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This is actually the reverse of caring and keeping grandmas, because we all know that gentle and patient grandmas care more about their grandchildren. But nevertheless, when the grandchildren pay more attention to their elders, and taking care of them, this is a delight to them. A fun and greatly illustrated book you should read.

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4.5 stars. A sweet and funny story, told with sly humour, in which a granddaughter relates what she does to help her grandmother move in and adjust to her new home. She shows grandma the ropes, helps her set up her room, makes sure she’s fed, and generally keeps her company.

The energetic watercolour illustrations reveal that the granddaughter may be a slightly unreliable narrator, or at least the story would be a bit different if told from the grandmother’s point of view! For example, the text reads: “My grandmother was discombobulated by changes to her routine. But I was patient.” The illustrations show grandma at her laptop looking not at all discombobulated but definitely somewhat dismayed by the granddaughter loudly singing and playing guitar by her side. The reader might question who is the patient one in this scenario!

There are a lot of fun moments like this throughout the book, which will reward rereading and carefully comparing what the illustrations tell us in contrast to the narrator’s text. We definitely get the feeling that adjustments are needed on both sides, but with patience and care it all works out in the end!

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This is a heartwarming story of a very eager little girl that loves her grandmother so much that as she moves to share the home of the little girls family she can barely contain herself to make sure grandma is comfortable. She hangs grandmas pictures introduces her to the family pets and her favorite toys. She makes sure grandma isn’t lonely by spending every minute with her shattering. Next day, Grandma goes outside to tend her potted garden and the little one shows up chattering again today. Grandma remembers what little girls are like.. grandma felt a little wilting. Granddaughter knew just what to do. She gave grandma some hands to face lovin’ with a kiss. It took some time but it was like she had always been part of the family. Before long grandma was flourishing like her potted garden flowers. I found the book to be quite splendid, shows a loving empathy for someone else she preciously shares grandma with her family including her pets and her toys do her family. Yes, I would encourage little ones and their families to read this one. Thanks to the following for an early read:

Pub.Date: 04April 2023

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This is a beautifully illustrated touching book about grandmas moving in with their children and grandchildren. It’s very relatable and all around wonderful. Would make a great addition to any family storybook collection.

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This was so sweet! For anyone who has the privilege of helping to take care of their parents/grandparents, this book is perfect for the grandchildren that love to help. I absolutely loved this book. I thought it was incredibly sweet with hints of fun in between. The story was very easy to follow along, the illustrations were well done and my children enjoyed this overall. This would make a perfect gift for little grandchildren and especially those living in a multigenerational home. I would easily recommend.

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.

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Jennifer Mook-Sang and illustrator Yong Ling Sang have created a stunning picture book about caring for grandmas as they experience change. With language usually reserved for plants, our protagonist tells about how they cared for their grandma when she came to live with their family. The story and illustrations are charming and unexpected in the best of ways. Coming April 2023!

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This was such a sweet book about multigenerational households! A child helps her grandmother settle into their home and make her feel loved.

I loved that this was written like a gardening guide for transplanting a family member into another home. All of the illustrated plants made my heart happy!

As someone who works with older adults, I really appreciated the empathy displayed towards the grandma and the connection that she has with the child. A fun, quick read!

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I found this children's book to be short and cute. Although it seems to be a bit too short, it could still be a good addition to a child's library. The book could be an effective "tool" in helping him or her prepare to adjust to a Grandparent who's about to, or has already, moved in for their twilight years. The child in this story was caring and patient, and so a good example, and no doub,t a joy to the Grandma whether she realized it or not.

~ Eunice C., Reviewer/Blogger ~

October 2022

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion based on the complimentary review copy sent by NetGalley and the publisher.

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The Care and Keeping of Grandmas by Jennifer Mook-Sang is an adorable children's book that captures the pure love and joy between Grandmas and Grandkids. This story is told by the granddaughter, who explains how it can be challenging for Grandmas to readjust to new living situations and how you can be helping through the process. I love this story. My grandma is my rock, and I would do anything to make her comfortable. The illustrations are adorable all throughout the story and I love all the plants, as my grandma has a green thumb. I love this story and the love and patients is shows for others, with that I will continue to read to my children.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.

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Adorable children’s book that captures the unconditional love between a granddaughter and grandmother. Told through the eyes of the little girl, she explains how all the things we see and experience as grandmas age is not worth fretting about. Lovely illustrations and an all around heartwarming book for any title one to read to grandma. Thank you for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I loved this title. This precious story delves into a grandmother coming to live with her family, and her granddaughter’s efforts to keep her comfortable, content, and at home, though it was evident she had to do some major adjusting in this new environment. The little girl acknowledges that grandmas can’t do everything themselves, but instead of feeling frustrated or annoyed, she loves that she is needed and takes pride and joy in helping her elderly grandmother. This one will have you tearing up in the end, when the little girl realizes that sometimes her grandmother is just weak and wilted, due to her old age, but love and a huge is all she needs. A story of love, patience, and family, this one is absolutely adorable and will have you tearing up.

