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Not much of a mystery, the bulk of this story was given over to VZ, our main character, who is grieving his friend Ed, who was killed a few months before.  When the man (Singer) who killed Ed is found dead, the police suspect VZ's friend Jack, who goes on the ruin (not a good look for someone who is claiming innocence).  The story pretty much focuses on VZ playing and trying to beat the video game that Ed had created, so that he can enter it in a gaming contest.  Instead of chapter after chapter of VZ playing the game, I would have preferred for more focus on the mystery of who killed Singer.
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This was a really well done mystery novel, I enjoyed that it talked about tough topics that the majority of young adults deal with. The plot was so well done and I was trying to solve what was going on with the characters. It had what I enjoyed about reading Fear Street as a teen and I think it was wonderfully done. It was a strong debut for Charlene Allen and I can't wait to read the next book.

"I hang on to the subway pole, eyes closed. Only for Diamond would I be on this train tonight, instead of playing Ed’s game. But I won’t sleep before I play, no matter what. And after today, I could use a hit of Diamond."
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