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Craft Your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas

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Craft Your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas
Author: Becci Coombes

I really enjoyed this book! It has a great collection of decorations, gifts, recipes and more with beautiful pictures to accompany them. There are many in process/tutorial photos that go along with each craft which makes for a super useful book. This would be a great addition to anyone who loves crafts and is looking to make cozy holiday projects. 

Thanks to NetGalley, Pen + Sword, and Becci Coombes for an advanced copy of the book. All thoughts in this review are my own.
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I really liked this book! It gives a much better explanation of the idea of Hygge. It also has a lot of fun crafts and recipes that look easy to do and fun to try. The author also does an excellent job of explaining where in Scandinavian culture each item comes from. I can't wait to try some of these with family and friends and make our home cozy for Christmas!
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Craft Your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas is a well written and accessible guide with tutorials to creating seasonal gifts, craft projects, and recipes by Becci Coombes. Released 30th Oct 2022 by Pen & Sword on their White Owl imprint, it's 168 pages and is available in paperback and ebook formats. 

This is a beautifully photographed and appealing collection of food, decorations, gifts and more, for helping readers create the perfect holiday with family and friends. The book is well laid out and the tutorials are appealing and easy to follow. The projects are arranged thematically: decorating, edible gifts, quick & easy crafts, Christmas comfort food, and family fun. 

The tutorials are written with an introduction, examples of the finished project, supplies in a bullet list, and step by step instructions. Full size templates are included in the back of the book. Tutorial supplies and recipes have ingredients given in metric measurements. There are many beautiful ideas for upcycling and recycling which look professional and appealing and would be welcome in any crafter's home. 

The book stands out especially with the lovely photography. All the projects contain a finished photo, but also many (many) tutorial photos. Photos are clear, in colour, and well staged so that hands and tools aren't in the way of the action. 

Four and a half stars. Lovely and useful book. This would be a nice choice for public library acquisition, maker's groups, and for home crafters. 

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Craft Your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas is a wonderful craft book for ideas and things to make to decorate your home Scandinavian style for Christmas and gifts to make for loved ones. The book starts with an introduction from the author and explains what hygge means (cosiness, comfort and a sense on contentment and belonging). The crafts in this book are simple to make and accompanied by easy to follow and understand steps. I've screenshot so many crafts from this book to try my hand at and can't wait to give some a go! Some of my favourites are; wonderful wrist warmers, marzipan, mini nisser, walnut pixies, decoupage advent calender, lavender Bath salts  and the felt coasters. I'm hoping to make some of these as stocking fillers for my family on the run up to Christmas.
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With Christmas not so faraway, this book brings lots of ideas to make for a homemade Scandi style celebrations.
Starting with easy and quick decorations for the home and tree, followed by some lovely eatable  treat and gifts for guest and family.  In the next chapter there are some easy gifts to make, which will be well appreciated. Forward to the day of Christmas with lots of ideas and  for food to make to celebrate the day in the Scandinavian fashion. Finally there is also some games to play to add to the fun.
Well photographed, with lots of great ideas and lots of fun.
Thanks you NetGalley and the publishers for the DRC
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Such beautiful creations from Scandinavia, home of the hygge idea of warmth, family and friendship. Crafts from wreaths to recipes offer you the minimalist but cozy Christmas experience.
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This was a really fun one to check out! 

Craft Your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas had such a great selection of crafts for decorating and gifting.  I also love that this book includes recipes.  Not all the recipes would be to my taste, but there were still lots I would enjoy.
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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas….

This is a sweet little book full of craft ideas and recipes for a cozy Christmas, with added games and templates at the end. A glue gun will be need for many of the crafts!

The crafts and recipes seem easy to follow for novices or for kids in some cases, with a handful maybe more suitable to someone a bit more experienced.
I’m looking forward to trying my hand at some of them!
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Becci Coombes’ Craft Your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas is like a 101 course on creating a hygge Christmas, covering gifts, crafts, decor, food, and games. Coombes, who lives in England, spent holidays at a family farm in Denmark and shares traditional goodies and crafts.

One of the best aspects of this book is that Coombes’ uses found objects in nature or repurposes items in her craft. She uses an old Christmas sweater to make a new pillow, gloves to make nisse, the Danish equivalent of a mischievous gnome. Walnut shells become ornaments. Socks become a larger version of a nisse. Birch twigs become a wreath. The ideas allow you to think outside the box and perhaps come up with your own substitutes. Each craft has its own recipe, with pictures included.

I was very interested in a pattern for a cowl in which the author uses her fingers instead of a crochet hook. I’ve heard of arm knitting but didn’t know a similar thing could be done for crochet. Her instructions are very good and I suspect a person who has never crocheted before could easily make the cowl based on her notes.

Usually I’m all about the food in books like this, but I have to admit that I wasn’t very intrigued by these recipes. One I might try is called chocolate salami and incorporates chocolate, cookie (or biscuit, as the author says), nuts, and glacé cherries that are all rolled together like a salami. It sounds yummy, although I wonder if dried cherries might not be more interesting. Brunkager also sounds nice; it’s a spicy Danish cookie.

The final chapter is all about games that can be played with the entire family.

While the author has included a list of possible sources for some items, they are in the UK. Likewise, the units for cooking and in crafts are all UK.

Craft Your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas would be an excellent choice for anyone wanting to do something a little bit different this year for the holidays. Put a little hygge in it.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This how to book is so cozy and cute, it is the perfect addition to the winter/holiday/Christmas season. I love how the descriptions and the how-tos in this book are very easy to read and easy to understand and how it makes you want to craft and make your own cute additions for your home. I think this book did a great job focusing on Scandinavian style and how to incorporate that into your decor and into your holidays.
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Crafting your Own Cosy Scandi Christmas is a look into what a Scandinavian Christmas would be like..  This is a craft and recipe oriented book.  The book has  beautiful photos and step-by-step instructions.  The author includes family and background information. 

