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The Modern Cheeseboard

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A book every millennial needs. I have made so many cheeseboards since I got this and will be making so many more.
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A great book on cheese.

It shows the different knives involved, how to cut cheese, how to serve it and store it.  Then it describes the different sorts of cheeses and pairings, be that herbs, wine, edible flowers and meats.  The book provides details on how to build the perfect cheeseboard, from what should be on the board to how it can be displayed.

The book then moves onto the different types of boards that can be assembled,:
- everyday boards (12 + recipe for crostini)
- throughout the year boards (10)
- around the world boards (8)
- showstopper boards (7)

Each board comes with all the components required to assemble it, along with how many it serves and how to prepare it.  There is a full colour photograph with each board for reference.

I'd love to have this book on my shelves as it would come in really handy when my hubby and I fancy some cheese in front of the TV!

The final chapter of the book contains the recipes required for the cheeseboards. Unfortunately, this chapter was missing from the digital advance reader copy available through the NetGalley app. :( 

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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I love cheese and I was happy to see this book. It explains well how to pair the cheese on a cheeseboard, how to pair it with wine and how big the cheeseboard should be depending on the number of people.
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The Modern Cheeseboard is a comprehensive book of cheeseboards for any occasion.  The book is beautifully photographed  and includes boards for everything from a Cozy Night In boards (for a lovely date night at home) to the impressive Piece de Resistance board, that spans the entire table, plus everything in between.  Each board is accompanied by a description of multiple options that allow you to tailor your board to your own likes and tastes.  The Modern Cheeseboard is a useful addition to anyone looking to entertain with style and ease,

Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group - White Lion and NetGalley for the advanced copy of this wonderful book.
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Love a good cheeseboard. Normally would get all my inspiration online, but it's great to have a good refrence book, and this is just that.
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I adore Quarto's The Modern Cheeseboard, which gives cheeseheads like me 40 gorgeous ideas for boards of all kinds, apt for any event. I learned how to pair different cheeses together, how to pair them with perfect drinks, and even how to make accompanying chutneys and jam. There are boards for picnics, winter nights, game days,  brunch, and so much more. A delight!
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Thank you Quarto Publishing Group - White Lion and NetGalley for e-ARC of the book.

This book is filled with mouth watering photos of cheeseboards and vivid descriptions of platters for any occasion and size. The book starts with explanations of different tools that are used to create a cheeseboard as well as descriptions of the many varieties of cheeses. I really enjoyed that this book not only gives simple instructions, but also  encourages and points you in insightful directions and offers advice for creating your own masterpieces.

I would recommend to read this book for everyone - from aspiring chef to seasoned host. Inspiration, information, and delicious treats are guaranteed.
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Food is Fantastic and The Modern Cheeseboard by Morgan McGlynn is a celebration of food.  Forty beautiful creative ideas of how to arrange an engaging cheeseboard but, of course, it's not just cheese.  It's all the bounty that plants offer in color, texture, and of course beautiful flavors.

I did see what I believe is an error on page eleven, "The board is a base for your ingredients so go with whatever you have to hand". I think it was supposed to be 'have ON hand"?

Seasonal and my favorite is the Christmas Festival Board.  Beautiful photographs and good use of food.  She used a lot of figs, which is my favorite and there are dragon fruit, watermelon radishes all the great board food is here.

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher White Lion Publishing for the opportunity to read and review The Modern Cheeseboard by Morgan McGlynn.
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Not really sure what I was expecting when I requested this ARC, but it wasn't this. The pictures were beautiful, but nothing in this book was anything that I'd ever try out myself.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Wow! This might be one of the most extravagant cheeseboard books I’ve ever seen! The layouts were spectacular! They definitely look to good to eat!  Boards for almost every occasion and holiday. Love the cover and the pictures! If cheese is your game then this book is for you! Gorgeous spreads! Five stars!

