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This spin-off of the Rockton series brought back many of my favorite characters from Rockton, as they embark on building a new town. The new characters were enjoyable additions, the isolated setting is the perfect backdrop for mystery, and the story held some great twists and turns. Rockton fans will not be disappointed!

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you to NetGalley, Kelley Armstrong, St. Martin's Press and Minotaur Books for an ARC of Murder at Haven's Rock, the first in a new series.

Detective Casey Butler and Sheriff Eric Dalton are creating a new sanctuary refuge in the Yukon territory based on only the good things about Rockton. Rockton was a perfect settlement for a long time, until it wasn't. Now, Casey and Dalton are determined to create a new and improved sanctuary with Haven's Rock. But before they even move in, everything starts going downhill fast. They are called in when two crew members go missing in the forest, and they need to find them quickly before something terrible happens.

Casey and Dalton are a married, idealistic couple who only want to help people. Even though they're the ones paying for this town to be built, they haven't been on-site since the crew started building. Yolanda, the crew manager, doesn't want them in the way while her people are working. So when they get the call to come look for Penny and Bruno, the missing architect and engineer, it's the first time they're seeing their perfect town...and it is designed exactly as they wanted, thanks to Penny's hard work. In a town filled with only 30 crew members, it shouldn't be hard to find missing people, but there's a big forest out there and they could be anywhere in it.

This was a well-written, fast-paced novel with a lot of red herrings and twists. The characters are well developed and are likeable. The plot moves quickly and there is a lot of action happening with multiple suspects. Although this is a spinoff from Kelley's Rockton series, I don't feel it's necessary to read them first. Everything that you need to know about the original town is explained here, so you won't feel lost.

All in all, a great, quick mystery read. If you like strong female characters, plot twists, mystery, and murder, then you will enjoy this book.

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The Rockton series is a favorite of mine and Murder at Haven's Rock is a solid start to the spinoff. Set in the Yukon wilderness, a secret community is being built as a sanctuary where you must apply to become a resident. The setting is great along with the characters. Once the first body is found, things get very intense, and I couldn't read fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. You don't need to read the Rockton series but knowing the history and characters definitely adds to the storyline.

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Haven’s Rock is a sanctuary being built in the Yukon. The workers involved in its’ construction are sworn to secrecy. They are also forbidden from entering the surrounding forest. Sheriff Eric Dalton and his wife, Detective Casey Duncan, arrive when two of the workers disappear. They had previously lived in a similar sanctuary for people who had experienced failure from the justice system to protect them. Now Casey has invested her inheritance to build this new community along with the sponsor of the former location.

Penny, the community’s architect, was curious when she followed Yolanda, the contractor, into the trees. Without a flashlight, she got turned around as darkness fell and wandered further from the town.. When she found a hidden campsite she was attacked by someone. Bruno, the project engineer, took a different path and has not been seen since. Casey and Dalton track Penny’s path and discover a woman’s body in a pit. Believing they have found Penny, they return to town with the body, but no one recognizes her. If this wasn’t Penny then who is she, who killed her and why? Chances of finding Penny alive dwindle as time passes. As they continue to search they find Bruno, who is barely alive. Now they must discover if the danger lurks in the forest or if someone on the project is responsible.

Kelley Armstrong has populated her sanctuary with some familiar faces from her previous series. Casey and Dalton have a strong relationship. Dalton was raised in the Yukon and is familiar with the wildlife and the terrain. Casey is in charge o the investigation and is joined by Anders, her former deputy. Armstrong’s mystery takes several unexpected turns that will keep you guessing. Her descriptions of the forest and wildlife encounters give you a sense of the isolation required for the sanctuary, yet the town hall, the coffee shop and the clinic give it a small town feel. This is the first book in Armstrong’s new series. They are still finishing the town and its’ inhabitants have yet to arrive so there is much to look forward to as she continues. I would like o thank NeGalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing this ok or my review.

