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Catch Her Death (Detective Madison Harper Book 5)

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Rating: 4.5 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷
Book 🎧: Catch Her Death- (Detective Madison Harper Book 5)
Author: Wendy Dranfield
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Sipping thoughts: Just when I thought this series could not get any better. Dranfield left off right where book 4 left off. In the last book we had so many questions answered. Then in book 5 we had even more questions answered that we didn’t even know we should ask. I could not get through this book fast enough. I can’t wait for Book 6…I really don’t want this series to end. 

Cheers and thank you to @NetGalley and @Bookouture for an advanced copy of @CatchHerDeath.

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A great continuation to the detective Harper series by Wendy! This series has kept me up all night just trying to finish. Great twists
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Book five in the Madison Harper series. Someone is killing mother's and leaving behind their young children. Tense,gritty thriller with some personal heartache for Madison.
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Book 5 in the amazing Detective Harper series left me as always excited for the next book. Madison reconnected with her father in the previous installment of this series which we find out is no coincidence. He's returned in search of a killer is now killing here. He has a thing about killing mothers and leaving their sons behind. The first case Maidson catches by this killer is a mum who is killed in her car and the is left in the back seat. Then a mother is killed outside a church and the her son is left outside playing in the snow next to his mothers dead body. Whenever her team is getting close there seems to be even more to uncover. Plus is her father history chasing this killer putting them at risk  

Okay i love this series and as always the author managed to keep you off the scent of the killer. I honestly had no idea either. It was interesting because we had the two investigations running parrsrel, Maidson's and her fathers. Her father clearly felt this was personal. This made his return into Maidson's life quite sad because he had followed the kilerveven worse he didn't give anyone a heads up. 

Wendy Dranfield manages to keep the writing compelling and full of suspense. With crimes that are so horrific when described  I still felt myself compelled by the poor children sat with their dead mums. She writes with the correct amount of shock horror and  sandness. She honestly writes so extremely well!!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND not just book 5 but the entire series it amazing!! Get ready for some tears, if you're anything like me you're be in floods of tears in parts. I think this is one of the first crime books I felt for everyone involved including the killer I will say no more there you will just have to read!

Plus ofcourse we have the on going side relationship/friendship of Maidson and Nate. I am so obsessed with these two and I want them to be together. So reading their on going relationship is as always so nice and I can't get enough! I can't wait to read more in their next installment. Nate works for a P.I firm and he helps Madison's father with his investigation tracking the serial killer. Interesting reading him almost working against Madison for once  

All in all I loved this book and I totally recommend. I rate it 4.5*/5. The way it's written is done so well Wendy Dranfield is a genius and I'm yet to read a book of hers that I've not enjoyed.. recommend if you enjoy crime thrillers written by Lisa Regan, DK Hood, Dea Poirier and MM Chouinard this book and series will be one for you. If you've not read books 1 to 4 I highly recommend you do! 

Thanks to Netgalley, Bookouture and Wendy Dranfield for review copy of catch her death in exchange for my fair and honest opinions .
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Fifth in the Detective Madison Harper series
And it didn’t disappoint
If you want a new series to read this is one of the best
Thanks NetGalley
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A killer is targeting women with young children. The children are left unharmed but the mothers die violently in front of them. Detective Madison Harper has a new partner to contend with but remains as dedicated as ever to the pursuit of justice.
Catch Her Death is the 5th book to feature Madison Harper. She has been on a pretty big life journey. So has Nate with whom I was eager for their friendship to blossom into romance.
Mothers are being killed in front of their children. The hook into the plot is instant and emotive as we think of the innocent children witnessing something so brutal and tragic. Mixed into this are the searing emotional responses of the families discovering the death of a loved one and anticipating the trauma of the children.
Madison has a new professional relationship to negotiate. Adams rubs her up the wrong way and their partnership gets off to a very rocky start. Meanwhile her son and Nate have new career prospects as a PI/lawyer but this also has a tension created by an overtone of danger.
The plot is quite fast moving and carefully mixes the personal and professional realms of Madison and the other male characters. Madison's father moves to centre stage as it becomes clear that an old case may have a direct link to the present day.
Catch Her Death is an enjoyable crime and detective thriller.
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To be honest at first it took a while to get into this. Then I was captivated and couldnt put it down. You had me guessing and I love it. I loved unpredictability.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed all the previous in the series so was eagerly waiting for this. It didn't disappoint and kept me hooked throughout. I'm looking forward to reading more.
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Another fantastic book in the Detective Madison Harper series.

Madison is called to investigate the death of a young mother – found in her car along with her three year old boy. The boy is unharmed and Madison is determined to find who is responsible for the brutal attack. When a second body is discovered, the race is on to hunt down the killer.  

This was a gripping read, with an excellent storyline full of twists and turns and one that I highly recommend to those who enjoy crime fiction.

Although this could be read as a stand alone, I’d highly recommend reading the series.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the review copy.
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Another belter from Dranfield!
I have loved the books in this series I have read so far (though I have yet to read them all) but this is just a novel of drama, tension, blood and gore!
The opening scene threw me straight into the drama, a woman is found killed in her car with her 3 year old son unharmed with her.
The drama literally does not let up- the reader is constantly given clues and I admit to having baffled fascination through the entire book! I love this quality in thrillers- and the darker the better! The ending was a 'woooaaahhhh' jaw-dropping moment, but so clever!
Madison Harper is fast becoming a favourite character of mine! Her story really adds something to her character, and that is what I want from reading series.
Highly recommend.
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This is such a fantastic series and you should definitely read them all in order so that you can understand Madison & Nates friendship. I absolutely adore Madison, Nate & Owen and there are also some great supporting characters. I’m not sure how I feel about the romance element but I’m intrigued to see where it goes. The whole case is heartbreaking but so gripping I could not put it down. I need more from this series asap.

