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Where is my Bear?

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This just might be a new story time favorite. A child is headed to bed, but he cannot find Ted his bear. He goes looking and he finds the monster under the bed, and he finds the alien in dresser, and he finds the dragon in the closet, but still no Ted. At no time is he afraid of any of his strange new friends, but they all insist that they will help find Ted.  When Tec can’t be found, the monsters lend them their best stuffed pals. The book rhymes and the illustrations are simply perfect. This was just all over a joy to read. And I think kids story time would really have a blast with it.
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An adorable mystery of the missing teddy bear where a little boy makes some unexpected friends along the way <3
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Thanks to Netgalley and Windmill Books for a free digital copy.

The alien, monster, and dragon in a young boys room help him search for his teddy bear and end up sharing their own teddies. I thought it was overall cute but I don't love emphasizing the monster under the bed idea.
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Thanks NetGalley for the preview! 

The illustrations were cute but I think a story about a house full of monsters would be scary at bedtime.
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I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Recommend for birth and up.

This book is so sweet!  The three strange bears are hands down my favorite part. The rhyme and rhythm work really well in this book and kids will really get into the search and everyone you find! I fell in love with the illustrations on the very first page. This would be a good Halloween book for really small kids. There are traditionally spooky creatures that are just plain cuddly.
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This was a cute little book but the story felt a little rushed to me. You will most likely have to have another book ready to lull your child to sleep. At the beginning you get a sense that a world is being built and after the second monster its like alright, pack it up, lets finish this. Unfortunate, because I feel like there was potential here.
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This premise is ingenius. The perfect read for anyone with a little one who is terrified of the monsters in the closet and under the bed. The fact that the monsters also had teddy bears and seemed to be scared to sleep without  them demonstrated the fact that, sometimes the things we're scared of are just like us - and they may be just as scared and lonely as us, too. In addition, the fact that the monsters were all willing to help him find his bear paved the way for the perfect message of the story: don't worry about the monsters under your bed - they're there to help and protect you - not to scare you.
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This book is a great read for both adults and children alike! It's great for the classroom and for home. Great for inferencing, making contentions between text and self, and predicting (as part of reading comprehension skill development). This book can help guide parent/child conversations about monsters, nighttime fears, and making friends. I will definitely be using this book in Early Years settings.
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Do you fear monsters under your bed? What about your kiddo?  Join a little boy as monsters help him search for his missing teddy bear at bedtime. 

This seems like the perfect bedtime story as we head into spooky season.. The book features nighttime colors. with the important characters bright in contrast. The words give enough contrast that I came up with voices for each monster without a thought. It even managed to create a little tension (but not so much to scare young readers). 

Thanks to NetGalley for the Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I really did like it so much I intend to purchase a paper copy!
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Kid is using the monsters around his house to find his lost teddy bear. They go around the house in an elephant train and its the freaking cutest! Oh my goodness its precious
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This was an adorable story about a young boy who has lost his teddy bear at bedtime, and when he begins to search the boy comes across multiple monsters. Instead of being scary, each monster has their own teddy, and feel bad for the boy and offers to help him find it! 

My four year old stepson really enjoyed this one, and he found the monsters to be the perfect amount of scary and silly. I also thoroughly enjoyed this story and found the cadence quite fun to read aloud, Overall I would rate Where is my Bear? by Darcy Coxall and Mennonite Wittebrood a solid 5/5.

Thank you to NetGalley and Rosen Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this title in exchange for my honest review.
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From the evidence of a whole three examples and one brief afternoon, it seems Windmill Books have a business model of bringing out ten year old board books and young readers, and giving them new editions.  Well give their finder a raise, for none of the gems so far should have gone out of print anyway (in fact all come from an old house I’ve never heard of, either, so the picture really isn’t that clear).

Anyway, this narrative verse is from the point of view of a kid who is adamant he cannot sleep until he finds his comforting teddy bear – but lo and behold, what he does discover is a monster under the bed instead, with its own cuddly.  Knowing nobody and nothing can sleep without their bear, the monster joins in the ted hunt, and so does the next bizarre character they meet, and the next…  

Gloriously illustrated, and really well told in perfectly metered rhyme, this deserves to be bought, whether in its old form or its new.  The ending piles on the charm and it’s not really worth marking down for anything.
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This is the sweet tale of a little boy who wakes up to find his teddy bear missing! He starts looking for him and stumbles across a monster under the bed, an alien in a drawer and a dragon in the closet. This weird trio offer their teddies to help the little boy sleep. When he wakes up, he finds his own teddy along with three others. 
This story allays the fears a child has about what may be lurking in the house at night and shows him that there is no need to be afraid of monsters under the bed!

The illustrations are perfect and the story addresses common fears, in this ARC.
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I love this book!  It is a winner on all levels!  A little boy is all set for bed but one thing is missing...his Ted!  Where could it be?  

"My bear was there is morning.
I'd left him safe and sound.
Someone must have taken him. 
Now where could he be found? "

He grabs his flashlight and the search is on.  Along the way he encounters an alien in his chest of drawers with his teddy, a monster under his bed clutching hid teddy, and a dragon in his wardrobe snuggling with his.   Feeling sympathy for the little boy's plight they all join in to help him search for his beloved bear.  Will the sad little boy and his new found friends finally solve the mystery and the little guy retrieve his precious teddy bear once again? 

The rhyming is exquite and the illustrations are imaginative and non-scary so little ones can enjoy the story with a smile on their faces.  This book is a fun read for both young and old with it's playful plot.  "Where Is My Bear" is a book to add to your child's library collection for sure.  
It's a perfect bedtime story and I highly, highly recommend it!
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I loved this story idea. All of my kids had their special bear they had to sleep with.  Sometimes we had extra "bears" just in case we could not find the best "bear."  I think most parents can relate to this situation. I love how the monsters had their own bears and helped the little boy out in the story. All around a great story!
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This was a cute story with beautifully drawn but simple and clean images. A fun twist on the “monster in the closet” trope, this book was enjoyable and classic.
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A short and fun rhyming bedtime book suited for children 3-6. My daughter and I enjoyed the twist of the monsters being friendly and eager to help the little boy find his bear before bed. At the beginning, she was so worried that the book would be scary and was absolutely delighted to see monsters in pajamas with stuffies of their own. She giggled her way through the book and said it made a great bedtime story. 

Her only question was, "Why does this little boy have so many huge monsters in his room?!" 

And then promptly asked to read it again!
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I loved this one it’s so cute. The story and illustrations we’re great. 

It’s perfect for children newborn to 8-9 years old but honestly even my older son would’ve chilled to listen to this story with me and my youngest. 
I absolutely recommend this perfect bedtime story. It was fun to read and the rhyming made it even more fun.
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Why is this book as adorable as it is? It is a picture book that has verses that follow the boy around who has lost his teddy bear. The little boy is trying to find that lost bear in the middle of the night.  During his quest to find this bear he meets new and unexpected companions. Monsters have been found but they are not those scary monsters that are under the bed. They are monsters that want to help find the teddy bear and understand that no one will have a comfortable sleeping without their teddy bear.  So, they help look as well.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of Where Is my Bear?
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Cute book that shows that everyone needs their Teddy to feel safe even things that go bump in night. Together with his otherworldly roomates our hero searches for Ted his lost teddy
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