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NYT bestselling author Kelley Armstrong of the popular Rockton Novels returns with a new spin-off series, (Haven's Rock #1) — MURDER AT HAVEN'S ROCK, set in the wilderness of Yukon.

Detective Casey Duncan (a former homicide detective) and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton (Sherriff and tracker), are financing a new town, Haven's Rock—a place for people to disappear. They have a tracking dog named Storm. Casey's sister, April, is their physician on the autism spectrum.

A modern wilderness town with a touch of the old west. They have a crew of 30 working on building the village and have isolated for more than two months.

The couple met in Rockton, a Yukon town, to serve as a refuge for domestic abuse victims and those for whom the legal system's protections were insufficient. Casey and her sister are using their inheritance to fund the construction of a similar community, Haven's Rock. Evidently, things at Rockton were compromised.

This is an isolated secret sanctuary, and shortly after the book opens, the architect, Penny, and the engineer, Bruno, disappear. What does Yolanda, the contractor, know?

They do not want any outsiders. They need privacy. They must find who is invading their space.

As the book opens, Penny is eavesdropping on a heated conversation as the participants storm off— Bruno, the engineer, and Yolanda, the contractor.

There is one rule at Haven's Rock. NEVER GO INTO THE FOREST. Wolves, moose, grizzlies, and more dangers exist in the dark woods.

Where are Penny and Bruno, and did they leave together? Who can be trusted?

Someone steals Casey's backpack, and then she discovers a woman that had been stabbed. Who is this woman, a stranger? The woman was murdered. It is not Penny.

There are lots of dark secrets in this atmospheric mystery whodunit.

I have not read the Rockton series, so this can be read as a standalone; however, it may be more enjoyable if you have read the previous series, as there are cameo appearances and some major characters back in the spin-off series.

Haven's Rock, like Rockton, is a new town designed to provide a temporary refuge for people in danger. The protagonists of the previous novels, who managed the last village and protected its residents, plan to continue in those roles.

I enjoyed Casey and Eric's characters and look forward to seeing how the town develops and what new crimes the duo will be called to solve in the upcoming books. I did not care for Yolanda's character or her attitude.

AUDIOBOOK: I listened to the audiobook narrated by the fabulous Thérèse Plummer for an outstanding performance and listening experience for all voices. I also enjoyed the accompanying ebook.

MURDER AT HAVEN'S ROCK is ideal for those who enjoy danger, nature, wilderness, cop procedurals, and mysteries.

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My Rating: 4 Stars
Pub Date: Feb 21, 2023
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Detective Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton are financing this new town, a place for people to disappear, since their previous refuge had to be dismantled due to greed and deception. They are calling this new place Haven's Rock, but so far it is no haven. As soon as they arrived, they were notified by the people in charge of constructing the town, that two of their team had disappeared. There’s only one rule in Haven’s Rock: stay out of the forest....but Bruno and Penny have broken it and now they are missing. When a body is discovered, well-hidden with evidence of foul play, Casey and Eric must find out what happened to the dead woman, and locate those still missing. The longer Casey and Eric don’t know what happened, the more danger everyone is in.

I was a huge fan of the Rockton series so I am really excited to see the development of this new town. This had a great mystery that kept me guessiing until the end. I loved the setting of the Yukon wilderness, the wildlife there, and the introduction of new characters that live near this new settlement. I look forward to seeing how the town develops and what new murders Casey & Eric will be called to solve in the upcoming books. If you are a mystery buff, then you need to check this one out!

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Casey and her sister have sunk their savings into developing a secret sanctuary town in the Yukon wilderness. With the town nearing completion, the architect and the engineer both missing in the forbidden forest. Casey and her sheriff husband Dalton fly in to find them. When Casey finds a dead woman in the forest, it adds to the mystery. I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through Netgalley. This is my honest and voluntarily given review. I enjoyed reading this suspenseful mystery and I was intrigued by the sanctuary city they were building. It's interesting to see and hear how they planned on keeping their town hidden and self-sufficient. There are also a lot of intriguing secondary characters, who I hope to see in future books. I had only read one of the later books in the previous series, but I was still able to enjoy reading this one. (I thought that I put the earlier series on my TBR list, but I will definitely go back and read them all.)

