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The Tuskegee Student Uprising

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The Tuskegee Student Uprising by Brian Jones gives a well-written well-researched look at the history of the Tuskegee Institute from its founding in 1881 but with most focus on the student uprising of 1968 and its ties to the Black Power movement. Using both secondary and primary sources including interviews with many of the students involved, he explains the main reasons for the uprising, the leaders, what it accomplished and what it didn’t. Along the way, he points to previous unrests, the difficulties which developed between the Black students and the white population as well as class divisions within the Blak population. Overall, a very informative, interesting, and, best of all, highly readable book.

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I found this book very informative.  Prior to reading it, I knew very little about the events at Tuskegee Institute during the height of the Civil Rights movement. I look forward to reading more works by Dr.Jones.
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Great book about a student uprising during the Civil Rights Era. Brian explored the otherness people of color face in regard to classism. Crabs in the bucket situation many minorities face. For those not used to history books, it may be a little difficult to read because there are areas where readers are given so much information. It felt a bit overwhelming but still a good read.
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