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The Boyfriend

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The Boyfriend
by Daniel Hurst
Narrated by Lorna Bennett; Chris Devon

Rating: 3.55/5 Stars

Adele...Oh, Adele. What a hot mess you are. Then someone starts killing off past boyfriends. Poor Tom. Tom has to put up with your hot mess of a drunken being. Again, all while ex-boyfriends are being killed. The premise of the book is so much fun! I found myself shaking my head throughout this story, having a hard time taking Adele seriously. I mean, she's engaged, and she's still staying out until God knows when getting drunk with her friend. First off, I wondered why in the world Tom was putting up with her antics. She seemed to prefer being single. So basically, I didn't love Adele and Tom's characters, both because they were so very out there and weak. That being said, it was a decently entertaining story, 

The narration by both Ms. Bennett and Mr. Devon was done well and I enjoyed listening to them narrate. I'd be more than happy to listen to future novels narrated by them as well. Overall, the story, or should I say the characters, drove me a little bonkers, but it was a decent listen. I'd choose other books over this one, but I'm not mad that I did spend the time to listen to this one. You know what I mean?
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(Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for a copy of this audiobook in exchange for my honest feedback) 

This book centers around Adele, a woman with a colorful and interesting romantic past, and her engagement to the love of her life, Tom. Adele's past starts to come back in a big way when more than one ex-boyfriend turns up dead in seemingly unrelated ways. Weird thing is they're dying in the order in which she dated them....

This makes for a book that really keeps you guessing as to what the heck is going on, most importantly, why. This book will get your anxiety running, as you cross your fingers for these men, going this gets figured out before the clock runs out.

All in all, it was a good story, it kept me interested as the twists and turns develop. My biggest gripe, what really dropped the rating for me, was Adele's lack of strong emotion. As multiple deaths pile up, she stares stories of their relationships but doesn't seen to honestly care they're dead. It pulls me out of the story every time that her affect is pretty flat over each loss. Overall, I still enjoyed this whodunnit of a story!
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This was an easy listen.  Engaging enough to continue listening, yet slightly ridiculous in content.. I cleaned my kitchen while listening and stayed entertained.
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I always like Daniel Hurst books.  They always keep me guessing.  I’ll admit to not liking the main character, and I never know if that is intentional by the author, but I wanted to know who was behind it all.

Adele’s first boyfriend dies and she receives a mysterious text about the rest being in danger.  Of course she freaks out, but she seems to be an alcoholic and that makes it hard to take her seriously.  Lots of red herrings tripped me up.  Everytime I figured out who did it, they either died or alibied about with the police.

A unique plot along with great narration by Lorna Bennett and Chris Devon equaled a book I did not want to stop listening to.  Great for anyone looking for a quick listen that will keep them guessing.
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Adele is happily dating her new boyfriend Tom when she notices that every single one of her ex's are turning up dead... in the order she dated them.  Will Tom be next or is something else entirely going on?  If only this premise worked for me and wasn't OTT.  

Sad to say this premise just didn't work for me.  The narrators also grated on every nerve.  I'll chalk this one up to my being the wrong reader for this novel.
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The Boyfriend was a great read by Daniel Hurst. Adele had a colorful romantic past and finally found her soulmate in Tom. They are engaged and blissfully happy. Unfortunately she realizes that her ex-boyfriends are turning up dead. They first seem to be accidental but a sinister pattern emerges. The men she dated are being killed off in the order that she dated them. Adele has to figure out why this is happening and who is doing it before they kill Tom. I enjoyed reading this book and can’t wait to read more by the author.
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Part of me really liked this book and part of me hated it. The mystery part was excellent and fast paced. I never figured out who it was until the killer was revealed to us. 

What I hated was how jealous Tom was of Adele's 5 boyfriends! She had 5 boyfriends before she met Tom and he acted like she had hundreds of boyfriends. That was just stupid. They also had no chemistry. She was so disrespectful of him. She would go out drinking with her friend Nic and not tell Tom where she was, who does that? They shouldn't have been together as a couple. They acted more like friends. 