I received a copy of the ebook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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I absolutely adore Madison Harper, a strong female detective who we’ve definitely seen with her own struggles.

This book is another gem for the collection by Dranfield, as always I’ve found myself transported with this book. I’ve felt as though I’ve been there with the characters watching the events unfold.

My heart has ached for the poor little boy in this one. Dranfield has a talent for making her readers feel the emotions and tensions from her words.

This is another book filled with tension and mystery. I have loved this book from beginning to end. This is a gem and I’m so glad we’ve been able to revisit Madison Harper.

I adore this series and this is another brilliant book. I highly recommend this one to everyone.
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This is the first in the series of these books that I have read and I loved it. I loved the storyline and the was it developed, well written and fast paced. I need to go back and read the others now.
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What a read!  Suspense, fear, and characters that are so well drawn.  This is the fifth book in the series but the first I have read.  It can easily be a standalone.  Madison Harper is knee deep in a murder case that involves the brutal murder of a young mother with a three year child as the only witness.  The story is set near the Christmas holiday and another similar murder happens near the church in the small Colorado community on Christmas eve.  Madison's father, a retired FBI agent, soon sees similarities to a case he had handled years ago.  The tension is intense as Madison searches for clues and you as a reader also want to find the guilty party.  Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.
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This is an incredibly gripping and dramatic crime thriller. It’s quite hard to pinpoint exactly what I enjoyed about it as it was just so addictive from beginning to end.

It may be because I am a mum to young children myself, but I found the descriptions of children and deceased mums very harrowing, hard-hitting and even haunting. I found myself unable to read it in the moments before bedtime!

However, the haunting deaths and the likeable, dedicated main character of Madison just ensured that I was completely invested in the story and catching the killer.

The story builds to a climactic and explosive ending. It was clear from about half way through that the story was headed in a certain direction, but I was still very eager to find out how it would all come together.

Overall, this is another excellent example of gripping and crime fiction from a very talented writer. I can’t wait to read more from Wendy Dranfield!
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Oh my! This was a Nail Biter! Be Prepared For Many Surprises!

Out of all five books, this has been the most intense and filled with so many surprises! It was also the most creepiest storyline! You can see that just from reading the back cover. 

Wendy Dranfield is becoming one of my must read authors! 

I found this series at the first book and was hooked. I am very intrigued by this series and author. I highly recommend checking this series out. The characters are people you get to know… you develop a sort of bond with Madison, Nate and Owen. You will want to find out what happens in the next 

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from NetGalley on behalf of the Publisher and was under no obligation to post a favorable review.
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This was yet another captivating, fast-paced, twisty installment in the Detective Madison Harper series. I have to admit though, it is the darkest one yet. I have met some pretty, twisted unsubs but this one was super cold, heartless and their crimes and motives were just something from a horror movie. Their modus operandi will haunt me for a while. All these made this quite a fascinating, memorable read.

A woman is found brutally murdered. There is one eye witness at the scene, a traumatized little child. The detectives can’t get much out of the child. They also don’t want to cause further trauma to an already broken child. Everyone is wondering why someone would have killed an innocent mum like that and subjected a child to such horrors. Madison’s team is equally disturbed and worried that the crimes might recur.

The case unfolds through chapters narrated by Madison, Nate, Bill Harper and the unsub. Each of the POVs was equally interesting. Madison leads the case with the tenacity that has become her signature. She leaves no stones unturned. Nate is haunted by his past and present. Bill Harper is Madison’s father, a retired FBI agent back into his daughter’s lives after 2 decades away but he has his own secrets.

This was a fast-paced, heart-pounding, engrossing case with a lot of heartbreak and jaw dropping twists along the way. I can’t wait to find out what lies ahead for the detective.
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Yet another fantastic instalment from Wendy Dranfield’s Detective Harper series.
You jump into the action from the start and it doesn’t let up until the end. With twists and turns a plenty, you will be sure you know what’s happening and who did what, but it really keep you guessing until the end - even when you really think you know who’s responsible.
I love the way this one includes crimes from over 25 years ago and pulls together more of Detective Harpers past and family. 
I’m sure I say each of this series ‘is the best one’ but they do just keep getting better!
Can’t wait to see where their lives lead them next!
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Catch Her Death by Wendy Dranfield is the fifth book in the excellent in the Detective Madison Harper series and these books have all been a 5 star read. Wendy's books are fast paced and full of twists and turns that will have you hooked from the beginning till the end. Especially, as it will have you glued to your chair and everything you had planned may go out of the window. So allow yourself time to enjoy this wonderful book. It will not disappoint. 

I loved it and I highly recommend this series

Big Thank you to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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Det. Madison Harper is one sharp detective! And that serial killer was one fucked up dude! This was a great twisty & turny ride and everyone should read it! I now have to go back and read the first 4 books in the series b/c I just jumped into book 5. I can't wait to see what she gets up to in those books! I am definitely loving this author!

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