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A full and descriptive biography of Elizabeth Taylor. I continue to enjoy how the author pulls together a non-fiction book - she balances the small details with the overall story so well and in an entertaining manner. A great read fro anyone interested in old Hollywood, or Elizabeth Taylor specifically. Despite many other books on the actress, and cultural icon, this book is a breath of fresh air - maybe because it is authorized by Taylor herself it feels more intimate than previous takes.
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Thank you for the advanced readers copy Netgalley, but this one ultimately was not a book I was able to complete, though I've reccomended it successfully to readers of old Hollywood and nostalgic culture.
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As a child and teenager in the 1980s/1990s, I was aware of Elizabeth Taylor as tabloid/gossip fodder. Later on, I was aware of her movie star status, her perfumes, and her AIDS activism. I'm a fan of Kate Anderson Brower's previous books, so I was intrigued to read her take on Taylor. 

If you're into "Old Hollywood" history, definitely read this. Even if you're not (I'm really not), read this to understand what a force Taylor was, even late in life. Yes, the many marriages, health crises, alcohol and prescription abuse, friendship with Michael Jackson...all that is covered in (very!) entertaining detail. But her toughness in dealing with studio executives who underestimated her, the ever changing public opinion, and most movingly, her public and (very) private work with people with AIDS, when details were scarce about its transmission but scorn, fear, and hatred were high are the highlights of the biography. (Read this if you have ever had fleeting thoughts about what it must be like to be famous). 

Many thanks to Harper and NetGalley for a digital review copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I was thrilled to read this authorized biography of Elizabeth Taylor. The last bio I read of her was How To Be A Movie Star by William Mann, and he was not generous or forgiving in his treatment of the star. This book is the one fans of Elizabeth Taylor have been waiting for. Thank you for the ARC.
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