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I absolutely loved the Rockton series so I was super excited that Kelley Armstrong decided to write a spin-off series with most of the same characters. Casey and Eric are starting a new community and they arrive even before it's ready for a murder investigation. There are some new characters but it's all just so perfect and I'm definitely in my happy place reading Murder at Haven's Rock. I don't think it's necessary to read all the Rockton books but it would make it so much more fun if you do! Kelley Armstrong is one of my top 10 favorite authors and is always a must read for me!

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review. All opinions are my own.

Publication date 7 March 2023.

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Huge sigh of relief for all of the many fans of Kelly Armstrong’s Rockton series when she announced she had signed a contract for a new series based on the Rockton premise and many of the same Rockton characters. Murder at Haven’s Rock is the first book in the new series.
The premise of both series, is that Rockton and now Haven’s Rock were built as sanctuaries. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the residents, but suspected by some, Rockton became a money-making scheme in its last years.
The most recent Rockton owners finally decided to shut it down, as it became more trouble than it was worth. Maybe importing high paying serial killers and child molesters wasn't such a hot idea after all. Rockton was dismantled to the last nail.
Some of the current residents decided secretly to rebuild Rockton, spending their inheritances, personal wealth and their talents in secretly re-opening a true sanctuary, calling it Haven’s Rock. Once again secretive, hidden and mostly basic living.
Readers of the Rockton series, let us recite the first rule of both places “Stay out of the Forest" . Unless your name is Eric Dalton, or you are on a guided tour. The forest isn’t trying to kill you, it just does. People just can’t seem to keep that simple rule in their heads.
Eric and Casey are called to the well-hidden Haven’s Rock. Two members of the construction crew have gone missing into the vast Yukon Forest. Add in unknown neighbors and bodies and its like coming home.
Oh, did I forget to mention the Yukon? A forest where people can become lost and turned around in less than a tenth of a mile. About 344,000 people in an area the size of Texas.
Murder at Haven’s Rock partially serves as an introduction to some new characters; a few Rockton characters show up towards the end. For new readers, you get enough of a backstory, but also the joys of discovery.
Armstrong is known for her paranormal books, Rockton and Haven’s Rock are straight crime stories. These books are just so unusual and compelling in the characters and setting.
First off, except for Sheriff Dalton and Casey’s sister April, all of the former residents have terrible backgrounds; and I don’t mean as victims. Although most of the new residents will be victims in one way or another.
The setting! The Yukon, where just about everything but the trees are actually trying to kill you. Have I mentioned bear bowling and killer rabbits? I guess you will need to read all of the Rockton books too, although this is a great standalone. Armstrong writes so beautifully of the majesty and peace of the Yukon, making it very understandable why people seek the isolated lifestyle.
Murder at Haven’s Rock serves as a outstanding introduction to the new series, leaving old and new readers anxiously awaiting the full meal of Haven’s Rock.
Thank you to NetGalley and Minotaur/St Martin’s press for and Advanced Reader’s Copy.

I have listened to Thérèse Plummer’s wonderful audio narration since the first Rockton book. She has always been the voice of both Casey and Eric, smoothly transitioning from one character to another. I find her voice to be magic and the perfect reader for the new Haven’s Rock series.
Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan/Minotaur Books for and advanced audiobook of Murder at Haven’s Rock

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Murder at Haven’s Rock is a different kind of mystery by Kelley Armstrong. Haven’s Rock is in the Yukon and has a population of none. It is a secret town being built by a group of people who agreed to work there for a specific time and not tell anyone. As this is the first book in a new series, I suspect we will learn more information as the story continues. Meanwhile, two of the workers have disappeared in the forest. The forest where no one is supposed to go!

Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton are the two main characters. They are called in to investigate the missing people. However while they are at Haven's Rock, we discover that one of the houses will be theirs. We also discover the town is meant to be a refuge for people to disappear. The mystery grows as Casey and Eric start to investigate.