Adele was so self centered and childish that I couldn't like her and Tom, the way he acted because she had 5 boyfriends was so immature, I couldn't like him either. 

The only redeeming quality inn this book was the mystery. I am thankful to Netgalley for allowing me to listen to this book. I would read more from this author.
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Reading Between the Wines book review #80/135 for 2022:
Rating: 3 🍷 🍷 🍷 
Book 🎧: The Boyfriend
Author: Daniel Hurst
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Available now!

Sipping thoughts: What a good concept. Someone is killing off your ex-boyfriends and you don’t know who is doing it or why. Adele is racing against the clock to find out who is offing her exes while trying to convince her friends, family, and the police. I did not guess who the culprit was, and I don’t think it was meant for the reader to guess. I like Hurst way of writing and will read other books he has written.

Cheers and thank you to @NetGalley and @DreamscapeMedia for an advanced copy of @TheBoyfriend.

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This was my first Daniel Hurst's book, and won't be my last. This is a great psychological thriller.  The characters are well developed, and intriguing.  The plot is well crafted.  The storyline is interesting, filled with intrigue, and twists and turns.  Lorna Bennett and Chris Devon did a great job with the narration. I enjoyed it.
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I’m not sure I’ve rolled my eyes this much in a long time. Our protagonist is stupid on a level I just can’t believe is possible. She misses every red flag. It would be one thing if that character was the only problem, but the entire book is just small misunderstandings/oversights/miscommunications that should be easily figured out. I kept getting so annoyed that I would read something else for awhile and then come back. It never got better. I’m grateful for the advanced copy, but this one just wasn’t for me.
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I received this book in exchange for an honest review. ARC provided by Dreamscape Media.

What if your exes were being killed off one by one? Adele has had a colourful romantic past but has finally found her soulmate, Tom. They are engaged and she is looking forward to a future of blissful happiness. Until she realises her ex-boyfriends are turning up dead. At first the deaths seem accidental, but soon a sinister pattern emerges. All of Adele’s former partners are being killed off - in the order she dated them. As the body count grows, Adele has to figure out who is doing this and why. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time until the killer gets to Tom.

This book had a very interesting premise. I found this book to be a quick and interesting story. The characters really not all that likeable nor fully developed. I did not really feel the chemistry between Adele and Tom. I was not sure why they were in a relationship in the first place. Adele is a shallow borderline alcoholic, drinking in pretty much every single scene. This was an interesting and quick read but I am begging authors to stop relying so much on drunk female narrators. It’s very popular right now but played out and sometimes downright annoying. It just made her more of a self-absorbed and unsympathetic character. It did have a neat ending and epilogue though, but still kind of a letdown.
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Imagine everyone you previously dated being reported as dead, one-by-one. Adele find herself in this very situation. At first it seems coincidental until the body count continues to rise and leaves her wondering who is doing this, why, and will they also come for Tom, her current boyfriend? 

This was my first book, but not the last by Daniel Hurst. A suspenseful, thrilling rollercoaster that was well-written and narrated.
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When Adele’s previous boyfriends start to die, she starts to question. She cannot imagine they are all dying and no one is causing it. But the police do not believe her…until they do! Then life changes and she must protect her fiancé!

I liked Adele’s tenacity. She knows something is going on but she just can’t nail down who or why. The author did a twist on me and added a new character at the end. I was all over the place guessing who did what to whom. I should have known I didn’t have all the information!

This is a wonderful chase! I enjoy a book which has me wondering and guessing and this one did just that!

The narrators, Lorna Bennett and Chris Devon made a fabulous tag team. I really like a book when there are two narrators. It just makes the voices more real!

Need a good who done it!!! THIS IS IT! Grab your copy today!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.
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I didn’t love this one… I hated Tom. The whole thing just didn’t come together for me. I hated that no one believed her at first.. it was very obvious. Ugh sorry
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Thanks to Netgalley and Dreamscape Media for the opportunity to read an ARC of this Audiobook.   