Many of the crafts are made from natural or recycled materials..   Including US measurements in the recipes would be a great addition.

I liked the information on candles and taking care of them.   There are many cute things to make, but I could use more photos showing some of the steps.  I thought the walnut pixies and gnomes were really cute.  The moss candle wreath with the dried oranges was neat.  The Nordic village made out of wood looks really good and is made from wood scrapes.  I think a picture to go with every craft would be awesome.
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I love crafting so this was an auto request book for me, I love the Scandi style too very pure and simple but still warm and homely. This book is full of wonderful crafts, recipes all types of things and different levels of skill (but all achievable) to being that Scandi touch to your Christmas. Perfect gift for a crafting friend or yourself 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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A beautifully illustrated book whose projects don’t seem overwhelming to the novice crafter/decorator. Loved that it incorporated the use of found materials like greens and branches and old sweaters.  The recipes look good too! A lovely book to help you create a magical and relaxing Christmas vibe.
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Hygge is about a sense of connection: warmth, family, and friendship – and what could possibly be more hygge than Christmas?

This lovely book is full of crafts, recipes, and fun to give your Christmas holidays a Scandinavian twist.  These minimalist but stylish decorations and food are giving an environmentally-friendly Martha Stewart, with an emphasis on upcycled materials – old sweaters and gloves – or found items from nature.

You’ll need to have some basic crafting abilities and know your way around a kitchen to tackle many of these projects, but some are accessible for even the most novice of crafters, like the decoupaged candle that’s similar to a craft I learned as a child.  Likewise, the clay ornaments are simple enough to make with your little ones but will also be simply elegant hanging on your tree.  And don’t forget the coffee liquer that’s a breeze to whip up but fancy enough for gift giving.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Pen & Sword for providing me an advance copy of this book.
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Lovely projects easy to follow, plenty of ideas, an interesting and eco-friendly guide to Scandinavian Christmas projects.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine
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What a fun book! I love the mix of crafts and recipes and multiple ideas using one item (very environmentally friendly!) I am now on the lookout for a fun sweater with which to make various items from this book. I also hope to try out some of the recipes!
I think it would be a lot of fun to use this book as a family to create some memories together, whether it be baking, crafting or playing games. Super fun!!!
Thank you to Becci Coombes, Pen & Sword, and NetGalley for a gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I have been slowly falling in love with Scandian Christmas for the past couple of years, and this book is outstanding. If you have ever had even just the tiniest interest in Scandi holidays this book is a  must. 

I enjoyed how it was broken down into sections, and the directions for each craft, recipe, etc. were very clear and simple to understand. I already have a list going for what we are going to try this holiday season, including the Candy Cane Game, Overnight Kanelsnegle, the Advent Candle, and making Julehjerter hearts.
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Ok… your probably thinking what a grinch !! How can you not love a bit of Christmas crafting. 
But Christmas is a huge deal in my house, by the 1st November I have decked the halls and am posting my Christmas cards with bing Crosby crooning in the background but this book is a book of two halves for me. 
One half has some scrummy recipes , great craft suggestions and will make all your friends super jealous with your creations ! 
The other half … well unless you have nigella lawsons pantry and a hobby craft store in your back garden it’s going to cost you a small fortune to buy the ingredients and crafting tools to create everything in this book. 

It is a lovely coffee table book and would make a very cute gift but I can’t see the majority of people being able to create everything this book contains
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While I don’t normally review craft books, I couldn’t pass up requesting this one and was delighted when it landed in my inbox.  Granted, my bookshelf is littered with Christmas decorating books that I either don’t have time to return to after the first year, or the decorations aren’t practical (I have a cat - enough said.)  

I do, however, love to make homemade gifts and who can resist a hygge gift?  (Hygge - comfortable, cozy, a sense of family and belonging.)  Even better if those gifts are made with things I already have on hand or can easily acquire, and I have a path to making them, which this book provides.

The author, a native Dane, presents a myriad of choices regardless of your interest.  Gifts (both edible and not), decorations and crafts, Christmas comfort food, and games for the family.  Her choices are both frugal and green - both of which I really appreciate.   I’m writing this review in October so I haven’t completed any of the projects; although, I am definitely making the gnomes and several others (hello - birch wreath!) as soon as I get through Samhain.

The timing is one of the reasons I didn’t give this a five-star rating.  The other is simply an accident of geography.  The author, as I noted, is in Denmark.  I’m in a southern Mid-Atlantic state.  Some of the important items needed are not just lying around here (hello - birch twigs) and are fairly expensive to buy.  And while I LOVE the ornaments recycled from sweaters, I almost cried at the picture of her cutting up that gorgeous sweater in a style that I’m not blessed enough to own, much less have an extra that I would cut up.  I do, however, have several great thrift stores close by so I'll simply recycle someone else’s sweater.  

I received the ebook and I do believe that once it’s released, I’ll be picking up the hard copy. It’s lovely enough I want a “real” copy to hang onto.  

4.25 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐+

Thank you to NetGalley and Pen & Sword for providing the ARC.  I’ve left my review honestly and voluntarily.
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There are so many inspirational ideas in this book. It makes me wish my kids were young again so I could make traditions doing these activities.
I wish there were more pictures, especially in the craft section of the book.
I want to live inside this book.
I won a copy via NetGalley, all opinions are my own.
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