The novel slowly adds more information to help deepen the questions. I liked the pace, the people and the covert nature of the town. I found Casey and Eric interesting characters that I want to read more about. Murder at Haven’s Rock by Kelley Armstrong was a good read!

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Rockton may be finished but there is still a need for a haven for people who want or need to disappear. Haven’s Rock is being built to be that place. It is still under construction when two members of the crew go missing bringing Casey and Duncan to the site to investigate. They uncover the body of a dead woman only it isn’t the woman they are looking for and it is clear that something is very wrong at Haven’s Rock.

I am a huge fan of the Casey Duncan Novels by Kelley Armstrong and Murder at Haven’s Rock definitely does not disappoint. There are plenty of twists and turns and likely suspects to keep me engaged and guessing throughout. Although this is a continuation of the Rockton novels, it could easily be read as a standalone. The site of the novels may have moved but the story is still as compelling and entertaining as ever.

Thanks to Netgalley and St Martin's Press for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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This is a spin off of Armstrong’s Rockton series. I have not read the Rockton series, but this book gives enough background to make sense but not enough to ruin the other series.

Casey and her husband Eric are starting a new Rockton called Havens Rock out in the Yukon wilderness. The only problem is that two of the crew building the settlement have gone missing.

This is a murder mystery/missing persons story that I though I had figured out pretty early but was wrong. I wasn’t as invested in the characters as much as I would have been if I had read the previous series, but I still was invested in the outcome. It was interesting following in the investigation with limited resources and no back up.

This looks to be the start of another bingable series from Armstrong.

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This excellent mystery/thriller features an investigation in a remote Yukon area in which the protagonists are secretly building some sort of self-sufficient, purposely hard-to-find sanctuary town called Haven’s Rock. This is the successor to some other remote town called Rockton that is the subject of frequent references though never any real explanation. I found out only after reading this novel that the author had written several previous books set in the fictional Rockton, so apparently that’s why the point of this new settlement (and exactly what happened to the old one) was never really clarified like I kept expecting it to be. Perhaps in Canada people can just up and build a secret town? Anyway, as long as you accept the strange premise and don’t hold your breath for an explanation, the purpose of the town is immaterial. All that matters is that it provides a remote setting and a cast of quirky characters ideal for a murder mystery. Two people involved in building the town have gone missing, and they were suspected of having gone into the adjacent (and highly off-limits) forest, full of grizzly bears and other dangers. Casey Duncan and Eric Dalton, the town’s owners and also its law enforcement officers, are summoned to investigate. The rest is a compelling story populated with folk slightly weirder than normal, including plenty of suspects. There’s suspense and danger not only from the murderer but also from the natural environment itself. The story includes fascinating detail—not enough to slow things down—about the practicalities of life in the wilderness. The ending is satisfying, and I look forward to reading more work by this writer.

Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for a digital advance review copy.

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When I finished the last Rockton book I was sad. I had so enjoyed Casey's journey with Eric in Rockton and was going to miss reading about them. I am so glad there is now a spin-off series, and so many of the secondary characters are back. If you have read the Rockton series, this book follows pretty much the same formula. There is a murder and Casey and Eric have to deal with the fallout.

The difference is this occurred in "their" town - Haven's Rock. So, instead of letting higher ups deal with the many issues - it is all on Casey and Eric. The greatness of these novels is the characters. The plot and the mystery is twisty and fun, but, the strength is the characters. It was such a joy to revisit Casey and Eric and to see where they are going: and the people they have chosen to join them. I hope there are many books in this new series.

Thank you to Netgalley and Minotaur books for the ARC.

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Entertaining and intriguing mystery with interesting and well-developed characters. My only criticism, if it's even a criticism, is that the setting is strange. It's set in a private town (is that a thing?) in the Canadian wilderness. The town is designed to be a sanctuary for people who want to disappear and they have to apply to live there. ??? Weird. I have not read any of the Rockton novels, which apparently establish such a town.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a free e-ARC of this book.

