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Permission to Offend

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I absolutely loved this book! I felt like the author was talking directly to me as I read the book. This is the book that people need to read so that they can understand it is ok to say whatever needs to be said and to whoever it needs to be said to!

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This book should be given to all adults, from 18 to 80. Rachel Luna covers mental health challenges, parenting problems, marital issues, self-esteem, shame, you name it, and all with the tone of a heartfelt, private conversation between close friends. She warns us of the negative effects to the psyche of certain unconscious behavior patterns, like mindless scrolling (“Slow the Scroll” she says) and suggests an “alignment opportunity” when you do feel shitty after too much social media…asking yourself questions like, “What am I feeling?, “Why do I feel this way?, “When was the last time I didn’t feel this way?” and “What story did I tell myself”. There should be a detox scrolling group therapy support group with these questions! So much other wise and insightful advice is offered…she explains the Story Loop Concept (how we all make up unhelpful stories in our head about situations) a concept pioneered by Dr. Albert Ellis. She frankly discusses her bi-polar disorder in her twenties and she gives helpful permission slips throughout the book such as, “I give myself permission to amplify the stories that serve me best”.

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