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I loved this book! It was a fun and light mystery/adventure with heart and felt very “Florida-y” which I really enjoyed. I had never read the previous Chloe books but now cannot wait to dove in and see what she was up to before this one. It’s a quick read that kept me engaged from beginning to end
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The best in this series to date, Sherry Harris as upped her game for sure. ROM AND CHOKE is a must read!
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Fans of this series will be thrilled with this latest offering.
 I strongly recommend you read this series in order.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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Rum and Choke by Sherry Harris is book #4 in the Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon series. It's a treasure hunt! "Fixer" Ann Williams, descendant of the pirate Jean Lafitte, approaches Chloe Jackson, part-owner of the Sea Glass Saloon and interests her in going along while Ann does a dive searching for one of her ancestor's sunken ships. Possible treasure still aboard. Chloe also agrees to represent the Sea Glass Saloon in the annual Florida Panhandle Barback Games. Along the way a body is discovered and Chloe goes looking for clues. I really enjoyed this whodunit. It sure kept me guessing. I also enjoyed reading about the progress of Chloe's relationship with Rip Barnett. This was a fun cozy mystery to read and I look forward to what happens in the next book.
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Chloe is drawn into another situation by her loyal, yet inventive, workmates. But really, how much trouble can she get into by spying out the competition for a barback games and obstacle course  at the other bars? Unquestionably more than she bargained for. The fourth in Sherry Harris' Sea Glass Saloon Mystery series, Rum and Choke does not disappoint in any way! 
Chloe is back with the characters I love --plus--a deeper dive into Ann and what makes her tic. I enjoyed learning more about her, and the shipwreck. The pace is steady, with some misdirection, twists, and suspense. I love this series and am anxiously awaiting the next installment.
Thank you to :
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for the ARC e-copy that I requested. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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Rum and Choke, the 4th book in the Sea Glass Saloon, is without a doubt my favorite book in the series. Ann has always fascinated me so when she involves Chloe in a treasure hunt that leads to a dead body and puts them under suspicion of murder, I was thrilled to join the search. Wonderful and unique characters as well as intense mystery once again highlight a great mystery.
Sherry Harris pulls me in to every book that she writes so I really felt that I was part of all the trouble that faced and truly cared about what happened. I love the fact that Chloe, our protagonist is portrayed as an intelligent woman with strengths and weaknesses that I might see in my friends. I was please to get to see more of that about Ann that we had seen in any earlier book. The fact that the series is reveals more about characters or allows them to make small changes is one of the many strengths that I see in Ms. Harris's writing. I love the characters and have enjoy seeing Chloe become part of the community. Even though Boone, the friend who is responsible for Chloe being in Florida, died while deployed before the series started, he feels so real that I want to get to know him better.
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Chloe Jackson is a relatively new entry into the Cozy heroine field but she is already a favorite.  Leaving her home in Chicago for a new start on the beaches of Florida to deal with the unexpected death of a friend Chloes short leave of absence turns into a brand new life. The characters she meets at the Seaglass and the unexpected mayhem and murder she always seems to attract make a fun, quick and entertaining read.  Really enjoyed this entry in the series and am already looking forward to my next 'trip" tot he Florida panhandle.
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A Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon Mystery #4

Chloe is back and has been elected to represent them in the Florida Panhandle Barback Games. How in the world do they expect her to do obstacle courses with drinks? It is not an easy course, concluding with rolling a keg up a hill. Some of the other competitors have brought in professionals to win.

At the same time Cloes’ friend, Anne, enlists her help with some old papers she has found that may show the exact location of a pirate treasure. Unless you call a dead body a treasure, however, there isn’t much going on.

With murder in the town, Chloe has more than one job and she needs to figure out quickly who took the friendly competition to a new level.

We are at the fourth mystery now and I have to say, I’m in it now!

NetGalley/December 27th, 2022, Kensington Cozies
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Chloe Jackson’s business partners draft her to enter the Florida Panhandle Barback Games, pulling her in one direction while her friend Ann enlists her assistance in a treasure hunt.  Working at the Sea Glass Saloon, training for the barback competition, and joining Ann in her search for ancestor and pirate Jean Lafitte’s famed treasure, Chloe finds the mental and physical exercise challenging. 

When one of the chief barback competitors is found murdered, Chloe begins investigating. Then someone steals information about Ann’s search, so Chloe’s sleuthing expands to uncover their competition to locate the treasure.

Sherry Harris combines two elaborate and complex mysteries in this 4th novel featuring the Sea Glass Saloon. Chloe finds the mysteries challenging, and the author offers red herrings and twists at a steady pace.
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This is the first book I have read in the series but it can be read as a standalone book. 

I really enjoyed the Florida setting, I love the small-town setting, and the barback competition was pretty cool, although I wish we got to see more of Chloe practicing for it. I would have like maybe a training montage with an epic failure or two.  

Chloe has been entered into the Barback Games and while sizing up the competition ends up in contact with a kind of smarmy guy who will soon end up dead... Of course, Chloe and her maybe kind of friend Ann whom I didn't really like at all.. and wish she didn't have such a major part to play in the book... end up finding the body while doing some super secret treasure hunting so they are the prime suspects. It doesn't help that both Chloe and Ann had an unpleasant run-in with the deceased and aren't telling the police the whole truth about the whole situation. 

