phenomena under the earth’s crust.

Wow! Underneath the Earth's Crust. Trip to the Core of Our Planet is the second book in the Wow! series of nonfiction books for elementary school age readers. I have to admit, that while the text is accessible and interesting, it was the illustrations and photographs that really captured (and kept) my attention.  The text is very well written, it is understandable and interesting for readers of all ages. I think even children would enjoy this as a read aloud, read together, or independent read depending on their skill levels. The information shared is worded in a way that most will be engaged and understand, while being further entranced by the images in the book. I highly recommend this book for personal collections, as well as school and public libraries.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the e-arc of this exciting title!

At first, the combination of photographs and drawn illustrations used was a bit jarring, but understanding geology requires metaphors, and the illustrations provide a bridge between the photographs and all that we cannot see beneath the earth's crust. This text is much more accessible to a group like early elementary students than most titles I see, and is written in an engaging way. At times the layouts were distracting, and the headers in cursive might be difficult for younger readers to decipher, but overall it will make for a good addition to a juvenile nonfiction collection.
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This book shows the various aspects of Earth such as its interior, life on earth's crust, caves, fossils, deep seas etc. This is a very informative book and the young children will be able to learn about new things about the planet they live in. There are good scientific diagrams along with cute illustrations. Overall a good and important book for kids. I'd highly recommend this one!
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This non-fiction text teaches readers about a variety of concepts related to the earth's crust, mantel and core. The book is filled with real photographs as well as diagrams and cartoon images, some of which are superimposed onto the photographs, such as a cartoon fox overtop of a real photo of a den. Some of the topics covered include: tectonic plates, magma, caves, rocks and minerals, the ocean floor, thermal springs, and magnets. There is a lot of really great information and really interesting pictures, making this book perfect to both enjoy and read for information. I don't love the fonts unfortunately for a few reasons. First, there are bold words but there is no glossary, so if readers don't understand a word they don't have a tool to support them. Second there are curly expressive fonts for titles which may be hard for some readers because they are a mix of cursive and print letters. Finally, some fonts are over top of pictures, making them hard to read at times. Other than the fonts I think it is really well done and would consider purchasing a copy for my classroom library. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!
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Beautifully written with both cute and realistic depictions. Great for children aged 2 up. Journey to the centre of the Earth for little children :D

Thank you very much for sending me this e-ARC.
First posted on July 20th.
I found the book on goodreads now :D For some reason it escaped me till now.
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This book takes the elementary reader on a journey of description and photography, beginning at the earth’s crust and ending with the earth’s core. In between, discussions of soil life, caves, gemstones and fossils, deep sea, thermal springs, earthquakes and volcanoes give the reader a broad view of what is inside the earth.

Terms used within the body of the text, the subject matter and the length of the book would best benefit a reader 3rd grade and above.

I received this book from the author/publisher free of charge, with no expectation of a positive review.
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Education about the planet we live on! The explanations are suitable for reading WITH younger children, by more advanced readers, and as a tool for ESL readers to compare with words that they know. The information is true and easily understood.
The photographs (with fun captions by the author) are simply amazing, NatGeo or Smithsonian quality, and vibrant. Every school and public library needs a copy!
I requested and received a free temporary e-book on Adobe Digital Editions from Clavis Publishing via NetGalley. Thank you!
Clavis Publishing supports the first amendment and celebrates the right to read!
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This book is amazing for earth science unit. 3rd/4th graders could use this book to springboard studies into their interest areas: Geysers, gemstones, plate techtonics, volcanoes….all of these would be wonderful with this research tool.
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