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A passionate love story in the middle of political rivalry! Two ambitious chiefs of staff working opposite teams to support the best U. S. representative! The forbidden and undeniably high chemistry between them can ruin everything they’ve worked for!

Isadora Maris is perfect at her job. She knows everything about senate politics, working so hard to support her candidate and dream a future in Washington D. C.

She closed her heart to any relationship even though her mother doesn’t stop whining that her younger cousin is getting married before her.

Her encounter with charming, demigod, shy Karim at the airport affects her more than she expected.

Karim wants to have a fresh start after a marriage filled with gaslighting, cheating, emotional abuse. His twin brother pushes him to give a second chance of love and he barely forgets his encounter with Isa, too.

When they realize they work for rivalries, they decide to stay away from each other even though the attraction is irresistible!

Isa is having dilemma between lusting for man working for the enemy and losing her last chance at love. But her hard won reputation may be ruined if her relationship will be found it. And what if the senate’s most detestable politician wins the race! That means her entire dreams will be destroyed forever!

Overall: I love both of the characters and their high chemistry. Giving my four political rivalries, enemies to lovers, running for president stars!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group/ Ballantine/ Dell for sharing this amazing digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.

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So I’ll start off by saying that I really liked that the book opened up with a ‘meet cute’. I’ve read a lot of books lately where the two love interests don’t even meet or see each other until like 20% in. I also thought it was different that the MMC was in the process of a divorce.
I understand that the characters work in politics but I felt at times that the story dived a little deep into all the policy and legislative talk. The MMC calls the FMC beautiful like every other sentence, it’s a nice endearment but it loses meaning quick with Karim. My biggest turn off though, was all the sexual innuendo/jokes. I don’t mind a good sex joke but every single one in this book is cringey.

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Not interested anymore, and regret “wishing” for it before reading the blurb fully. The book appears to be an “across the political aisle” romance, and a friend confirms that the “hero” works for a morally dubious politician, even if she doesn’t name any political parties.

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