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Book is entertaining. A quick read. But it also is instructive and has a brilliant .Very well written book about an interesting and unusual subject.
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This was a very well written book about an interesting subject that really made me think about the Old and the New Testament and its relevance to our lives today.
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DNF - I suppose this could come down to the fact that I was expecting something else. I ultimately feel that I am not the target audience for this book so, am taking myself out of the race at this time. The premise did sound promising!
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The Door is a mystery of many deaths all surrounding Abigaile, a minister of a suspicious spiritualist group/church. When our main narrator, Robert’s aunt dies in a weird way, he decides to do some digging. Robert finds himself infatuated with Abigaile and world view becomes obscured.

What I enjoyed about this book was the strong concept of spirituality and seers, and corruption that can occur in that community. This is what attracted me to the book.

However, I found the language to be very plain and characters flat. The overall plot was weak and I feel like I never truly learned of how anything happened in this book. 

Thank you NetGalley and Post Hill Press for a copy of The Door in exchange for my honest review.
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A former detective tries to find out what happened to his aunt and along the way meets and falls in love with an evil but stunning (aren’t they all?) enchantress. An overall okay read; the writing and plot seemed a bit lacklustre for me.
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A Door That Opens to a Dark, Suspenseful Spiritual World by Richard J. Kerr; Stanford Erickson will take you to the world of séance. There is a strange door in Elsie McKenzie's house, a door open for spirits to come and go freely. Is it true or just a belief? If you look at the door, this is strange to locate this place. Let’s find out more about the history of this door. How this door is going to take the lives of two people?

The story revolves around Elsie McKenzie, who is a renowned author, working on her current book, exposure to spiritual and Health Camp, where she used to go after her husband’s death, Albert.
But, one day she was dead. It was assumed that she hurtled towards the stairs. Was it true? Elsie’s nephew, detective, Robert, decided to know about the real cause of her Aunt’s death. This investigation lead to him Camp, where he got a chance to meet with Abigale and he was besotted by her beauty. But, Robert got to know about the dark history of Abigale, whomever, she met went to heaven in peace. Will the same thing is going to happen with Robert?

I like how the story started, created tension in my mind to know about the life of Abigale, Robert and what is the reason for Elsie’s death? Was its spirit or someone else?
I did not like the ending of the book. I was not able to know the real picture of Abigale. I want to know who was behind the door? But I did not get the answer.
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A suspenseful mystery novel involving seances, psychics, and a Black Mass.
Elsie McKenzie is working on an investigative book that is critical of a local spiritual camp that conducts seances and psychic readings when she suspiciously dies. Her nephew, Robert, a retired detective, begins investigating. But Abigale Cruz, the attractive director of the camp and head psychic, uses all of her psychological and physical charms to convince Robert to end his investigation. But what will Robert do when he realizes the people closest to Abigale usually end up dead?
Couldn’t put it down really enjoyed this book totally recommend 
Thank You NetGalley and Post Hill Press
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