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A secret town in the Yukon forest to allow people who need a fresh start to disappear to. This town is being built by people who met at a town for the same purpose but greed and dishonesty ruined it. When two people from the crew doing the building disappear into the forest, Casey and her husband Eric, the owners of the town come to search for them. While searching another body is found along with other people residing in the dense area. Any connection to the dead body and the missing crew members?

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I was delighted to read this first installment of the reboot of Armstrong's Rockton series. In this new book, the world-building involves actually building a new world, or at least a new town in the Yukon. Like Rockton, this new town is designed to provide a temporary refuge for people in danger, and the protagonists of the previous novels, who managed the previous town and protected its residents (often from the other residents), plan to continue in those roles.

What I loved about this book:
- like always, Armstrong gives us a satisfying mystery to solve
- the main characters, Casey Butler and Eric Dalton, are hard-working, competent people with integrity. If I am ever lost in the Yukon, I seriously hope they find me before a bear does.
- the descriptions of the wilderness are realistic but also captivating
- the action sequences are just superb
- at the same time, I'm a wimp when faced with non-stop suspense, so I am very grateful that in between the tense scenes, Casey and Eric make time for rest, recuperation, and reassessment, etc.
- the supporting cast is quirky and multi-faceted

I can't gauge whether this book would stand alone for new readers, even though Armstrong expertly and unobtrusively provided enough backstory to remind me of key previous details. Honestly, though, the seven books of the Rockton series are outstanding, too, so you should also read them. Even writing about them here makes me want to go back and reread all of them.

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***Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
I am beyond excited that Kelley Armstrong decided to continue this series! Rockton 2.0 has new problems and new characters, but keeps the main characters who I've come to love.
Casey and Dalton are back, married, and united in their creation of a new home where people can find a safe haven without dealing with outside forces controlling and manipulating the settlement. New problems arise and I am excited to see how this group of quirky, flawed characters handle themselves. Can't wait for more installments.

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Armstrong and her Rockton series have been long time favorites, so I was thrilled to read this spin-off. Armstrong’s world building is superb and she effortlessly blends a great police procedural style mystery with non-stop action that has plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing till the end. Her characters are not only complex but endlessly fascinating. I’m excited that we’ll be getting more stories about Casey, Eric and the folks of Haven’s Rock / Rockton. This book can be read without first reading the Rockton series as Armstrong does a great job of briefing the general plot but if you’d like to read Casey and Eric’s adventures from the start check out, City of the Lost.

I received this eARC thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books in exchange for an honest review. Publishing dates are subject to change.

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I came to the Rockton series with the last book in the series. Before I could fully catch up with the previous entries Kelley Armstrong presented a spin-off and I dropped everything to dive into the world of Haven's Rock. It's the same premise of an isolated community giving shelter to people who need to get off the grid. This time, though, the rules are being written by Det. Casey Duncan and her husband, Sheriff Eric Dalton. They learned what didn't work with Rockton and there will be big changes. They have sunk lots of money into this new venture and will be very careful about who will be living in the new town. Before much has been built they already have a handful of people in need of a haven. They all know the one rule - don't go into the woods. Well two of the construction crew turn a blind eye to that rule and enter the woods. Now they are missing and Casey and Eric set out to track them down with the help of their Newfie, Storm. It isn't long before they find the dead body of an unknown woman and then things really heat up. The mystery had me staying up past my bedtime with enough twists in the puzzle to make me read faster. I'll say no more for fear of spoilers. Now I'll finish up the Rockton series in time for the next Haven's Rock to arrive.
My thanks to the publisher St. Martin's and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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This book was fantastic! This was an offshoot of the Rockton series, also by Armstrong, and is the first in a brand new continuation series. They are building a new settlement, one that will be run by Emilie and Casey and Eric. Casey and Eric have gotten married (yay! Finally!) and plan on using this trip as a bit of a honeymoon, but before they can a murder gets dropped in their lap, and before they know it they're swimming in bodies and suspects and making themselves the target of assaults and all kinds of fun stuff. This is Rockton 2.0 and I gotta say I am here for it. This book was excellent, with return characters and new ones alike, and I can't wait for book 2!!

