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Ada Twist, Scientist: Ghost Busted

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This one was OK I mean not my favorite not the worst but OKThis one was OK I mean not my favorite not the worst but OK
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This book was very cute. Spooky, but not too spooky. I would've loved this series as a kid. Heck, I would love it now too. It shows kids how to use the scientific mention to follow the evidence to the correct conclusion. You do kind of lose something when just listening to the audio version of a picture book, but the narrator did such a fantastic job that she made up for it.
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* cute book as always lol i have yet to see the series on netflix but the books are very cute
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Ada, Iggy, and Rose are excited for their sleepover, but Iggy tells them about the haunted basement.  They use the scientific method to discover whether there is a ghost in the basement!

This was a cute story, and the ending wasn’t what I expected!  Bahni Turpin did a fantastic job narrating the audiobook.  I wish this series had been around when I was a kid!

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me an audio ARC of this book.
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Very cute book. My son (8) and I listened to it together. He liked it as well.  We liked the "evidence" but the fun of the book  I can't wait to watch the show
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So I got this one for my grandson who is 10yrs old. He's not much of an audio book listener so when he saw this was only about 12 minutes long he was okay with it. 

He said it was funny, cute and not so much scary to him. I did hear him laugh a few times while he was listening to it. 

His favorite part was the ghost machine they built using a camera, thermometer and baby monitor. He's wanting to make one himself, as he loves Halloween. 

This will be a great show for him to watch on Netflix. 

Thank you Netgalley for allowing me and my grandson to listen to this book. He liked it a lot (his words).
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Why oh why wasn't Ada Twist around when I was a kid!?! I would have loved this spunky trio of friends from Ada Twist, Scientist: Ghost Busted. As Ada, Iggy, and Rosie get ready for their sleepover, they've got some interesting clues to work out what that creepy noice is in the basement. Very cute.

The audio version is nicely performed by Bahni Turpin who is clearly having a wonderful time!
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Very cute addition to the Questioneers series. Ada and friends are having a sleepover and think there is a ghost in the basement. They use the scientific method to determine if they are right. Of course a surprise awaits them at the end. Narrator was fine but we don't use audiobooks much in our school library so will be purchasing the physical book.
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I teach 8th grade science, and I use Ada Twist, Scientist with my students. I was excited to see that there was a Halloween book! This book does a great job of identifying a problem, examining and evaluating evidence, and using the scientific method. This book is perfect for all ages!
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This fun Halloween story is narrated by the marvelous Bahni Turpin.

Iggy thinks there's a ghost in his dad's basement. He and his friends Ada and Rosie work together, using the scientific method, to determine whether he's right.

I especially like the spirit of cooperation between the friends, the fact that the friends are diverse in gender and race, the presence of a supportive adult, and the use of science.

Thank you, NetGalley and Dreamscape Media, for the audio ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review. Publication is expected August 23.

4.5 stars
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I received an ARC from the publisher of this audiobook. As an avid reader, I rely on book reviews when picking my next reads and will always give my honest opinion in my reviews.

What a fun audiobook! We listened to this on a short road trip, and my boys (4 and 5) were very engaged the entire time. They gave it 5/5 stars (truthfully, my four year old gave it 12/7, but I’m translating his enthusiasm). This was a not-too-scary ghost story with a dynamic narrator and a fast moving plot. It was short (under 15 minutes) which was a bonus for holding kids’ attention. My kids are already asking to listen to it again.
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This was a winner! When we finished listening to this story, my daughter immediately wanted to hear it again.

Events at the Questioneers sleepover lead them to use their knowledge of science and the scientific method to determine if the basement is haunted.

This is a great STEM-focused story that is empowering for younger kids and not at all scary. Our only complaint is that it was only 12 minutes long as we would have happily listened to an hours-long version of this story!

Big thank you to Dreamscape Media via NetGalley for this advance reader copy!
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Thank you to Dreamscape Media and Netgalley for this advanced audio! This was a cute story of Ada and her friends. Something spooky is amiss in the basement of Iggy's dad's house, and this scientific team is going to get to the bottom of it. This was a fun, and quick, listen for my 8 year old and I. While we thought it was fun, and not too spooky, we didn't enjoy it quite as much as the original Questioners books.
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Thanks to Dreamscape and Netgalley for the ARC of this! 

I’m obsessed with Bahni Turpin’s narrations, so I was very excited to see that she narrates this! It was cute and funny and perfect for my 6 and 9 year olds. My 6 year old thought it was very funny and was giggling at it. Lightly spooky and shows them how to approach something they don’t understand logically.
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This was our first Ada book. My 7yr old loves all thinks spooky and science so this was perfect for him. 
Ada and her friends, Rosie and Iggy, are having a sleep over. Something very spooky is happening in the basement. Using the scientific method the trio comes up with a plan to find out if a ghost is living in the basement. What types of experiments will they do and what will they discover?
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Audiobook received for free through NetGalley 

Another great Ada Twist book. In the words of my eight year old; “Epic!!! I love Ada Twist scientist audiobooks. That is really true.“
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Let’s start with the best part - THE NARRATOR - I absolutely love this narrator. She’s amazing, her voice is soothing and she puts so much energy into her narration!

I received this audio from NetGalley because I thought my children would enjoy it. They definitely did and honestly so did I! This was an absolutely adorable ghosty book for children that brings science into the ghost hunt and it’s amazing. It makes science fun and easier to understand for younger kids. I absolutely recommend this. 

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My daughter and I absolutely loved this title. The story was told at a great pace, and my daughter stayed engaged. She had questions on parts of the story throughout and happily talked about it at the end. We've read Ada Twist before, but never as an audio. She asked to listen to more of them. Huge hit in our house, and we will be looking for more Ada Twist audios!
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My 3 and 7 year olds love The Questioneers series by Andrea Beaty and also listening to audiobooks, and this was no exception - they loved it. My son's birthday is Halloween, so it is also a goal of ours to get all the children's Halloween stories we can :)   They've asked to listen to it a few times now, therefore I'd recommend it to others.
My opinion as a parent though, is that this misses the mark on the original characters personalities - perhaps that is because it is a different author or based on the Netflix show.

Thank you to Dreamscape Media and NetGalley for this ALC!
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Book: Ada Twist, Scientist Ghost Busted
Author: Gabrielle Meyer
Audiobook Narrator: Bahni Turpin
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Genre: Children’s Halloween 
Pub Date: August 23, 2022
Rating: 5  Stars

As an educator, I enjoy reading stories that kids might like so that I can make a recommendation.
Also they are usually a delight for me to read after reading my typical psychological thrillers!

In this story three friend Ada, Iggy, and Rosie are ready for a sleepover.
Iggy's is excited with his first sleepover at his house. They talk about eating popcorn, telling spooky stories and perhaps play ping-pong. Iggy immediately declares “Nope” as the ping-pong table is in the basement—and Iggy warns them that the basement is HAUNTED!

This children’s Halloween story is totally fun and will not scared children into not sleeping ~ it is however much too short.
I have listened to other audiobook narrated by Bahni Turpin. Her performance of children’s voices is always GREAT!

Want to thank NetGalley and Dreamscape media for this early eGalley. 
Publishing Release Date scheduled for August 23, 2022
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