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My daughter and I loved reading this fun board book for children, which has dangly food items on it, to feed the gorilla, toucan, sloth and snake, who live in the jungle.  This book is perfect for babies and very young children, as they will have a lot of fun looking at the beautiful illustrations, and playing with the dangly food.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.
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This picture book for babies and toddlers uses large pictures and font to tell the story of a bunch of jungle animals that are hungry. Using silly sound words like his, chirp and squawk and having big mouths and pictures attached to string for you to put the correct food in the animal’s tactile mouth, this book will be a fun experience for young children. I would recommend this book to parents of children in the 1-4 age range. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read and review this book
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Hungry Jungle is a super cute interactive book which toddlers will love. Each set of pages is a new animal who is hungry. Toddlers will enjoy "feeding" each animal with the dangling foods. The illustrations are vibrant and fun. 

Thank you to the publisher for providing this ARC. All thoughts are my own.
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Hungry Jungel is an interactive book where the young reader choose what food the animal will get to eat that day, with small texts.

I really liked the illustrations and I think this will be a lot of fun for young readers to both read and interact with.
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Short, fun and interactive

A brief little fun, colorful, interactive book for toddlers. The animals are hungry, what would they like to put in their mouth? As there are only four animals, this book is quite short. The illustrations are bright and detailed, and the idea of "feeding" the animals makes for a fun read.
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This was a great childrens book. I would definitely buy it for baby showers. I highly recommend it. 4 stars overall.
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Part of a series of non-books, this is once again a tool for getting very small hands used to interacting with board books, ready for the real nitty-gritty to follow.  Here is a jungle full of animals to feed, and we see them all, front-on and mouths agape and folding out towards us in true 3D fashion, each with their own spread.  Not one but four dangly bookmark-styled things come with this, but which dangly bit are we going to put into which mouth?  Surely the snake has the mouse, and the toucan the bugs, but who beats whom to the fruit, and what the heck is that unfortunately pink thing that looks like a cock and balls?  Seriously?  Did – did nobody check this first?!

I mean, I normally give these books a high rating, and yes there is a clear case to say that the target user of this product will not see such a thing as a phallic mistake, but for the life of me and my laptop’s zoom I cannot even work out what this bit of wood and two circular things actually is.  Except an embarrassing meme yet to come.

Just click ‘purchase’ on the rest of this series, and perhaps risk this if you intend to go viral with it.
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This is one of a series of books for the youngest children. Here they will have the chance to feed some jungle animals. What would each one like? Adult and child can decide together as they select their choices from the foods attached to the strings. This is a short, brightly colored interactive title for little ones.

Many thanks to Quarto-Frances Lincoln Children’s Books and NetGalley for this title. All opinions are my own.
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My toddler classes would love this book! I wouldn’t necessarily choose it as a read amount as it’s short, but with the interactive component I could see my students reading this over and over again especially in small group settings.
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It's very short and sweet, but the interactive focus of the reader 'choosing which food to feed each animal is BRILLIANT! I so wish this wasn't a digital copy so that could experience the texture of the pop outs and really immerse myself into how cute this was. 

I think this will be a book asked to read over and over as it gives so much independence and it's fun to feed things! Perfect to learn fine motor skills, coordination, animals, foods, making decisions and even allows for being silly.

The illustrations were playful and soooo vibrant- I loved the style of the artwork! 
Such a creative and engaging children's book- highly recommend!
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Hungry Jungle is a really fun and interactive book, where the child reading can feed each animal with "food" that's attached to the book on a string. I liked the variety of animals and the various noises they make!
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