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From the Prologue we know we are going to be part of a mystery that begins with breaking the main rule of Haven's Rock....don't go into the forest alone. This book begins the spinoff series from a favorite Rockton series, with the main characters of husband and wife team - Detective Casey Duncan and Sherriff Eric Dalton. Note that I have not read the Rockton series and worried that I would lose some of the main connections -- however, the author fills in information relating to the back story very well as this story evolves - so I was happy to know that this series would be able to stand on its own. Casey and Eric come to check out Haven's Rock and have to hit the ground running as they learn that two of their construction crew are missing. What follows is an ever-evolving case where there are multiple suspects, secrets hidden and learned, the myserious freedom of the Yukon where people want to "disappear" but can be found, and characters that are going to add lots of depth to both this story and those to come. This was a very enjoyable read in the Kelley Armstrong style, which keeps the reader guessing and all options for an ending open to change the closer we get to the last page. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books for the opportunity to read and review this advance reader copy. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. #NetGalley #MurderAtHaven'sRock

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I loved the Rockton series so was very excited to pick up the first book in the sequel series, and it did not disappoint!

Casey and Dalton are so close to their dream of a new Rockton - a secret town in the Yukon for people to disappear to - where they don’t have to bend to the will of the council. But weeks before completion some members of the crew have mysteriously disappeared, and their project manager has called them in to solve the mystery, or she’s pulling her whole crew out to keep them safe. As usual, nothing is at it appears in the Yukon, and Casey and Dalton must pull out all the stops to work out what has happened and who is responsible.

I always love Kelley Armstrong’s thrillers, and this was no exception. Getting to see familiar characters is always a joy, and I love that they can’t rely on technology and large teams to solve the mysteries being so isolated and secret. The setting really adds an extra layer to the stories.
The mystery was interesting, I enjoyed the twists and turns and trying to work out who was responsible, as well as getting to see the beginning of the new Rockton.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to continue the series!

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This is the first book in her new Rockton Novels spinoff series, Haven's Rock, which picks up after the Rockton books and sees some of the characters from that series getting a fresh start in a new town.

Haven's Rock is a town under construction deep in the Yukon wilderness of Canada. Casey and her Sheriff husband Eric met at Rockton and are now helping settle Haven's Rock. It's a place for people to disappear or get a fresh start after being on the run. One rule, though--do not go into the forest. But two people break the rule and go missing. Casey and Eric investigate, leading to the discovery of the body of a murdered woman.

Armstrong delivers a suspenseful and atmospheric procedural! Characters from Rockton combine with some colorful new ones (even if we can't be sure who can be trusted) for a series that feels both familiar and new. I am thrilled to read more of Casey, the strong female MC.

I love Armstrong's writing style, characters, world-building, and ability to keep the plot moving at a good pace while building a sense of foreboding and danger. Adventure-filled, I was on the edge of my seat and kept guessing on multiple fronts until the action-packed end! If you are a fan of procedurals, Kelley Armstrong, and her Rockton series, you will most definitely want to pick this up. It does not disappoint!

Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press Minotaur Books for the opportunity to review this ARC. I enjoyed it!

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This novel is the perfect start to the spin off of the Rockton series. You can read this as a stand alone but I will be going back to read that series.

I had heard great things about Kelly Armstrong but I hadn't yet read anything by her. I am so glad I did ! I've been missing out.

There is one rule. Don't go into the forrest. Someone has broken that rule and a dead body is discovered. What has gone on ? Can Casey and Eric figure out what had happened here?

This atmospheric thriller is perfect for a cold winters read. You will get sucked in and race through the book to find out what is happening at havens rock. I will be reading more of Kelly's novels from now on! So glad I got this arc!

Thank you to netgalley, St Martins press and Minotaur books for this read!

