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The Friendship Breakup

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Didn’t quite work for me. I never could fully connect to the characters. Nothing wrong with this book by any means, the overall story and theme were good.

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This was an ok read. Fallon didn't make sense to me - by her mid thirties, why is she chasing a group of women who don't want her to be their friend? The clique veered much closer to a catty, frenemy vibe than a friendly vibe, and I think maybe I'm maxed out on those stories because I found it very frustrating. Overall, the way the drama played out felt more like middle school than it did a group of moms. Perhaps I'm simply the wrong audience here, because the humor didn't work for me either.

A huge thank you to the author and the publisher for providing an e-ARC via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinion regarding the book.

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This book constantly had me laughing out loud. This book was so entertaining and relatable for anyone who has been dumped by a friend. I also am so jealous that the FMC makes chocolates for a living - that sounds like an absolute dream.

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A great balance of the funny and the depth of emotion, I could find parts of it relatable but other parts less easy to relate to due to my life stage. Overall quite well written, 3.5 stars

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The Friendship Breakup by Annie Cathryn
Rating: 3.5 stars
Pub date: 2/7/23

This book is a delightful and heartwarming exploration of the complexities of female friendships and the challenges of navigating adulthood. Fallon is a relatable mix of vulnerability and determination, making her instantly likable to readers, especially millennial moms.

The story kicks off when Fallon's bestie, Beatrice, inexplicably ghosts her along with their entire circle of friends. Fallon, a wife, mom, and budding chocolatier, embarks on a quest to win back her friends, leading to a series of comical misadventures, including an epic Mexican fiesta gone wrong and a surprising discovery on a friendship app. The narrative skillfully weaves in Fallon's own adoption discovery, adding depth to her character and the overall story.

Annie Cathryn masterfully captures the essence of female friendships, highlighting the impact of rumors, gossip, and jealousy. The book is peppered with humorous moments, keeping the tone upbeat even in the midst of Fallon's struggles. The exploration of the toxicity within friend circles is both relatable and thought-provoking.

In addition to the laughs and drama, "The Friendship Breakup" offers a sweet treat for readers in the form of Fallon's chocolate business. Overall, this fun and heartfelt story resonates with anyone who has experienced the messiness of female friendships, making it a must-read for those seeking an uplifting exploration of life's ups and downs. Thank you so much to Netgalley and Alcove Press for my complimentary copy.

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I liked this book due to it being so relatable. It’s not always easy finding and keeping good friends. I found myself laughing at times throughout and also thinking about some of my own experiences I’ve had with a group of friends. This was a quick and light read that I found enjoyable.

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This debut novel was filled with
laugh-out-loud and heartwarming moments! Everything that the female MC Fallon goes through with her mom friends is so relatable.

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This book tackled a myriad of topics and while I can't relate to most of Fallon's problems, I can relate to the stress that Fallon feels over those problems. As Fallon deals with her life, her past, her present, and her future, the story has some real life lessons.

We're currently struggling to conceive and I could definitely see myself in Fallon's situation and she's an inspiration for how she pulls herself up by her bootstraps and makes her dreams come true and learns to focus on what's important to her. I really enjoyed this book and would love to read more about Fallons friend group!

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So within the first three pages I thought the friendship breakup would be about Fallon being so goddamned judgmental about everyone. Literally four pages in she's torn down like 3 random women for no reason at all - I think it's meant to be funny maybe? But it falls so flat.

Then I thought, oh maybe its her obvious drinking problem. But no - her excessive drinking is literally never addressed in the book.

If Fallon was in my friend group I'd break up with her too. She is a Victim. She also apparently has a completely robotic relationship with her daughter and husband because there is no genuine affection with either of them.

Actually the whole friend group portrayed is super toxic. Even the "best friends" from out of town who stick by her are awful. Totally overstepping boundaries (like hiring a surprise stripper).

Lots of little plot threads that go nowhere too. Like the chocolates left in the sun? I was waiting for the big reveal of someone actively sabotaging her but nope. It goes literally nowhere.

In the end I really felt like there was no resolution and honestly, Fallon learnt nothing. It was her ex friends fault for being jealous of her Perfect Life. Now she gets to go on and continue having an even better Perfect Life.

It's gonna be a No from me dawg.

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Hilarious dialogue and an engaging main character. Fallon navigates motherhood with the help of her best friends until suddenly it seems she is no longer part of the group. The harder she tries to reconnect the more things fall apart in terrible but highly amusing ways. Looking forward to reading more from this author!

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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this.

I found this relatable because in high school, one of my 'friends' started b*tching about me to my other friends behind my back, with my other friends not doing or saying anything in my defence. But unlike Fallon, I decided that turn away from these friends.

For Fallon, when her friends, in particular Beatrice, the ringleader, start to ghost her, Fallon does whatever she can to get her friends back, but when a Mexican fiesta goes horribly wrong, she joins a friendship app (obviously to make new friends), and along the way learns a secret about one of her friends.

