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The Philosophy of Dark Paganism

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This was an interesting book. Gives a lot of information on the left hand path that is useful. Unfortunately it needs work on formatting.
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I was excited about the book but the intro and going into it the book dimmed the excitement. Some opinions are given that are stated as fact; at least, that is the tone I got from it. Instead of pulling me in, the farther I read, the more I did not want to read. This would not be a book I would recommend to anyone who was wanting to know more about dark paganism.
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In this book basic teachings of the left-hand path are very well and lucidly explained, and even discussion is going kinda too deep. However, I found that in the few statements, texts contradict to itself, so few aspects need more clarification. An interesting book and it is great that Llewellyn is publishing this kind of books, about classic "left-hand path".
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I was drawn to this book by the title.  I have read many fictional stories that feature paganism, druidism, and wicca - I always am curious about how the authors of these stories present said philosophy versus others interpretations of the same concepts.  This book looked to be an interesting book and I enjoy learning about different religions,  philosophy, cultural norms, and discovering how these things began, how they have been altered or corrupted, and what they are like today.  So I requested to review.  I was able to read through 50% of the book without any issues, 25% was able to be read after getting over the formatting, and I totally skipped the other 25% because the. formatting was awful.  

After thinking about the parts I read, my thoughts are this: 
▪️The author seems knowledgeable and provides sources for content. 
▪️There was a lot of information in the book that when formatted correctly is likely presented in an organized manner.
▪️Philosophy, Religion, and Cultural beliefs are highly personal and open to various interpretations. 

I recommend going into any book like this with an open mind …

3 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Having read this book I must say its a great look at what many people probably wonder about. The attention is focused on philosophy and why and how many Pagans consider themselves left hand path followers. Thats a misnomer though as I found out. I read this book and found out in my opinion that most people look out for themselves most of the time and consider it normal and not ego driven . I agree with this a lot. Please read this book if you are curious or just want a look at what others call their spirituality. I dont want to take away from this titles importance and I think all people of all spiritual paths would benefit from reading this thoughtful presentation.
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Dark Paganism, it sounds dark, evil and scary to some, but it's not.  Really!  Trust me.  Well, Trust Frater Tenebris.  This is really more about facing our dark shadows and being true to ourselves, once we find who we truly are.  We all have our own beliefs, even in a single religious group, we often have some things we see differently.  If you want to be true to yourself, you find your own beliefs and stick to them, making yourself the best version of yourself you can be.

Dark Paganism isn't a religion, mind you, it's a philosophy and one that you will use to become your truest self.  For centuries we have been afraid of the "Dark" rather than facing it head on.  This is what Dark Paganism will explain to you as you read through.  This book is so much more than you may think it is from just reading the title.  If you have read this far and have read the extract for the book, you're interested and I will say reading it will definitely answer your questions and shed light upon the dark.
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