   I received a complimentary copy to look at and voluntarily left this opinion!
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Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review The Modern Cheeseboard. I don't know what it is but every charcuterie book I have seen have been spectacular! The pictures are so beautiful and mouthwatering. I like that this book had different ethnic boards and ones for holidays! The grazing board was by far my favorite. The author really knows how to lay fruits and cheeses in intricate ways that catches the eye. There is a good introduction on types of cheeses, herbs, edible flowers, wine pairings, and of course meats! A great gift for a hostess or housewarming!
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I’m not sure I could love a book more! Let’s get right into the positives!

1- Step by Step instructions. (From everything on picking a cheese, cutting, storing all that. To designing the board)
2- Easy to understand guidelines. 
3- Gorgeous pictures of all the cheeseboards. 

My only negative is the authors in London and I’m not. I can’t go to her store to purchase a board or cheese from her. But she did prepare me to be able to make my own.
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Lots of cheese knowledge in here, a lot of stuff I did not know. I will defiantly be saving a lot of these ideas. very pretty pictures.
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If you want inspiration to make beautiful cheeseboards, this book is for you.  The photos and idea combinations are enough to make you want to throw a party.   
While the beginning of the book has some background on the different types of cheeses and tips for serving each (and the best tools to use), I still felt like these cheeseboards were above my skill level.
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A great cookbook and how to put together a modern cheeseboard! I enjoyed the visuals and the recipes!

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review!
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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. I absolutely love cheeseboards and have always wanted to make them and these have great idea and how to pair items together. Perfect for parties!
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Beautiful layouts of all kinds of cheeses.  There's a nice mixture of cheeses, fruits, veggies breads and crackers. There's cheese types I have never heard of before. There is a nice chart of different types of Cheese, a pairing wheel.  Seasonal boards using flowers, herbs and meats.  There are large and small boards for game nights, cozy nights in, holidays, and from around the world.
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The author has a cheese shop in London, and I love that the intro chapter covers info about different types of boards and cheese tools, plus how to cut, serve, and how much is needed. It also discusses types of chees and pairings along with the science behind the pairings, with in depth info on pairing with edible flowers, herbs, wines, and meats. There is a six step cheat sheet for building the perfect board.  The book has chapters on boards for Everyday, Throughout the Year (holidays and seasonal), Around the World (focusing on countries or regions), Showstopper, and then a chapter of recipes for items to include on the boards.
My ARC ended without the recipes chapter, so I cannot comment on that, or the list that was to be included of the best cheese shops around the world.
What I was able to review was detailed, easy to follow, and had beautiful full-color photos. I really like the way this book was organized and the amount of background information included.
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This book is perfect for the casual cheese lover who wants to know more. From the types of cheese to the basics of pairing, this book teaches so much. In addition the photos are lovely. Plus the variety of cheese board combinations that there are instructions for was outstanding, I can't wait to make some of them for myself and my friends.
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I received an advance copy via NetGalley.

Cheese boards are gorgeous yet can be daunting to assemble. Not only are the mathematics of servings tricky to figure out, there are the multitude of pairings (fruit, vegetables, crackers, breads, pickled items, meats, alcoholic beverages!) and the challenge of assembling everything in a beautiful yet functional manner. Morgan McGlynn breaks things down in an accessible way in this gorgeous book that supplies ingredient lists and assembly instructions along with sumptuous full-color photography.

The foremost issue to address: the author is British but the cookbook is absolutely fine as a guide to American turophiles. Some of the cheeses are not available here at all (those being English and French ones), but most are if you live near a larger city (or even a small town with an Aldi) or are fine with an online order from a major purveyor. The cheeses that are not available wouldn't be hard to substitute. The one board that struck me as humorously odd was a Cinco de Mayo board, which included the British classic Red Leicester and Italian Parmesan along with actual Mexican cheeses; mind you, the cheeses would all be delicious, but I felt like a good Cheddar (British, American, wherever) would have been more appropriate than Red Leicester.

I appreciated how the book listed clear instructions on each recipe. The number of people served by each board is listed, and cheese amounts are included in grams and ounces, making it internationally-friendly. I have to mention the photography again, too. It is truly stunning. This would be a great coffee table book.
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