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The Care and Keeping of Grandmas is a children’s book written by Jennifer Mook-Sang.

Do you want to know how to take care of a grandma? This little girl knows EXACTLY what to do!

This short book gives fun tips in a tongue-in-cheek way to helping a grandma get settled (even if she doesn’t really need it.)

For me, I don’t know that this would be a book that could be read over and over, but I could see it being a good read to introduce kids to the idea of having a grandparent move in with the family.

I would like to thank Penguin House Random Canada for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for my review. Thank you.

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Our unnamed narrator's world changes--mostly for the better--when her grandmother comes to live at her house. So, the narrator gives us a few tips on grandmother care, with visual analogies to growing houseplants (the grandmother's hobby).

I liked how, my the end of the book, the grandmother's houseplant hobby had become integrated into her new home. No longer was it confined to a little space on a balcony, but instead we see plants hanging from the ceiling, on shelves, on counters, in corners. It's a lovely visual for how the grandmother has also become a part of daily life.

The artwork is rendered in watercolor, with fairly simple human shapes and splashes of color to help form backgrounds. It creates a very open feel to the house, which adds to the comfort intended in this story about taking on the care of our elders.

Advanced reader copy provided by the publisher.

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Sometimes kids have to be caregivers too. This book beautifully shows how a child can just be with someone older (Grandparent) and give great emotional support. I loved the illustrations.

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The world is filled with grandparents, grandmas specifically. Sometimes they live near us & sometimes far away. For others, the space between where they are & when they can be together again stretched far beyond the reaches of the planets, circling the ether. Regardless of where a grandma might be, this story welcomes the young reader into the home of the narrator, whose grandma is moving into her family house.

The illustrations by Yong Ling Kang paint a stunning image of familiarity & warmth; guiding the eyes of the young through the lived experiences of generations prior. Even if a person has no grandma to welcome into their own home, I believe this story holds the ability for every reader to feel a place in the plot.

Mook-Sang guides the short story through the transitory period of a grandma who has left her personal home & a very eager granddaughter who wants to help & be present for every moment of the change. This story saw me giggling as I remembered how eager I was to be around my grandma when I was young; always filled with the thought that my actions were helpful & important—mostly just happy to be included. I suppose that is the beauty of a wonderful grandparent, they always make you feel that you are of value.

I’ve no grandparents left in this life & books like this remind me of those warm memories I hold fondly in my heart. I should think that the grandma in this book might feel cozy & important; to make her way into the house of her family when time has called for changes to be made; viewing the eager presence of the grandchildren as they incorporate her presence into their quotidian is ultimately a lovely thing to read.

Thank you to NetGalley, Penguin Random House Canada, & Jennifer Mook-Sang for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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Perfectly pleasant book voiced by a young child forced to welcome a new addition to the household, but it’s not a baby sibling – it’s a granny. Now, her sky-diving days behind her, gran is moving in to a spare room, and filling it with knick-knacks and potted plants, and the girl is filling it with colour, movement and awkward situations when she practises the guitar. The quickly read script has a tinge of humour, especially when it feels it’s not a human she’s boasting about looking after but another houseplant, and the art is charming. Does it really have the attack to be definitively about the issue of cohabiting with someone two generations up, and does it really have the appeal to be read for the comedy and pleasure? Perhaps not, but it’s still a nice volume.

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This is a sweet story about a grandma moving into a little kids house. The little kid helps their grandmother to get settled in the house and help her find a routine. This is a great story for children that are in the same circumstances when a family member is moving into their house

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This delightful book highlights the feelings and changes that occur when Grandma permanently leaves her home and takes up residence with one of her children. The author speaks from experience and has many tips on assimilating precious Grandma into her new space and her new life.

Grandma's little granddaughter takes it upon herself to be her BFF as she helps set up her Grandma's room, helps tend to her plants, makes sure that she is fed well and tries to make her feel comfortable as she transitions into her new environment.

This heartwarming story is funny and sweet as every member of the family tries their very best to welcome Grandma into their home showing her love and kindness as she integrates into daily life.

The illustrations visually highlight the emotional and multi-generational challenges a family goes through. It portrays a lovely life lesson as to how our elders should be treated... with care, love and respect. I love the book and I highly recommend it!

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This book was absolutely adorable. It’s a great book to read to a child when a relative moves in with their family.

It’s sweet and age appropriately insightful.

The illustrations were cute.

I definitely recommend this one.

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I loved this! I thought it was so cute! It was like a houseplant, but it was her grandma! It made me laugh and it was so heartwarming and sweet. It was great for kids whose grandparents are moving in with them. A great introduction to that. I loved it!

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