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MURDER AT HAVEN’S ROCK is the first instalment in Kelley Armstrong’s contemporary, adult HAVEN’S ROCK murder/mystery suspense series focusing on the fictional village of Haven’s Rock, Yukon-a spin off from the author’s ROCKTON series.

SOME BACKGROUND: Rockton Yukon did not exist on any map, and the residents all have a questionable past, fake names and false histories. Most were once considered to be white collar crimes but with increasing regularity, hardened criminals have somehow paid their way into Rockton, seeking sanctuary against future prosecution, a safe place for two years before seeking asylum somewhere else. A serial killer destroyed the people and ultimately the town of Rockton Yukon, and with the help of some of their former friends and a big influx of cash, Detective Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton, begin the task of building a new town, known as Haven’s Rock, a town that will expose our couple to more murders and questionable inhabitants.

Told from first person perspective (Casey Duncan) MURDER AT HAVEN’S ROCK follows Detective Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton as they embark on a new venture, building and settling into Haven’s Rock but from the outset, everything goes wrong when the architect and engineer go missing; the body of a stranger is found hidden in a pit, and the contractor has a questionable alibi for the night in question. As Casey and Eric begin an investigation into the missing and the dead, everyone becomes suspect including the construction crew, the locals, and a prospector whose story makes sense until it doesn’t. The arrival of Casey’s sister, neurosurgeon April gives Casey pause as to the medical explanations but the who and why will become clearer when Haven’s Rock reveals a colorful secret buried beneath the frozen ground.

MURDER AT HAVEN’S ROCK has a familiar backdrop, ambiance and quality, similar in style, characters and story as the author’s ROCKTON series but then again, Haven’s Rock is a spin off using many of the original series characters and history. If you were/are a fan of the Rockton Series, you will definitely enjoy the continuation of Casey and Eric’s story.

MURDER AT HAVEN’S ROCK is a story of greed, betrayal and vengeance, secrets and lies, power and control. The dramatic premise is intriguing and intense; the characters are colorful, spirited and charismatic, as well as familiar as several cross over from the original series.





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Murder at Haven’s Rock by Kelley Armstrong is the first novel in the Haven Rock series. This a spinoff series of the Rockton series. Suspense and a murder mystery await you as Casey & Eric arrive at the town during construction when two of the crew go missing.

I was so sad when the Rockton series ended but excited for the spin-off Haven Rock series. Armstrong brings us to Haven Rock about a month before the town’s completion. Casey and Eric arrive to find that the designer and engineer are missing. It appears they ventured into the woods.

We get a feel for the town and dangers that will await them in this series as they begin a search of the woods and discover a dead body. Things get complicated when the body doesn’t belong to the crew’s missing.

Armstrong pulled me in from the relationship between Eric and Casey to the granddaughter of one of Rockton’s founders. She is the overseer of the project and has her own secrets. I am going to love Haven Rock despite the dangers this remote life will offer.

The mystery was clever with twists and new characters, including a recluse photographer and her wolf. I am excited to see that even though this is a spinoff that it felt fresh with new dangers, characters and storylines.

Fans of remote settings, suspenseful mysteries, and strong characters will want to pick this up. This will work as a standalone series. Armstrong gave this start a firm base of its own and plenty of background. I recommend new readers add the Rockton series to their reading pile if they haven’t already read them.

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When Rockton ended, I was very disappointed. Imagine my delight when I found out it wasn't over, just starting a 2.0 version! Of course, any endeavor in which Casey & Eric are involved always seems to have a dead body (or two...or three...) turn up. As always, I enjoy hanging out with the Rockton folks, though we didn't have a full cast back just yet. We did get a few new characters that I expect to be hanging around for future books. This was a solid murder mystery/thriller, as I'd expect, but it is still something of a setup book, as we finish building Rockton 2.0.

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To say that I was devastated when the Rockton series ended might be an understatement. It is the only series of books on my shelf that was preordered in hardcover format… a big deal for a paperback lover! But that ending hinted at a continuation.

