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Suitehearts #1: Harmony and Heartbreak

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I was not the intended audience for this book but it was cute. I didn’t enjoy it that much though. Definitely recommend for 8-10 year olds

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me access to the free advanced digital copy of this book.

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I thought that the concept was adorable and middle grade relatable! It touched on friendship, identity and wanting a sense of worth. I would recommend this to any middle grade child who likes a fantasy read or enjoys to laugh

I gave it 3.75 stars; I enjoyed the story! I feel like some parts could have been left out to allow for a more tidy read but I also understand this book is for a younger demographic

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A matchmaker’s paradise!

SuiteHearts: Harmony and Heartbreak by Claire Kann is the first in the Suitehearts Series and was a love filled match made in heaven. Rose and her cousin Cora are newly teenage matchlings. They are in the process of becoming matchmakers. They have to complete a task to become full matchmakers, but if they fail, they will have to wait a whole year to try again.

I loved that the two main characters, Rose and Cora were matchmakers in training. This gave them a very interesting problem or task to resolve. Although they had magic, they couldn’t access it to its fullest potential until they become full matchmakers. That allows them to push harder at fulfilling the task. On top of that, they are only thirteen. Not only are they dealing with trying to become matchmakers, but also everyday teen life. Between the magic, teen life, and just the struggle of being a teenage girl, this coming of age is magically amazing.

I’d highly recommend this to readers 11 and up. It can also be read with assistance to younger audiences.

I can’t wait to dive into the next book in the series.

*This was an honest review for a complimentary copy of SuiteHearts: Harmony and Heartbreak from Claire Kann via NetGalley

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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher/author for a chance to read this ARC for an exchange for an honest review.

Very nice book.

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I can't say as I'd ever considered magical matchmakers as the central aspect of a plot before. As the first volume in a series, this one has a lot of introductory information. We get a lot of detail about the structure of matchmakers, the rules they follow, approaches to their skill, and the assorted challenges they will face. A decent first book.

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I was pretty disappointed by this, to be honest.
It's about these 2 young girls - cousins - who have the magic to create the chance for people to fall in love, they're sort of Cupids in a way but in a more consensual sort of way? Anyways.

What drawn me to it was that it gave me Zack & Cody vibes. Two cousins basically brought up like sisters, who live in a hotel and find themselves in messy situations. Great, right?
But that's where the appeal ended and so did my enjoyment of the story.

Right from the very beginning, I had the impression that these relationships were forced on me? ("me" as in "the reader"). Cora didn't seem to be interested in boys and yet, at the first chance the author got, there you have it, a boy who talks to her once and now we have a love interest situation that had no business being there, it was so unnecessary.
And the second thing that rubbed me the wrong way was how all the relationships portrayed (the parents, Cora and the boy, the couples the two Cupids are making fall in love) were 100% straight and Claire Kann has so far written YA books with queer characters, so why stop now? Only because it is a middle grade book instead of a YA? Because we couldn't entertain the idea of having queer kids or having queer couples the kids could come in contact with? It really, really irked me.

I dnf'ed on third of the way through.

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I'm feeling really conflicted about this book. At first, I thought this might be a 5 star read, because I was so drawn in by the story. It was so cute, so magical, so charming. I also did think this was very well written. However, I thought the book lacked some substance. I thought the plot felt a little boring, a little insignificant. And I truly did think Claire Kann, after having written several books with themes of asexuality, would subvert the matchmaking trope more, and maybe delve into aromanticism. I was kind of counting on it, honestly. And sure, the book did state a couple of times that matchmaking isn't just romantic, but these were all commented in passing, and I was really hoping for a little more of a conversation surrounding that.

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This was a cute and quick read for fans of lighthearted fantasy. This would be great for readers who like Upside Down Magic, Wildseed Witch, or Witchings. This book sets itself up for a series.

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I think it's a good book and I liked they were cousin MCs for this one. Plus I was fascinated by the matchmaker element in this one too.

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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. I have to start out by saying how adorably cute this book was and it is only the first book in the series. Rose and Cora are cousins who are training to be matchmakers. It is one of the sweetest books I have read this year and in a while for that matter. It was a nice adventure in a feel-good kind of way. I can't wait to see what they will get up to next.

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This was a good Middle Grade novel, that I really liked! Rose and Cora were great main characters. This was the beginning of a fun new series, and I would definitely recommend reading it!

I received an e-ARC from the publisher.

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A delightful book full of young love, magic, and wonder. I enjoyed the character's differences and how their opposing personalities played with one another. The magic system was unique and well suited to the age group for this book.

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Gosh this was such a cute read and I can absolutely see the reader for this! Yes, it's weird that 12 year olds (12/13? I lost track, sorry) are matchmakers, but whatever, who cares, if that age can save the world they can also make some love happen.