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Thank you NetGalley and publisher for this ARC publication for an honest review.

Murder at Haven's Rock
by Kelley Armstrong
Pub Date: 21 Feb 2023

I am a fan of Kelley Armstong's Rockton series and was thrilled to hear there was going to be a spin off. Murder at Haven's Rock is a solid start to this next chapter of the Rockton gang in a new setting. While you do not need to read the initial Rockton books, I highly recommend starting at the beginning to get the most bang for your buck! You won't regret it...

Once again, Casey and Eric/Dalton are our leading couple. (Who are now married! And I am pleading for a short story dedicated to their wedding!) Haven's Rock is being constructed as the new secret community except now the people of the town will be independent from "the Council" who controlled Rockton. Not all of our previous characters from Rockton have arrived yet, but we had appearances from some of our favorites with the knowledge that more will come once the town is finished.

This book had a similar feel from the Rockton series. Mystery, suspense, murder in the wilderness, romance...I absolutely love Casey and Eric together. I have watched their relationship grow from the very beginning and the two have such a special, sweet, mature partnership. They know how to work together as a team. They know how to utilize each other's strengths and weaknesses. They can both be stubborn, make mistakes, but then they own up to their failings. Talk about relationship goals...

I am looking forward to the next installment and seeing more of the Rockton crew come together mingled with some of this new cast.

4 stars

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The day before Thanksgiving, I was celebrating and connecting with family when I got an email notification. In the email, I was invited to read Murder at Haven's Rock months before it became available to the public. Literally, within the hour, I downloaded it and started reading. I was so excited reading this book, and I hope you enjoy it too!


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I love reading, but I also try to be selective of what media consume. Plenty of parts in books do not need a permanent place in my mind. The Book Nanny is here to help you look inside your book. I break down the language, violence, and adult content so you can enjoy the reading process instead of getting an unpleasant surprise. 

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Synopsis of Murder at Haven's Rock

Casey Butler and her husband are back at solving murders and figuring out motives, but now they are in their new home Haven's Rock. Haven's Rock has one rule: stay out of the forest.

They show up to find two missing people but instead find a woman who was murdered. How many people really get murdered in the middle of nowhere? More than you would assume. 

Murder at Haven's Rock Content Guide

Violence: There are a few standoffs at gunpoint. Autopsy and discussions of fatal injuries. All deaths in front of others aren’t very descriptive or accidental.

Language: Damn 51, shit 53, fuck 15, hell 47; 47% of pages have vulgar language.

Adult content: Mention of adult relationships and some adult scenes are implied but nothing descriptive. Everything cuts to waking up later. No nudity. 

Setting up the book

Murder at Haven's Rock is a crime scene procedural mixed with a survival element. Haven's Rock is a new secret refuge that detective Casey and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton are creating. It is supposed to be everything that their past home was not. They hired a construction crew to literally build an entire town in the middle of the Canadian Yukon territory. The only way in or out is on a bush plane, and there are no signs of civilization anywhere. Just what the Daltons want. 

They are brought to town a few weeks early because someone decided to not follow the number 1 rule, well, the only rule. Don’t go into the forest. When a dead body turns up, things start to go sideways, and now Casey and Eric are faced with making hard decisions that will affect their new home forever.

The Rockton Series

If this sounds intriguing, you should start with the seven-book Rockton series where Casey and Eric meet. The first book, City of the Lost, tells the story of how Casey ends up in Rockton. A city off the grid in the Yukon. 

They take in people who want to shed their old lives and start over somewhere new where no one can find them. Part of getting there is an extensive background check and having a valuable occupation to add to their society. Casey isn’t sure how useful being a homicide detective with a secret will be in the Yukon, but she needs to hide now. After Rockton’s first homicide, Casey is brought in to find the murderer. She happens to uncover a few mysteries along the way.

You don’t need to read the Rockton series before starting Murder at Haven's Rock, but I strongly recommend it. Kelley does a great job of reintroducing the characters. There is only so much background she can provide without taking away from the story, especially when the characters have a seven-book backstory together.

