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Thank you to everyone for this gifted copy of The Marriage Devotional! 

After reading through this by myself, I think that it’ll be a devotional my husband and I do together, and I also think that it would be a great resource for any married couple, either newly wed or married for 50 years!
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The Marriage Devotional is a 52 day devotional written for married couples by a married couple.  I really liked the honesty and transparency by both Levi and Jennie.  I suppose this devotional could be read any way you want, but I think it is best suited to complete one lesson a week.  The reason I say this is because each day consists of some scripture, a short lesson written by one of the authors, some questions to reflect on, and even some conversation starters and prayers to pray over your spouse.   This is why I suggested once or week so that you have ample time to reflect individually and then discuss as a couple.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for a copy of this devotional.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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The Marriage Devotional is a 52 day devotional written for married couples to read together. Levi and Jennie Lusko daily devotional are applicable to married couples, each day begins with a scripture reading a short explanation of how that scripture relates to marriage. My favorite part of the devotion is the bring it home section after each devotion and the conversation starters. Bring it home are questions that cause the couple to think deeper about what  the devotional for the day was about. Conversation starters are questions for the couple to dialogue about how the devotional relates to their marriage.
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Married Couples Devotional.

This is the second book I read from this author and I really love his style. He is very sincere in his live challenges and it inspire you with God´s Word to be transformed to His image, reading this author is also very fun,  you feel like talking to your best friend, sharing life challenges and opening your heart.

This is a devotional book that is written along with Levi´s Wife, Jennie.  It includes a devotional that they introduce with their life experiences and they connect the challenge with God´s insight and teaching.   

The section “Bring it Home” includes application questions, challenges and homework  for you as a couple. They help you acknowledge God is with you in your marriage, in your challenges and He cares about every facet of your relationship. They also help you plan dates and activities with your husband.  

May God´s presence be in our marriages and our Homes so we can become the couple He created us to be for His purpose.

Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for this Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.
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My husband and I really enjoyed this devotional.  It was thorough, but not too incredibly deep.  It sparked great conversation!
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A wonderful resource! This book is great for couples to go through together, from newlyweds to couples who have been married for 50 years!

While it would be ideal to work through together, I believe it is still helpful for a husband or a wife to read through alone.

I appreciate the way it is laid out. I like knowing when it's Levi or Jennie "speaking". It's broken down into manageable portions. It includes different parts of each devotional, including questions & a prayer. 

It includes a lot of Scripture passages & references, as well as real life stories from the authors. I look forward to giving this book to other married couples I know & this would make a great wedding gift! 

(I was able to preview this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.)
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A great read for couples. It’s a good way to strengthen your relationship and your walk with god. In a totally non-stuffy, judgy way. This isn’t your parents Christian relationship devotional. Trust me my dad was a preacher. I’ve read those books too. This is a refreshing take on a Godly marriage. And you are able to focus on things in small increments so it makes it less daunting.
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I have read all of Levi Lusko books and this did not disappoint! I enjoyed how the 52 weeks, you can have honest heart to heart truths and apply them to your lives. 
Well done and appreciate him not backing down in the hard parts.
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Marriage is beautiful , but it can also be hard. Hard didn’t mean bad, but it does mean that it takes work and intentionally. This devotional is great for initiating the intentional work/upkeep a marriage relationship requires. It sparks great conversation and helped to open lines of communication between my husband and me. I love that the book points to God’s Word and encourages prayer. What a wonderful tool for couples who want to strengthen their marriage.
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“The Marriage Devotional” by Levi and Jenni Lusko is warmhearted. Each devotion centers around the marriage theme. Authors Levi and Jenni take turns sharing the best and worst of their marriage path, helping readers prepare for slippery slopes and dangerous turns. Comparing marriage to a bike ride, readers will connect with the unexpected adventures. Each devotion includes personal questions and action steps. The time required for this process is a bit more than typical devotionals. The date suggestions are creative and remind couples to explore new activities. Several of the devotions resemble marriage counseling tips. A helpful and playful book to enjoy!

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Netgalley.
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Thank you for this book in exchange for my honest review.

This marriage book is extensive and a great addition to any married or engaged couple’s bookshelf. I especially loved the personal stories and dual viewpoints. However, I wish this devotional was more inclusive for LGBTQ Christian couples.
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I want to thank Netgalley and the author's for gifting me the ebook. Highly recommend. A great read for all married Christian couples out there.
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Book 165 of 2022

This is a first…I’m the first to write a review for a book! 🙌🏻
(not nerve-wracking at all! 😂)

I’ve enjoyed listening to Levi Lusko for several years now. I have his church’s app on my phone & regularly enjoy listening to his sermons. I also love his devotional book for kids, Roar, with my students. When then opportunity arose to read this book prior to publication, I jumped! 

As a disclaimer, I did not read it the way it’s designed/it ended to be read (I read it solo and not spread out over many days/weeks). So that raises the question, how do I go about reading this devotional? Levi & Jennie have written a book on marriage with 52 devotionals. You could read one a day or one a week, but I would actually recommend reading one every other day. Read the devotion one day, both you and your spouse, and reflect on it individually. On the second day, sit down to discuss what you read. 

I loved the set-up of each devotional—
•Levi or Jennie’s words of wisdoms on a specific topic, tied into the Scripture
•Bringing it Home section—These were great questions for individual reflection & I would recommend journaling your thoughts and responses.
•Conversation Starters—These are incredible questions to use for discussion with your spouse! Since I was reading an advanced copy, I did not do this with my husband, but would love to once the physical copies have been published. I can see so many great discussions coming from these questions. 

This book covers a wide variety of topics & I feel the depth comes from the reflection and ongoing discussion with your spouse. If you read it individually, I don’t think there will be as many sticking points as it’s truly designed to be a “buddy read” with your spouse. I look forward to going through this with Michael when it’s released!

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Be sure to pick up a copy up The Marriage Devotional when it’s released in November 2022. 
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