I was immediately drawn into this book as an avid  Mystery/Thriller reader. I am torn as to how to rate it though. 

The Boyfriend tells a story of Adele as she is focused on planning a wedding to her fiancé Tom.  To Adele, Tom is THE ONE, the perfect mate for her... in reality they are ill suited and it was frustrating to think of them marrying but I digress. As the story begins, Adele finds out that her first love has passed away and there in begins the mystery. The concept of the story was very unique and engaging, who is killing Adele's previous lovers and will they stop before she loses it all and loses Tom? Only THE BOYFRIEND knows... 

Pros: The book kept me guessing until the end, the beginning completely absorbed me. The book was packed full of twists and turns and had me very nervous during specific moments

Cons - I hated Adele, I hated Tom, I hated Adele's best friend Nicola... I pretty much hated everyone in the book and that is ok sometimes that happens but in this case that caused me to secretly want THE BOYFRIEND  to kill them all and not be caught. That does not make for a good Mystery/Thriller Plot.   I dearly hated the relationship between Adele and her Fiancé, he was controlling and she was incapable of respecting herself or her relationship. I thought Adele was self centered, shallow and immature in general (Oh and an alcoholic) she relied too much on elementary school friendships or fights. The character was 36 and still worried about what people thought of her, people she hadn't seen in YEARS. It's time to grow up. 

Other than the distracting behavior of the main character, I was engaged and wanted to find out who the killer was in the end.  The audiobook was well done and creepy at points. I definitely will pick up other books by Daniel Hurst in the future but Adele needs a time out... Still a 3 Star from me!
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“Another one bites the dust
Hey I’m gonna’ get you too
Another one bites the dust” songwriter John Deacon. Performed by Queen

Adele is finally ready to settle down and get married. She’s leaving all her boyfriends and affairs in the past once and for all. Now suddenly, one by one they’re all dying under very strange circumstances. Is her fiancé next in line? Why won’t the police listen to her!?

I thought this premise was unique, captivating my attention immediately. Had me second-guessing all potential perpetrators the entire way through. And one by one, the police slowly cleared my suspects!🤣 Must be losing my detectives eye!🕵️‍♀️

A super speedy thriller! I finished the audio in one afternoon. If you’re looking for a quick, thrilling audio to listen on your daily commute or flight to the beach this would be a perfect fit.


Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media🎧
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A great story of how your past can come back to haunt you in ways you often wouldn't think about.  

While out with a friend one night Adele gets news that her high school boyfriend was found dead from an apparent suicide.  Adele struggles with dealing with this news and how to tell her now fiancé Tom about her past with her true past with her former classmate/first love.

However things start to take a turn when another of her exboyfiends turns up dead and Adele starts to question if this is random or if someone is killing all her ex boyfriends to get to her, and what will this mean for her current fiancé Tom.

This was a great book with a twist that I never saw coming and a killer I never would have suspected.  I really enjoyed the audio version as well.
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What if your exes were being killed off one by one? I loved this book so much that I didn't even want to pause for short time periods.  It was an interesting mystery to find out who was killing her exes, but more than that it was a quick pace that had me almost instantly invested in the story.

5 stars.
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This was a fast paced cat and mouse thriller. I loved the plot and it kept me engaged throughout. Adele is engaged to Tom and is planning their wedding. One day she gets the news that her first love has been found dead. Not long after, another ex-boyfriend of hers is killed. Continue on with anther ex dying, and Adele starts to wonder if this is more than just a coincidence. Her suspicion is seemingly confirmed when the strange messages begin.. I loved that the ending was not predictable even though I thought I had it figured out a couple of times. A couple of the characters were unlikeable, but it didn't put me off. I will say I wasn't a huge fan of the narrator. This was my first read by this author and I look forward to more.
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I received the audiobook through Netgalley. The story was a bit too repetitive at times. The characters were a bit boring for my taste. It was hard for me to like Adele and at times I wondered if she really loved her future husband, Tom.
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