Language Warning

The Rockton Series and Murder at Haven's Rock will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire time. However, a few caveats are stopping me from recommending this to all of my friends. There is quite a bit of language. Eric loves swearing to express his emotions, especially when under stress. Which is all the time… About half of the pages in the book contain swear words. The f-word is one of his favorites to use. Think of him as a sheriff/mountain man who is a little rough around the edges with a heart of gold, but who you really don’t want to be on his bad side. 

Violence & Gore

Since Murder at Haven's Rock and the Rockton books are crime scene procedurals, there are some gory moments, and potentially triggering moments. From people being held at gunpoint, kidnapping, being held hostage, and more. I can’t tell you all the crazy things that happen in these books, because there is so much happening! And I don't want to spoil the story for you. If you like shows like NCIS, or Bones you are going to love these! I don’t recommend them for middle schoolers or young children. 

Any Adult Content?

In the original Rockton series, there are easily skippable adult scenes. These don’t come until a few books in. There are no adult scenes in Murder at Haven's Rock. There is a point where things start to get heated, but then it cuts away to the morning after.

I really appreciate how Armstrong handled the adult content in this book. She gave us just enough so we get a peek into Eric and Casey’s relationship but not too much, where I know all their bedroom habits.

Overall thoughts of Murder at Haven's Rock

I really liked this book. It sucked me in with Kelley’s typical style. Anyone who loves her Rockton novels will love her new series Haven's Rock with its own challenges. There are a few new characters but plenty of old favorites. This is setting up a series with new challenges. These challenges will be different from the ones in Rockton. Already, I can’t wait for the next book to see how they deal with the cliffhanger from the final chapters. 

When I reached the end, I kept trying to turn the page to the next chapter. It completely threw me that Kelley ended the book how she did. Murder at Haven's Rock kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last word. I just wanted more. I hope she has already started on the second book because this first one is going to sell like crazy.

When does it come out, and how can I get a copy?

Murder at Haven's Rock will be released on February 21st, 2023. You can pre-order your copies on Amazon or where ever books are sold. If you decide to pre-order a Kindle copy, it will automatically be delivered to your device library on the 21st. If you want to read the Hardback copy on release day, you have to pay more for pre-shipping. Otherwise, it will ship as soon as Amazon can fulfill the order. The Kindle version, Hardback, and Audiobook will be released on February 21st. But if you want a paperback copy, you will have to wait until December 2023. Currently, Murder at Haven's Rock is not available on Kindle Unlimited, and I don’t think it will be. None of her other books have been on Kindle Unlimited. However, you can get a copy of the Audiobook through Audible.

Guess what?? If you try out the Audible premium plus trial you can get two free audiobooks. Like Murder at Haven's Rock!

Should I get Murder at Haven's Rock?

I am a big fan of this book, but I’m also a sucker for a great crime scene procedural! So if it sounds interesting, and you are a fan of her other books, I would go for it. Remember that Murder at Haven's Rock is for adults (or older teens) and has quite a bit of language along with the description of a few crime scenes. If you are a fan of Stalking Jack the Ripper or The Naturals, this is right up your alley!

Happy Reading!

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A spin off from Armstrong's Rockton Series. Casey and Duncan have decided to build a new town in the Yukon, with the rest of the inner circle. Armstrong delivers suspense and atmosphere as usual in this first book.

Casey and Duncan go to Haven's Rock early because a crew member has gone missing. Soon things go from bad to worse for them.
Are they going to be able to find the missing crew member? Is the area as desolate as they thought?

Armstrong's Rockton Series was exceptional, and I think this will be just good. She writes in a way that grabs me from the beginning and rarely loses me. I always feel like I am reconnecting with an old friend, when I read on of her books. I have high hopes for this spin off series, and hope I don't get disappointed.

It will hit bookstores on February 21, 2023. I think if you enjoyed her Rockton Series, you will want to read this first book in her new Haven's Rock Series.

