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The Art of the Travel Journal

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This was such a wonderful, inspirational book! All of us that travel collect memories and little things and I know most of us struggle with organizing and coordinating these tokens. This book has great ideas and is super helpful.
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I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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The Art of the Travel Journal is a great informational read for anybody wanting to learn more about the process of journaling and travel journaling. It included a great combination of information about tools and techniques and prompts to get your started. The book had beautiful illustrations and was a quick and fun read.
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A really neat and creative way to document trips! I loved the examples and found this so motivating. Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC. All thoughts are my own.
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I've always wanted to try out a travel journal but often became overwhelmed with all the suggestions and ideas. This is a good guide to help anyone get started with their own travel journals. It's filled with great tips and ideas for those of us who want something more than a simple written journal but aren't entirely sure where to start and are also, maybe, a bit intimidated by the incredibly artistic ones we might have seen.
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Thank you NetGalley and Abbey Sy for this ARC of The Art of the Travel Journal.  This is a wonderful tool for people beginning journal their travels and want to do it creatively.  I enjoyed all the illustrations and ideas.
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This was a nice guide about how to document your travel days and so you can have the memories written down. It was lovely and I would gift it to a teenager or a young adult who loves to travel.
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I have always wanted to sketch and paint my own journal and I would love to do a travel journal. This is the perfect book to daydream about doing it. It is filled with excellent examples and I would love to make a travel journal just like this one day!
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Wonderful guide for artists, thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me access it in exchange for my feedback.
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This is a very comprehensive book on how to create a travel journal, including drawing, painting collage and keepsakes. Of course there is that memories and stories that tel,l and remind the traveller of the places and people met on the journey. The information in this book  is useful and well illustrated and can be used in various other type journals  Thanks you NetGalley and the publishers for the DRC
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The Art of the Travel Journal by Abbey Sy

This is a book I wish I had before traveling to Scotland this past July – I have worked on journals, diaries, and altered books in the past but still found this filled with a wealth of informative creative helpful ideas. In fact, I just sent the title to my artist sister and my historian traveling partner to Scotland daughter. Will definitely look for this book to add to my library. 

What I liked:
* That it is easy to read and understand
* Illustrations of ideas
* Information
* Layout
* Ideas – new and old
* Definitions with examples
* That while I read, I thought of ways I would have done things differently in past journals
* The book made me want to journal more often than I have recently…perhaps even daily
* New ideas – for instance – how to take washi tape in smaller more easily packed ways (this did not happen on the trip to Scotland)
* The lessons were interesting and useful
* That I was given specifics about pre-planning, goals, focus, and more
* The use of color and how it helps tell the story
* Story in travel journals
* Knowing that I will use the information gleaned today well into the future

What I didn’t like: 
* Not having a hard copy already on my bookshelf

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing-Quary Books for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

5 Stars
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This is a great intro book with gorgeous pictures and examples for anyone interested in creative/art travel journaling. Highly recommended!
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I am inspired just paging through this book, but of course I couldn’t just flick across these beautiful pages.
The Art of the Travel Journal makes me want to journal about all kinds of things, not just travel. The information and ideas here allow the reader to do just that.
Abbey Sy makes the art and craft of travel journaling accessable and achievable with her gorgeous pages which include other artists and travel journalers for even more inspiration!
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This is the perfect book to buy if you want to get started on travel journaling. It is full of informative photographs and step-by-step instructions that make it easy to get started, especially if you have never travel journaled before. It covers everything you could possibly want to know, such as ideas for composing the ephemera you have collected, different ways to document your travels, how to create themed pages and journal spreads, as well as hand lettering advice and making zines and postcards. The author even includes advice on how to stay committed to your journal once you have begun, and looks at the materials you will need to get started.

The artwork and journal examples that accompany the book are simply stunning - the reader is left in no doubt that they are in safe hands being taught journaling by Abby Sy. The book itself is cleanly laid out and straightforward to follow. Even if you are not specifically interested in travel journaling, there is plenty in this book to give ideas to daily journalers or scrapbookers.

With thanks to Netgalley and Quarry Books for providing an advance review copy. All opinions are my own.
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⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Great cover on this book!

I love to journal and I love to travel, so I knew that I had to get my hands on a copy of this book. 🙌🏻 This book is divided into the following seven chapters...

- Getting Started
- Materials
- Telling Stories
- Collecting and Composition
- Journal Spread Ideas
- Honing Your Habit
- Guest Artists

Each chapter is broken down into sub chapters full of information, essentials, lessons, and more. The graphics are visually pleasing and the layout is clean and easy to navigate. I am about to start a "bucket list" travel journal using the techniques I learned from this book and I can't wait to get started. 👍🏻

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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What a great compilation of tips and ideas to create a travel journal. It can be as easy and basic or as intense (in a good way!) and sophisticated as you want it to be. 

Really enjoyed flicking through these pages - including not only a wealth of layouts and inspiration for the actual journal - but also some bits around pre-planning the trip and why it's a positive idea to journal/document. 

I enjoy journaling anyway and have always planned my trips and written up excursions etc but this will take it to the next level. I'm fully on board with making a scrapbook now of my next trip and including lots of photos (that literally never, ever!, get printed) and ephemera such as leaflets and tickets to make something memorable to refer back to. 

This is a great resource, with something for journaling newcomers and old hats alike - I will definitely be referring back to it and recommending! 

My many thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read this advanced copy which I have reviewed honestly.
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A lovely book full of so many useful tips and lots of inspiration. A very useful addition to your art reference library.
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This little book is a great way to get your wanderlust pumping and get you thinking about what you can do. I really appreciated the different styles and types of travel journaling that was covered. Not everyone can or wants to do full art spreads of each place they visit, which seems to be the Pinterest mold. But this encourages you to do whatever feels authentic to your own skills, interests, and experience. Very approachable. Made me even more excited for my upcoming trips than I was before.
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The Art of the Travel Journal sparked my love of traveling again, with its fun capture of fun trips through painting, drawing, mixed media, and lettering. I'm a writer, not a visual artist, yet I felt sure that I could document my beach trips the year I met my husband in an entirely new way. Highly recommended for travelers on the road and wannabes in an armchair!
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I have always carried a notebook with me on all trips hoping that I will journal my travels. But alas, I have always hesitated to ruin a page, a precious notebook, or drawing a blank when it comes to putting down thoughts. 

I got the ARC of this book from Netgalley hoping that I feel motivated to create a travel journal soon. The book is easy to read. It gives an insight into what 'travel journaling' means before getting into the details of it. More than everything, what I love about Abbey Sy, is that she gives you several options and ideas and tells you to do what you love and can do. There are no strict steps to travel journaling in the book. It makes you ask yourself why and how you want to create your travel journal along with ideas on what your travel art kit should contain (really helpful), what kind of things you can collect, different kinds of compositions, layouts and forms of travel journaling. There are also photos of stunning layouts which are so inspiring. 

The book has most definitely inspired to create journals for my recent adventures and hoping that I explore journaling while travelling the next time. Thanks to Quarto Publishing Group and Netgalley for the ARC.
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