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Ima Koi: Now I'm in Love, Vol. 3

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Although this series doesn't do much to distinguish itself - this volume introduces a male rival and the inevitable school festival with bonus aquarium date - it remains cozy comfort reading. And from where I'm sitting with a broken arm, that's a perfectly lovely thing for it to be.
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I received an eARC of this title through NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

This volume keeps up the same energy as the last one. Satomi and Yagyu are good at communicating with each other and it only makes their relationship stronger. This volume follows the cultural festival where Yagyu and Satomi have duties to their class, but also wanting to be together during the festival. They enter a contest, Yagyu gets a little jealous (but then immediately apologizes and doesn't do it again), and more cute moments with the couple. 

I think this is a nice, easy manga. One that I will probably keep reading. It's adorable and gives you all the cute feels.
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Aaahh this was just the dose of fluff I needed! 

This series is such good vibes so far and it’s so chill! This volume saw some fun at the Cultural Festival as well as a date to the Aquarium go slightly awry! There’s also the introduction of a potential love rival for our male lead?! 

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next, because like I said: it’s been chill so far and we’ve been revelling in the fluff! They’re genuinely so cute together but I’m wondering if they’re about to face a few problems!
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If you have read the other volumes of this adorable series then you should be up to date on the story plot. This volume is just as good as the one before it and I can't wait to get a hold of the next volume!

This one follows Satomi and Yagyu as they handle high school events (such as the cultural festival), being in different classes, and entering couples events. It's almost unbearably cute. Just a nice feel good manga for the teens!
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This was such a cute volume! I always really enjoy the volumes that include the culture festival. This one was really fun, I enjoyed seeing Yagyu as a butler and the scavenger hunt was really adorable. Overall, a great volume! looking forward to the next one!
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The adorableness is back in this new volume! I love the fact that Satomi and Yagyu are spending more time together and the high school trope never gets old for me. There are times in which I wish I can go back to high school and try the things I never had the guts to, but I can live vicariously through this manga series. 

Overall, this manga is perfect the way it is. The classic school festival theme of butlers and love, grab me everytime. The art is fantastic. And I once more read through the manga in a sitting (or an hour, whichever way you wish to put it). 

Don't change anything and I can't wait to read the next volume in the series (well I mean I obviously have to but it is so exciting that this is continuing).
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Picking up from the previous volume, this volume of Ima Koi centers on the traditional school festival arc one finds in many romance manga series. Satomi and Yagyu must balance their class duties with their desire to spend one-on-time enjoying the festival together. This is another endearing installment in this series, making for an easy breezy read with minimal drama even with a potential second male lead being introduced into the mix.
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Once again the readers were not disappointed with volume 3 because it gave story development, romance, and a nice little cliffhanger at the end, which has me looking forward to volume 4! Volume 3 was a nice balance of being funny and sweet! I loved how whenever the main couple try to hang out together, somehow their plans always gets interrupted but they make the most of it, for example when they made plans to celebrate Yagyu's birthday but they ended up having to babysit. However they make up for it on the ferris wheel!! This time around we got to see the main couples love for each blossom during many events such as their  schools festival, birthdays, and new jobs, and it was nice seeing how they are starting to be more bold and forward with showing each other affection, but still keeping it light and sweet where they aren't rushing into anything. It was nice to also see the main couple mature as individuals as well outside of their relationship. I loved that the author also introduced a new love rival into the story line, and that he did not realize he had feelings for her until the end of the volume, EVEN though it was obvious to the readers that he was falling hard!! I liked seeing how jealous Yagyu got and how sure she was of her feelings for him #couplegoals. Overall I enjoyed everything about this volume and will definitely continue to read the rest of the series!
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I'll start by saying that I really really like this series. This one was my least favorite but, story wise, I understand why it had to be done. It's like a midway books that opens up new doors for the next volumes plot to go into. I hope it won't go the love triangle way though, but it sure seems like it will. I just want the plot to revolve around the two MCs with their BFF, but that's okay.

Ima Koi is definitely a book I would recommend to my friends shoujo lovers.
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A good continuation of shojo story line. We have the school festival, and an introduction of a third interest. This follows the basic plotlines for these type of stories and it's what readers enjoy about high school romance stories.
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This was SOOOOOO much better than the second volume.  No bro-con younger sister in this one, woohoo!!

