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A good story to make you consider your blessings. A touch of the Book of Job has Rebekah rethinking all she has in her life, and makes her realize all she takes for granted. Enjoyed this one and would recommend.
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A big, beautiful, epic tale of heartache, betrayal, courage and most of all, love. I can’t remember the last time I was so transported by a book . . . I can’t recommend enough!
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Sometimes the greatest blessings come from the greatest tragedies.

Sometimes everything can be going well in any family and then take a turn. Rebecca was blessed with a strong family. Her parents that were close by and a husband that tended to her every need. Then a double tragedy strikes. It is in those tragedies we find out two things. Our faith in God. What it is based on and the 2nd leads from the first - what we are able to bear and overcome.

This book is rich in family, sacrifice and love. Each leads us to a closer walk with God.

A special thank you to Vinspire Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review
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Nice little story about Rebekah and her family. She sees the positive and thanks God in all circumstances.
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This is the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it. I love that faith and family are the main focus. The characters are dealing with real life situations and it is inspiring to see how they dealt with them. 

All words and opinions are my own. I was given a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review.
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This is a well written story that holds your attention from the first page until the last. It's a sweet, heartwarming read that is full of love of family and God. If you are a fan of Amish fiction you don't want to miss this book.
I received a complimentary copy from Vinspire Publishing, LLC via NetGalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Thank you Vinspire Publishing, LLC, Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for allowing me to read Rebekah’s Riches by Sara Harrishad through Netgalley. I was not required to give a positive review. 

Rebekah’s Riches is the fourth in the series, Rebekah’s Keepsakes by Sara Harrishad.  I have not read any of the other books in this series, or books by Sara Harrishad, but this was a very good book. I had no trouble with this book as a stand-alone, but I would enjoy going back and reading the entire series. 

Rebekah is married to Joseph, a they have a baby boy. Rebekah’s father is ill, and is treated by an interesting Character, Frogarty. Ask if Rebecah did not have enough problems, there was an unexpected summer storm that came up and caused the injury of her husband.

 I did like it. Inspiring to see how Rebekah grew keeping the faith regardless of her challenges. 

The rest of the story shows Rebecah‘s faith, love, devotion, and determination.
This is an interesting 4-star read for all who love Amish action.
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A very well written 📕book.  I enjoyed the plot and the characters were believable.  Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review .
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This is the first of the Rebekah books that I have read. I could relate to the sense of foreboding, to the worry Rebekah had. She had a small child, an ill father and her husband suffers an accident. What follows is an amazing bond between father and daughter. The characters were believable and I was really sucked into the story. 
Set within the Amish community. The bible references were gentle and appropriate. 
I will definitely be going back and reading the earlier books.
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I loved this sweet tale of love and family. 
Family means everything to the Amish.  This was no different.  
Poor Joseph and Samuel! They've certainly had some trials to go through! 
I couldn't put this book down! It was so very good!
Yes I agree that it really took some reading to get into but it but I think it's just the author's style of building up the story so the readers will keep turning the pages to see what happened next. 
I kind of like her style. I read the previous book so it didn't take me long to remember the characters. 
I'm glad that Rebekah got her own story.
I loved getting to know her a lot better.
She slowly became my favorite person. 
One of my favorite quotes from this novel because they really are true! 
For some it just takes a little longer to see them. 
"Blessings really do come in the strangest ways and from the greatest tragedies."
God is good all the time. 
Just remember that Blessings do and will come from God in His own timing.  
I highly recommend this novel. 
My thanks for a copy of this book.  I was NOT required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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My blurb …
Rebekah and Joseph are a content couple with a sweet baby boy. However, sadly Rebekah’s father is again seriously ill. A bad summer storm hits their homestead. Rebekah was already facing the loss of her father. Now her husband is severely injured. Will she lose both?

My review …
The author’s style of writing felt different and took some 30% of the book for my silent reader’s tongue to adjust to its cadence. Rebekah’s Riches is the fourth in the series, Rebekah’s Keepsakes; I had not read any of the prior stories. And this book can stand alone. The book’s synopsis hints at some major trauma prior to this story but it plays only a minor part in this book.

Key Characters
Rebekah, a mother of a baby boy several months old and still at the breast.
Joseph Gasthof, her husband, a clever man, loving husband, and adores his baby boy.
Samuel, Rebekah’s father, severely ill and much loved by his family.
Thomas, Rebekah’s young brother who is loving, loyal, kind, and a delightful character in this story.
Fogarty, an older man, a “barber” who also serves as the local doctor. You will like him.
Job, the loyal servant of God. Rebekah often thinks of Job and how he handled one tragedy after another, never accusing but always praising God.

Rebekah is trying to be accepting of her father’s impending death when a powerful and dangerous storm hits their homestead and Joseph is badly injured. The story is really about faith. That with God and faith in him, one can face the tragedies and joys of life.

Note that everyone but Fogarty is Amish but the story reads more like historical fiction than Amish which did affect my rating by one star.

The pacing was a bit slow for this reviewer until I adjusted to the author, Sara Harris’s writing style. Then, the pacing felt just right.

Sara Harris was a new author for me. And while Rebekah’s Riches did not pull me toward reading the previous three books in the series, I do feel that reading the series in order will make this fourth book a richer experience given the Goodreads ratings on the first three are almost 5 stars each.

I received a complimentary e-ARC copy of Rebekah’s Riches via NetGalley from the publisher, Vinspire Publishing, LLC. A positive review was not required; the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Rating: 3 stars
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Series	Rebekah’s Keepsakes #4
Genre	Amish, Historical
Pub. date	13 Jul 2022
Pages	118
Publisher	Vinspire Publishing, LLC
Cover	Amish-like.
Rating	3 stars
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