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This is a beautifully done comic about mental health. It's portrayal is very accurate representation in comparison to my own experiences. I would recommend this to anyone going through a tough time who needs the reassurance that everything will be ok
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As every other Debbie Tung book, this one is just a gem. I love seeing her perspective drawn out and I think many can relate to her and how she deals with life.
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I have read all of Debbie Tung's graphic novels and was truly is my favorite. Tung tackles the topic of depression so well. I related to the comics and it broke my heart at times and also filled me with hope. I am truly so grateful that Tung is vulnerable to share these inner most thoughts as they are often a shared experience we do not talk about.
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Everything is OK is a true peak into the mind of those who are silently dealing with invisible mental health disorders.
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Everything Is OK is a beautifully raw, honest and poignant graphic novel which takes an authentic and deeply personal look at the authors experience of anxiety and depression. The book reads like a mix between a graphic novel memoir and a self-help guide, which in theory probably shouldn't work but does so beautifully.

Debbie's thoughts are so insightful and frank that for anyone who has struggled with their mental health, it will be like looking into a mirror at times. There are so many aha moments and helpful insights throughout the book it is hard not to love it. 

The illustrations are quite simply beautiful and each pairs perfectly with the message that is being portrayed. The contrast of light and dark and the occasional burst of colour is stunning, alongside some full page illustrations which are quite breath-taking.

Overall I loved this graphic novel and think it's one everyone will benefit from reading. It's the perfect mix of a tough topic with some dark insights, mixed with beautiful illustrations and a lingering sense of hope. I'm really looking forward to reading some of Debbi's other work and am especially excited to get my hands on Book Lover.
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The advice given in this book regarding mental illness isn't anything ground breaking, but it's good to have more people addressing their mental health struggles openly and I always enjoy Debbie Tung.
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IDK why I didn't post a review of this book if I read it like a month ago but we go.}

Debbie Tung is one of the comic strips author that I value nost: she's not always adorkable or funny, but from time to time goes a little deeper and show the not so cute moments....the ones that you wish didn't exist but they do and you can do anything abou it....and this book compiles all of them.

This a honest view and how someone with anxiety and depression looks, not goes in a level that is unconfortable but how a lot of people lives day to day with this illness and that they can get better.

Love this one and praise to Debbie to show so much about herself-
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This is a really good book about depression and how to make peace with it's presence in our daily lives. There are some important discussions about the importance of asking for help when needed. It also talks about the fact that depression can't just be cured. That somedays will be bad and that's okay. 
On top of that there are also some good discussions about art and what it's like to be an artist in our current world. The art is cute as well. Overall it's a really good read..
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I love how this graphic memoir was both funny and realistic about mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It tackles tough subjects like how self-deprecating thoughts can become overwhelming and the stigma surrounding mental illness in relation to having a cold for example. I liked how this book utilized the use of colours. For the majority of the time, it is mainly in monochrome colours, but when the protagonist accepts that not every day is going to be perfect and that it is okay to not be okay. I also enjoyed how there was actually genuine advice towards mental health such as doing something good for yourself every day or talking to yourself as you would a family member or a friend. Overall, I would recommend this memoir to anyone who is interested in seeing into the perspective of mental health, or who also struggles with their mental health.
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Can we just stop and take a moment to appreciate the cover of Everything Is OK? Being a graphic novel, it's no surprise that Everything Is OK appreciates visual elements – but that cover is striking. It's the perfect balance of tones and pulls the reader in. At least, it pulled this reader in.

The other thing that really caught my attention about Everything Is OK is the promise. This graphic novel describes Debbie Tung's struggle with anxiety and depression. I imagine that is something many people can relate to – especially now. I have struggled my whole life with anxiety, so this book hit me hard.

This graphic memoir portrays all of Debbie Tung's experiences and insights, giving readers a chance to see through a lens, unlike their own experience. It has the good and bad moments, and everything in between.