And Murder at Haven’s Rock didn’t disappoint. Casey Duncan and Eric Dalton have returned to the Yukon, and are setting up a new community. Haven’s Rock will offer discretion and safety for those who need to leave the complications of society. But the buildings aren’t even finished when the first death occurs. And that’s just the start.

Armstrong has again given the Yukon wilderness a key role in this book, adding to the danger and intrigue of every incident. It was a pleasure to spend time with Casey and Eric again, and to have April, Anders, Isabel, Phil and Kenny back on the scene had me grinning. New characters Yolanda and Gunnar are going to add a new dimension to the story. And again, that ending! Nothing like a dangling carrot to keep you wanting more! Waiting for the next book is going to be so frustrating!

Many thanks to NetGalley, Minotaur Books and St. Martin’s Press for providing me with an advanced reading copy in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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I have loved the Rockton series from the start! A town off-the-grid, hidden, a shelter for someone when conventional justice has failed, such as a victim of stalking, an abusive partner, wrongfully accused, etc., While Rockton supposedly vetted the people before granting sanctuary, only allowing the innocent, non-violent in, we found out that wasn’t always the case.

Casey and Eric have gone on to start their own town and they’re set on running things the right way. As much as they can anyhow, and we see that put to the test with the first installment in this Rockton spinoff.

Haven’s Rock is still under construction when two key workers, the architect, and the engineer, go missing. Eric and Casey are called in by Yolanda, the lead coordinator of the build, to find the workers.

As usual Casey and Eric, and their Newfoundland dog, Storm, are an impressive team working together to find out what happened. Did they get lost or is there a more nefarious reason they’re gone? The story was riveting as Casey and Eric face danger, working to uncover the truth!

Haven’s Rock is an exciting new chapter for Casey and Eric, and as usual not all is going to plan. The mystery wrapped up, but we’re left with an unsettling discovery in the end. I wonder how it will play out. Fortunately, they have their trusted friends/assets joining them at Haven’s Rock, so they’ll have a formidable group at their back. I eagerly await the next book! Murder at Haven’s Rock is technically a spinoff, but it’s best to read the Rockton series first in order.

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The beginning of last year saw the end of Rockton, the short-term home of former detective, Casey Duncan, in Kelley Armstrong’s The Deepest of Secrets, the final book in the Rockton series. To say that I was disappointed by the ending of the book regarding it being the last entry in the series was an understatement (you can see my review here). I even made the proclamation that if a new town was created by Casey and Eric I wasn’t sure I would care. Haha. Final laugh on me because I learned that I do care.

Murder at Haven’s Rock opens with a very curious town architect, Penny, following an individual into the forest and then bad things happen. In Rockton, we soon learned that if you wander into the forest unprepared, or sometimes even prepared, bad things happen. Penny found out the hard way.

While Casey and Eric were not quite prepared to arrive in their new town, they must arrive early in order to find Penny along with a missing engineer, Bruno. The mystery begins when Casey accidentally falls into a pit and discovers a dead woman.

First, I just want to express my amazement with Kelley Armstrong who moves so easily through her series. I just read and reviewed her time travel mystery novel, The Poisoner’s Ring, set in Edinburgh and now I’m in the Yukon wilderness with former homicide detective, Casey. The dangers are different but the dangers abound as does good, page-turning writing.

With Murder at Haven’s Rock we have an introduction to some characters who will no doubt be regulars, Yolanda, granddaughter of the formidable Emilie, and others (sorry for the vagueness; I feel it could be spoilery). I liked these characters, what they brought to the novel, and I like the characters that Armstrong is bringing back from the Rockton series. That is the wonderful thing about being an author, you can get rid of and keep the characters you want.

As usual, there are a number of unexpected occurrences, even up to the end, when my favorite suspect was not the murderer. Enter twists and turns, none of which couldn’t be explained. Those outcomes are always satisfying.