We DID unfortunately get the "late to the game second love interest for the MC h" character, which is annoying, as 1) the secondary love interest for the female NEVER gets the girl, because she is already into the MC H, thankyouverymuch and 2) I get bitter that the MC h gets TWO hot and awesome guys into her, because real life just doesn't WORK that way.  

So, while the tropes were cute (high school festival, etc.), the shoe-horned in second love interest irked me.  

3, solid but this volume did pick it up enough that I am willing to read the next one and recommend this series if you like shojo, stars.  

My thanks to NetGalley and VIZ Media LLC for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.
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Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love Volume Three introduces a new character who seems to be poised to become a potential obstacle for Satomi and Yagyu’s relationship.

Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love Volume Three
Written by: Ayuko Hatta
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: September 6, 2022

Volume Three opens with Satomi and Yagyu’s school getting ready for the upcoming school festival. Satomi learns that she’s been assigned to be on the committee for the cultural festival, which means she’ll be busy working on festival during lunches and after school… which means less time for her and Yagyu to hang out while at school. Fortunately, Satomi’s friend Nimoto volunteers to be on the committee as well, so at least she won’t be totally separated from the people she’s close to.

At the meeting, Satomi and Nimoto meet a second year guy named Tatsukawa, and he’s being called “the hot intellectual of year two.” Tatsukawa is sitting right in front of Satomi, so he overhears the two of them gossiping about him. After the meeting, he catches up to them and tell them he overheard them talking about him. He takes it well, though. But even with the first two interactions Tatsukawa has with Satomi in these scenes, I was already picking up on a vibe that perhaps Tatsukawa might be interested in Satomi.

Later, when Satomi and Yagyu talk about what their classes are doing for the festival, Yagyu says his is doing a maid and butler café. Satomi says she wants to see him dressed as a butler, but doesn’t know if she’ll be able to go by his class while he’s working at the festival because of her obligations. Another day, while Satomi is busy with festival work, Yagyu texts and says he wants to see her at a specific location. He surprises her by showing up in his butler outfit. There’s an amusing scene here between these two characters at this point, and we later learn that Tatsukawa saw them together. When Yagyu sees Satomi talking with Tatsukawa, he becomes jealous and drags her away. I think that subconsciously, he was likely seeing the same thing that I was with Tatsukawa. The way Tatsukawa talks, he makes it sound like he’s supportive of Satomi and Yagyu, but there are definitely panels in this volume that show Tatsukawa with an expression of longing when he sees Satomi.

During the actual festival, Tatsukawa’s class is putting on a game for couples. The lucky couples who find all 10 of the “Love-Q” locations are destined to be forever. Even though Yagyu and Satomi don’t believe in that sort of thing, they decide to look for the Love-Qs together as something fun and memorable to do. Satomi gets called away for an important festival committee meeting right as they’re down to the last Love-Q they need to find, and Satomi realizes they won’t be able to finish before the end of the festival. However, she feels obligated to go to the committee meeting. When it’s done, Yagyu is waiting for her so they can finish. The festival may be over, but he wants the two of them to finish what they started. It turns out they’re the only couple to find all 10, so they win even though the festival already ended when they found the last one.

Next it’s Yagyu’s birthday, and Satomi and Yagyu have made plans to spend that day together. However, Satomi has to babysit her younger cousin, Nao, because no one else is available, and the five-year-old accompanies the two of them. At first, Nao is scared of Yagyu because of how he looks. While Yagyu likes kids, he has a hard time interacting with them because they’re usually afraid of him. But over the course of the day, Nao and Yagyu have interactions that cause the five-year-old to warm up to him. Near the end of this story, they both share their observations of how the other would be as a parent, as well as how the two of them would balance each other out. Fortunately, they realize rather quickly that this is an awkward conversation they’re having. They’re first years in high school, and they have their whole lives ahead of them. While it’s kind of sweet that they’re hoping to be together in the long run, at the same time, there’s the more realistic chance that they don’t stay together for the long term.