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What an adorable story! I had so much fun with Rose and Cora. Honestly, I could read about their adventures until they’re old and grey because I feel like they’ll only get more entertaining with time.

The book is written with such humor and heart. I adore that fact that while they are matchmakers, romantic love isn’t put above other kinds (such as platonic, familial, self love, ect.). There characters balanced each other really well and were wonderfully relatable in their own way. I think Kann gave Rose the right kind of charisma to get away with her “nepotism privilege” and still be likable. While Cora’s icy first impression gives way to a really funny and sweet girl.

The best part about this book for me - even more than how delightfully amusing it was - was the lessons taught through their respective tasks. They weren’t just helping people find love, they were put in positions that challenged them to grow as individuals.

I CANNOT WAIT to see what happens next. I have some theories and whether I’m right or wrong, I’m dying to know!

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Thank you to NetGalley, author Claire Kann, and HarperCollins for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for my honest opinion!

This was a cute surprise! I don't love a lot of fantasy books, but the premise of magical matchmaking girls was intriguing to me, and I did enjoy it! Rose and Cora were relatable characters that I think a lot of young readers will be able to connect to. I loved how sweet all the love was in the book, and it was fun having a challenge aspect that the girls were working to complete throughout. It was a little too sweet/young for me, as I found some of it a bit too cheesy and on the nose. I also found myself a bit confused at times because it seemed like readers were just thrown straight into this world without much of an explanation; I think that it would have benefitted readers to have certain terms or aspects of the matchmaking world explained a bit better earlier on. This is not a series that I will be personally anxiously awaiting, but I do think that it was very cute, fun, and will attract lots of young girls.

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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this digital ARC!

What an enjoyable book this was! I was intrigued by two things from the premise. One, that the setting was in San Francisco which is where I live. Second, that there was a little bit of romance in this middle grade book. Now that my older daughter is in middle school, I've noticed that she is more open to reading (and talking) about romance. So I'm now in the search for some appropriate reads.

I loved the premise of the book. Our main characters are cousins, Rose and Cora, who are part of a long history of Matchmakers. Their dads are twins and the two cousins are 8th graders, and only 1 month apart in age. They use magic to make their matches, and the world building in this book is excellent. There are a number of specific terms and language as part of the Matchmaking world, and even a helpful glossary in the back of the book.

Rose is a gifted and natural Fledgling, and has a lot of confidence. This is so different from her cousin Cora who is less confident. In fact, she was deemed a late bloomer by her own family and the Council. Cora is now living with Rose in San Francisco, as her own parents are overseas for an important mission.

Of course, with this being a book about Matchmaking, there was some age appropriate romance too! Rose and Cora both have assignments that they must do in order to past their early tests to advance to the next level. Rose is assigned the grumpy 21 year old barista who works in their family hotel's cafe. Cora (oh, this was heartbreaking for my mama heart) is assigned the boy that she likes!

Both Rose and Cora learn valuable lessons and show determination and resourcefulness.

4 enthusiastic stars! I think my 6th grader will enjoy this one a lot.

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This was a cute, lighthearted, middle grade romance, steeped in magic realism. The adventurous escapades of the main characters, as well as the infusion of magic throughout the book, mark it as one of the more engaging romances that I've read.

Great diversity in the characters. Light and appropriate for middle grade readers.

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I tend to not have any problems reading and enjoying middle grade books, but I did have a bit of trouble getting into this. At the times the dialogue was a bit too young for characters in the 8th grade. I can’t and won’t fault the book too much for this since I’m not the target audience though.

I was impressed by the stakes in this book are incredibly high and I wasn’t expecting such a serious undertone but I was pleasantly surprised.

The jumping between Rose and Cora’s thoughts and actions mid chapter without any distinction was very confusing. And I’m not talking POV, I’m talking it would go from how Rose felt about a situation to how Cora reacted and what Cora was thinking in the next paragraph. There even appears to be a few instances in the text where the names are swapped (or maybe I just was confused).

However I liked the characters a lot. Cora and Rose being so different and yet so similar was adorable. I think the author did a wonderful job of having them feed off of each other’s energies.

The pacing was off for me as well which kinda drags the book down. However I believe most of this has to do with the author establishing a world, rules and magic system. And because of that, I have faith the future books in the series will be better!

Overall this a quick, warm hearted read for anyone who loves love of all kinds. While I didn’t absolutely adore it, I think it’s cute and many readers will enjoy it!

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This book was so cute! I absolutely adored it! Rose and Cora are 8th graders and they are magical! They are both in training to to be magical Matchmakers. They are given a set of tests that will decide if they can become full Matchmakers. Each girl has to pass their very different tests that live whole lives depend on it. When it comes to matters of the heart nothing is ever easy, especially in middle school. I absolutely adored this book. It was a sweet little Sunday read that felt like a warm hug. It's full of great characters and has a very interesting plot. I can't wait to read the next story!

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