Thanks to Netgalley, St. Martin's Publishing and Minotaur Books for the Kindle Version of the book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

😊 Happy Reading 😊


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Detective Casey Duncan and Sheriff Dalton are now married and accomplishing their life's dream which is to build a new secret town deep within the wilderness of the Yukon. The difference this time with their new town is that. they will be completely and solely in charge without a governing board to answer to who would use some questionable tactics to enforce their rules. The town still needs quite a bit of work before new residents can move in but they soon find out there are five people needing immediate, emergency help and must move in right away even if their living quarters are unfinished and emergencies always take priority measures. While trying to figure out how to make this new situation work the couple receives a call that their help is needed immediately as two construction crew members have gone missing in the forest. There is one steadfast rule "Do not go into the forest alone off the trail" and apparently that is what happened and only Casey and Dalton know and understand this great wilderness that they have so much love and respect for so they also know there is only a short window of time to find people who lose their way in the woods. Many, many predators reside in the forest and they're not all hairy and four-legged but some walk on two legs and are as deadly as animals since they don't always believe or act in civilized manners. The Yukon can be a beautiful world of nature but there is a very, very dark and dangerous side which can never be underestimated.

This is such a fantastic series that I just can't get enough of. The books can be read as stand-alones for anyone new to the series but I'm pretty sure readers will get hooked after reading any of the stories. I'm so glad the author Kelley Armstrong continued the "Rockton" series with a new beginning in "Haven's Rock" and keeping some beloved characters while bringing many new faces and personalities. I just can't wait to read the next book and it hasn't even been written yet. I really enjoyed this book especially when I was afraid the series was over after the way the last story ended. All the fans will be happy to read this new book and get familiar with the new town in the works and some very irritating yet enjoyable new characters while still having an amazing mystery as the backstory. Truly an atmospheric adventure into the Yukon which makes this book and the prior books a pleasure to read day or night.

I want to thank the publisher " St Martin's Press" and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book and any thoughts or opinions expressed are unbiased and mine alone!

I have given this terrific story a rating of 4 WILD AND DANGER FILLED 🌟🌟🌟🌟 STARS!!

Publication Date: February 21, 2023

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Murder Rock is a fantastic start to the new spin off series from the Rockton series.

Haven Rock features Detective Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton as they move on to set up a new safe community at Haven Rock.

The one rule for the crew building the new community is broken on the first page: stay out of the forest.

Two are missing as Casey and Eric are called into help after a dead body is discovered.

But its not one of the crew.

Tension mounts as the suspect list grows.

Kelly Armstrong once again is a master at building suspense and the writing is so descriptive you can hear the sounds of the forest and are leery of its surroundings.

The pages turned quickly as I raced to the conclusion of Murder at Haven's Rock.

I highly recommend any book by Kelly Armstrong and this one is no exception.

I will be first in line for the second book in the series and I cant wait to see what Casey and Eric will get up to next.

Thanks to NetGalley and St Martins Press and Minotaur Books for a compelling read.

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For everyone who was sad at the demise of Rockton, you now have Haven’s Rock. Just checking in on their new home at Haven’s Rock, Casey and Dalton are met with missing people and murder.

Haven’s Rock is a spin-off of the Rockton series. Many of the same characters will be moving with the sherriffs. But there will be a lot of new faces. Most probably weren’t in this book. Most of these characters were the people building the new town. The most important thing is there are going to be new rules. Everyone walked into Rockton for a reason. They all needed to disappear. They could stay for a short time and then return to civilization. It will be interesting to see how well the former inhabitants deal with making all of the decisions for themselves.

This book was really a bridge to the new series. I expect a lot more in the future.

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While Murder At Haven’s Rock is a new spinoff from the Rockton series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. The setting in the remote Canadian Yukon was perfect for creating a unique locked door murder mystery that had Detective Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton scratching their heads as people went missing and turned up murdered. I won’t spoil it, but the twists and turns were surprising and I did not guess the murderer in advance! I’m looking forward to more stories from Haven’s Rock and plan to go back to read the Rockton series!

Thank you @minotaur_books @stmartinspress and @netgalley for allowing me to read this book ahead of publication in exchange for my honest review.

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