Yes, a new Casey Duncan novel, which feels like Armstrong breathed fresh air into the series.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Kelley Armstrong has done it again! This most recent installment of the Casey Duncan series is another success. Throughout the series, I have really enjoyed watching Casey grow from city girl to full-on minimalist who is completely comfortable living away from society into the wilderness. Her relationship with Eric Dalton is as sweet as ever.

In this particular book, I was drawn into the mystery pretty quickly. I do not want to give any spoilers, but Casey and Eric fly into what will be their new town looking for two people who have disappeared from the construction site. Soon, a murder victim is discovered, an injured person is found, and someone is still missing. As usual, Kelley provides us with quite the puzzle to figure out who-dun-it. This book is action-packed and I enjoyed every minute. Once I started reading, I could not stop. I also listened to the audiobook and switched back and forth as I went about my daily routine. I do recommend the audiobook. Therese Plummer does a great job. This is definitely a 5/5 stars from me.

If you enjoy Kelley Armstrong’s writing and like books about the supernatural, I highly recommend Kelley’s Otherworld series.

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for allowing me to review this book. All opinions are my own. However, I enjoyed it enough that I have ordered the book as soon as it came out.

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Murder at Haven's Rock is the first book in Kelley Armstrong's Haven's Rock series. When her previous series, Rockton, ended, I was about in tears. I LOVED that series! It was such a unique premise, and although I started that series in the middle, I quickly fell into the town of Rockton and its inhabitants, especially Detective Casey Duncan, her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton, and their lovable dog Storm. Imagine my excitement to find Ms. Armstrong started a new series...and it brought my favorite characters back. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

Detective Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton, are financing the building of a new town deep in the Yukon Wilderness. It shall be a place of refuge for those who wish to disappear, or who don't want to live on the run any longer. This kind of place isn't new; Casey and Eric met and lived in the original town of Rockton. Things didn't end well there due to greed and deception, so they decide to fund this new town. This time they get to choose whose applications to accept to live in new Haven's Rock. There's one main rule at Haven's Rock which is quite simple, and that's stay our of the forest. Casey and Eric are called in before completion because two construction crew members break that rule and can't be found. They track down one of the missing crew, who was well hidden and showed signs of foul play. What happened to the woman? And where is the missing male crew member? Apparently someone saw something they shouldn't have seen, and the rest of the town is in danger until Casey and Eric figure out what happened.

Some spinoffs come off as very stale, but thank goodness this one does not! Casey and Eric are awesome main characters, the supporting characters are well-drawn, and there are untold possibilities for stories set deep in the Yukon wilderness. The reasons residents will seek refuge are limitless. Casey and Eric were not set to be in Haven's Rock until it was complete, but they are called in when two crew members go missing. Besides Yolanda, the head of the building project, no one in the crew knows who Casey and Eric truly are. The residents who will live at Haven's Rock will have many secrets, but apparently those building the town have plenty on their own! Casey and Eric are one of my all-time favorite fictional couples. I admire the trust they both have in each other's skills. They were both at Rockton for different reasons, but initial distrust turned into love. I enjoy the banter between them. The respect and trust they have for each other is what truly drew me in, however. This was a great mystery; I truly had no clue who the killer was until it was revealed. I thought I figured it out at one point, but I wasn't even close! Supporting characters were extremely engaging. Of course, my all-time favorite is Storm, Casey and Eric's Newfoundland dog. She is simply lovable, and smart to boot. Ms. Armstrong is great at getting into the huge but gentle canine's head. I was thrilled to see some of my favorite characters from the previous series, such as April (Casey's autistic doctor sister), Will Anders (Deputy from Rockton), Isabel (bartender and brewmaster), and Phil (councilman from Rockton). As for new characters, I hope we will see much more of Lilith and Nero, a wildlife photographer who lives nearby with her pet wolf. I hated for this book to end, and I can't wait to see what Ms. Armstrong has in store for us at Haven's Rock once it's completed!

I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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