I love how honest and real this graphic novel feels. Everything Is OK is easy to connect to, and I'm not just saying that because I, too, have dealt with anxiety. I think anyone could find a way to relate to Debbie Tung's writing and words; she does such a good job here.
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Ms. Tung continues to make books that move me to tears. I related so much to this one. As an anxiety sufferer myself, I can’t say how important this book was to me.  She really gave me hope while letting me feel seen. Loved it.
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Really heartfelt and dare I say accurate (in my experience) portrayal of depression. This was like a warm hug that I never thought I needed. Debbie Tung's art style is really appealing to look at and I like how her monologues and musings really resonated with me. Overall, this was a really great book to read especially when you just feel stuck during the day and need a silver lining.
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As someone who struggles with mental health, reading this was like reading a book about myself and my struggles. I appreciate Debbie's brutal honesty and comedy through hard times.
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Everything Is OK by Debbie Tung
I absolutely loved this (and maybe I shed a little tear). It came at a perfect time in my life, to be honest. I was already a fan of Debbie Tung, but even more so now! The way she depicts struggling with depression and anxiety in her new graphic memoir is just perfection and so damn relatable! And of course I love the art style and the way she added some colour to show different states of mind and thoughts. She really did an amazing job getting her feelings and struggle across. It made me feel seen, less alone and it made me remember that just because you struggle with your mental health, that doesn't make you less than anyone else.
This book is for anyone who feels lost or overwhelmed by life. And even though I found some of her comics in this book a bit confrontational cause of my own struggles, the comics are very uplifting. When I finished it, I was sat there with a smile on my face. This book makes a person think, but in a good way. It's important to remember: life isn't always easy and progress isn't linear. Healing from trauma and mental health issues comes with ups and downs and that is absolutely normal. And everyone's life path, goals and speed/order they do things in is different. But in the end, everything will be OK.
Thank you to Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for the e-ARC of this beautiful book. And a huge thank you to Debbie Tung for creating it, I needed that.
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I loved this book, so very much. It puts what I go through with my own mental health perfectly. The artwork is stunning. 10 ou of 10 recommend.
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A beautiful, honest portrayal of living with anxiety and depression. Put into the hands of every reader high school and older. If they are part of the 1/5 Americans with mental health concerns, they will feel seen. If they aren't, well, they probably know someone with anxiety or depression and will gain a deeper understanding of lived experiences. A must read!
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I love Debbie Tung. She is so honest and raw, sharing her trials and tribulations, emotions and rollercoasters through her medium.

This one in particular hit a nerve for me as 2022 (apart from my wedding of course) has been quite the ride.

I related to some of the stuff she went through and given that people know I am one of the most resilient, positive, and optimistic people around, even I succumbed. Fortunately, mine was just a temporary downer.

Her art is just beautiful, there are certain pages that I look at and wish I had her talent to be that artistic. 

A wonderful read for all; for those who have gone through depression or for those who know of people who are.. most importantly, more need to read it to better understand those who regularly suffer from mental health issues.

Thank you @wheresmybubble you are so amazing.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I had seen some of this author's work before (Book Love and also maybe online?) but all the content in this book was new to me.

This GN reads like several others-- the artist has a soul-crushing job and also mental health challenges; the artist takes a leap to try to make a living from art alone while getting therapy/treatment; the artist is in a better place, mentally and financially, by the end of the book. Fine: A Comic About Gender, Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations, Uncomfortably Happily, and Alison Bechdel (and others, I'm sure) all have some overlap. People who read widely in GN memoirs may find this feels a bit same-y, but the illustrations are so good that they alone are worth the read-- illustrations are mostly black and white (pen and ink?), with occasional water color washes which are used sparingly and so convey a lot of emotion.

Even before the story gets into the author's eventual diagnosis, a lot of time is spent on feelings of anxiety and depression. As these are things everybody experiences to some degree, everyone will be able to connect to these experiences.
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This book does an incredible job at relating what it's like to have anxiety and how it affects one's life. Everything from the illustrations to the wording is beautiful and at times hysterical. Absolutely recommend for teens/young adults!
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Everything is OK written by Debbie Tung and published by Andrews McMeel Publishing book review


Rate : 9/10
Genre : Graphic Novels, Manga, Comic

Pub date : 27/09/2022
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Everything is OK, written by Debbie Tung and published by Andrews McMeel Publishing is a great graphic novel which tells a story of ours.

The story begins with Debbie's anxieties' increase. She takes some help from her boyfriend, then a professional.

This book is full of fascinating scenes as the author tells a story that is known by everyone but not told.

I highly recommend you to read Everything is OK. It is a well-written book.
To be honest, I love the story. However, the first quarter is a bit slow though the second half is extremely moving.

(Thanks to @andrewsmcmeel and @netgalley for the ARC.)

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