The final story sees Satomi getting a job at a nearby café so she can have money to buy Yagyu a Christmas present. It turns out Tatsukawa works at the same café, and he’s put in charge of training Satomi. During one of her shifts, Tatsukawa’s ex-girlfriend comes in to confront him and causes a scene, which Satomi witnesses. She gives Tatsukawa a pep talk afterward, and we can definitely see in Tatsukawa’s expression that he seems to have an interest in Satomi. After the talk, Tatsukawa pats Satomi on the head, and she finds herself wishing that she could see Yagyu right then. I think that subconsciously, Satomi is starting to pick up on Tatsukawa’s interest. Tatsukawa offers to walk her to the station after work, but she insists she can’t get home on her own. Yagyu is waiting outside, and the two of them start walking. The very last panel of the volume shows Tatsukawa watching the two of them, and almost looking sad.

I had a strong hunch the first couple of times I saw Tatsukawa interacting with Satomi that he could become a potential love interest, and it seems that by the end of Volume Three, I was right. Outside of the reaction to being patted on the head, Satomi doesn’t seem to be picking up on this quite yet. I should have guessed that a potential new love interest for Satomi would have to be introduced at some point, especially since everything had been going a little too smoothly for Satomi and Yagyu up to this point. And since Satomi doesn’t have much experience with love, it makes more sense to introduce a potential rival for Yagyu because she isn’t going to pick up on this. We already know Yagyu had a previous girlfriend, since we met her in the previous volume. It’s going to be interesting to see how Tatsukawa will continue to be utilized as a character in future volumes of the series.

Readers who have read the previous two volumes of Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love and enjoyed them should be satisfied with how the story and characters continue to evolve during this volume.
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The Reiwa energy for teenagers continues in volume 3 of ImaKoi. In this volume: School festival!  A handsome sempai! Yagyu's birthday! Things were going too smoothly for our leads before, maybe they are setting up a triangle scenario now. Overall, a fun, fluffy read. (I received a free arc from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.)
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Another very cute volume! There seems to be a rival in the making that was introduced in this one but I'm hoping this series stays drama free. I like how feel-good it is and how there isn't any big miscommunication. I suppose I'll see how things go in the next book.
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Three volumes in and I'm still impressed that this series handles usual shojo tropes and scenarios in more sweet and realistic ways. Girlfriend wants to see her boyfriend dressed as a butler so he sneaks out and surprises her for a bit? Very cute! Guy realizes he was petty about somethng and apologizes for it very quickly. Nice job! The standout chapter to me was the birthday date between the couple, with the added small child in the mix. Said, small child was not bratty, did not get in the way or cause any antics, he was a believable shy five-year old who was slightly scared of his bigger cousins boyfriend. So what does boyfriend do? Calmly treats the child like any other and slowly they begin to bond a bit. I'm very curious about a new character that's been introduced in this volume. He could be a romantic rival, but I'm curious how a plotline like this will be handled.
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In this volume we get many of the shojo milestones that we’ve come to expect. We get the school festival, Yagyu’s birthday, and Satomi gets her first job to save up for Christmas. There is another possible love interest introduced for Satomi, and I found it cute how Yagyu showed his jealousy. A very light and sweet read that really lifts my spirits with each volume. Highly recommended to those who enjoy romance manga!
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTHIS WAS SO CUTE!! The obsessive sister trope was hilarious in the manga. i absolutely adored all of the characters and the storyline. I NEED MORE!!
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This third instalment of Ima Koi continues the cute, heart-warming love story of Satomi and Yagyu. We get to experience some firsts for these characters, such as the school festival, a birthday, a first job, and even jealousy. This story remains quite lighthearted, but it seems that things might become more dramatic soon. 

Cuteness overload. Implosion pending in 3…2…1…


This volume had a lot of really cute moments. There was more skinship and I’m so glad we didn’t have to deal with the obsessive sister trope this time. 

It felt so short, I’m so sad ㅠㅠ I want more~~~ The main character Satomi is kind of boring but she does have some fun qualities. Yagyu (male main) is still the best. Definitely carries the story for me. 

I’ll be awaiting volume 4 patiently! Or maybe not so patiently because I want it now.
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