During all this, she also reads a letter she discovers and learns more about her past, one that when she was younger locked in a box and refused to look into.

While this book may not be for everyone, I think that those who have gone through similar events that Fallon has gone through will definitely enjoy this.

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I don’t know whether I loved or hated it (I really did love it 😜❤️), & I will tell you why. I am about to be completely transparent here…

😶‍🌫️ I have struggled with friendships my entire life. In high school my best friend stopped talking to me & idk why. I was engaged prior to my husband & that guy just left with no explanation. I moved across the country & met a group of fun fabulous women who all went separate ways. Among other friendship “breakups” along the way. (What am I doing wrong?) I now struggle to let my guard down & let people in for fear of being rejected and/or pushed away—again. And I will be an empty nester within 2 years & wonder what I will do with myself & how I will meet new friends (I work from home!)?

❤️ This book was fabulously written & very easy to read (I read it in 2 days), & it really stirred up a lot of emotions in me. I love Fallon but felt she got walked all over. I wanted to jump into the book, throw my arms around her, & tell her I would be her friend! Plus I want to be her taste tester for all the chocolates & I hope our shoe size is the same. And who doesn’t love a fiesta party?!

👯‍♀️ She does have her ride-or-dies, Mel & Avery, like I have my @texasbookdiva! Everyone needs to have & hold onto their person! ❤️

With that said, I did really enjoy this book. It was relatable as a mom, as a friend, as a human being. Now, which friendship app should I use? 😜

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I started reading this book three days ago and finished it yesterday. The funny thing was, I got an email from the author. I have a tendency to enter contests for books, especially mutli-author ones, and I'm guessing I got added to her mailing list as a result. So I emailed back and told her I was actually reading her book and so far, I loved it! She emailed me back and said I had made her day. So the lesson is, I guess, don't just save your thoughts for NetGalley and Goodreads. Tell an author you like their work on their website, in their socials, in an email.

This was a fast, engaging read about some bratty women who turn from being supportive besties to mean girls, wholly based on a misheard, misunderstood comment. Yes, Fallon is a bit needy. However, as the story progresses, we understand the bigger picture. There are a lot of funny things that happen in the book, but also some serious themes. It shows how gossip, miscommunication and social media can often cause more harm than good. There are some very funny scenes and the descriptions of the homemade chocolate were steamy!

I look forward to reading more books by this author. Thank you, NetGalley, for the chance to read and review this book. All opinions offered are mine and freely given.

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I adored the main character in this Fallon and I just had to keep reading too find out how she would turn out. I went on a emotional journey and experienced life's up's and downs along with her. Brilliant book.

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This is a VERY relatable book lol. It was a good amount of humor and emotional. It had a warm vibe to it, which I really enjoyed and it helped me keep my attention in the story. After reading this book, I had a serious craving for chocolate. So be warned of that!

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This was very well written and so relatable as a mom and friend. There were many laugh out loud moments, but emotional ones as well, such a good balance of both.

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I received this as an ARC from NetGalley.

Fallon Monroe is a mom to a young daughter who is obsessed with self-help books and wants to start up her chocolate business. She has a group of mom friends that she relies on to get through the day. One day her bestie, Beatrice, starts ghosting her - hanging out with the other moms while excluding Fallon. As the book goes through the days of Fallon, more information comes out, the friendships seem to ebb and flow while the main friendship of the book, continues to fracture.

I am neutral about this book. There was a part of me that wanted to stop reading this book. I found that the main character got under my skin a few times - just move on! However, the surprise letter towards the end of the letter was worth exploring..

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I didn't connect with this story in the way I had expected to. While I felt sorry for Fallon that she had been ghosted by her friends, I just struggled with finding any of the story funny. I know some people will absolutely love this story, unfortunately it just wasn't for me.

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Was absolutely not a fan of this book. Skimmed through it to finish it. Way too petty and dramatic and way too much emphasis on drinking.

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“Friendship Breakup" by Annie Cathyrn is an insightful and compassionate guide for anyone who has experienced the painful loss of a close friendship. Cathyrn draws on her own personal experiences as well as research and expert opinions to provide a thoughtful and practical approach to coping with the aftermath of a friendship breakup.

What I appreciated most about this book was how Cathyrn acknowledges the unique and often overlooked pain of a friendship breakup, and how she offers tangible strategies for healing and moving forward. She also emphasizes the importance of self-care and self-compassion during this difficult time.

The book is well-structured, with each chapter addressing a different aspect of the friendship breakup process, from recognizing the signs of an impending breakup to managing the aftermath and finding closure. Cathyrn's writing is clear and concise, making the book easy to follow and understand.

Overall, "Friendship Breakup" is a valuable resource for anyone who has experienced a friendship breakup, and a reminder that healing is possible. Cathyrn's empathy and understanding shine through every page, making this book a comforting and reassuring read for anyone going through a difficult time. Highly recommended.

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