I think the mystery was good, we get some twists and turns, with a red herring or two thrown in, and I had no idea who the killer was until it was revealed. While I didn't enjoy this particular plot as much as I hoped, I did enjoy Sherry Harris's writing style and I would definitely read other books in this series, and check out the other books she has written.
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Chloe Jackson returns in the fourth outing of this engaging series set in the Sea Grass Saloon in the Florida Panhandle. Between training for the Barback Olympics and helping friend, Ann, search for sunken treasure, Chloe has her hands full. Add finding a dead body to the mix and you have the recipe for overload and a delightful nysỳttt5. Well-paced. Four and a half stars.
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Some aspects of this novel were interesting but I didn't care for the characters. Agreeing to do the contest was a bit silly considering she has barely learned how to bar back and the constant investigating alone was unbelievable. Ann was a cold character to inspire so many people loyalty
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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Chloe Jackson is not thrilled that Joaquin and Vivi, co-owners of the Sea Glass Saloon, have entered her in the obstacle course-like Barback Games.   Other bars have hired ringers to compete so Chloe decides to check out her competition but ends up getting roofied at one of the bars.  The next day, Chloe's friend Ann asks her to join her on a secret outing.  Ann had found an old map that may locate a sunken ship.  But when Ann makes the dive, she doesn't find any treasure but the weighted-down body of Enrique, one of the ringers hired for the Barback Games. Ann had unpleasant memories of Enrique from high school in Louisiana and the police consider her a prime suspect.  Chloe helps Ann continue her search for the sunken ship as well as clues to help clear her name.

This was not as enjoyable a read as the previous books in the Sea Glass Saloon series.  The balance of the story seemed off. Chloe and Ann's secret outings took up the bulk of the story and there is little mention of the Barback Games until the end of the book when the competition takes place.

I received a digital ARC from Netgalley and Kensington.  All opinions are my own.
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A brilliant plot! A blast to read! I love the fun cover!

It’s April in Emerald Cove, Florida, and business is booming inside the trendy tiki hut; the Sea Glass Saloon. Co-owner, Vivi Slidell, and head bartender, Joaquin Diaz, have signed up co-owner, waitress, and barback, Chloe Jackson (the protagonist) to compete in the first annual Florida Panhandle Barback Games which is 10 days away. Turns out, Chloe is up against some stiff competitors who have more experience than she does, and…dark pasts that put Chloe in danger.

When Chloe accompanies her mysterious friend, Ann Williams on a treasure dive and Ann finds one of the competitors bodies below the surface; it quickly becomes obvious both women are in danger, being watched, and the reasons why begin to unfold in this amazing story!

I enjoyed the comraderie of the saloon employees; the Oceanside setting; the great cast of characters; the originality of the plot; and all the exciting danger scenes and humorous narrative in all the right places! Ann is a cool character whom I’ve never quite figured out how she’s so wealthy or what she does with all her time; but I really like her.

As the story begins to reveal the secrets to the murder and other mystery components, Author Harris hints at secrets to anticipate in future books. I’m ready and waiting! I highly recommend “Rum and Choke”, and each previous novel in this exciting series.

I honestly reviewed an unedited arc provided by NetGalley and Kensington Publishing. All opinions are my own.
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This is the 4th book in the Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon Mystery series and can be read as a standalone.  I didn't feel like I was missing anything important by not reading the previous books which I really liked.  However, I do want to go back and read them though because I felt a connection with the characters and would like to know more about them.  I will also be checking out the next book in this series because the characters are so engaging and want to see how they develop.  

Chloe is part owner of the bar Sea Glass Saloon, and is "pressured" into the Florida Panhandle Barback Games by her friends/co-owner who signed her up before asking.  She reluctantly agrees (like she had a choice) and goes on a recon to check out her competition which goes horribly wrong.  As if all this wasn't enough, Ann asks Chloe to help her search for sunken treasure from a shipwreck but instead they find a dead body.  

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an EARC in exchange for an honest review. 
I really did not expect this ending. Rum and Choke is the 4th book in this series by Sherry Harris and has many elements I found very enjoyable. This is easily becoming one of my favorite series. 
Actual rating: 4.5/5
Chole Jackson is not at all pleased to be entered into the annual Florida Panhandle Bar-Back Games, but is thrown into a whirlwind of a story when one of the other bars competitors Enrique is found dead, and Chole is looking more and more like a suspect.   
My only major issue with this story is it feels like the Bar-Back Games are only mentioned when it is coinvent for Chole to use an excuse "I was training" etc. The only times we learn anything major about the contest is at the begging and the very last chapter of the book, after the killer has been discovered. 
However, I love the ending when we discover the killer and what happened. I can happily say I have not read a lot of  Cozy Mysteries where this is what happens and we have our main character fight between what is morally right and what they believe is right. 
I do recommend this series and book to check out. I would recommend starting at book 1 before reading this one.
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Publication Dec. 27, 2022

The song "Shades of Gray" ran through my mind as I finished this book and thought about it a bit. There are so many different elements within to ponder, ranging from venturing out of your comfort zone, taking a chance on love, and that gray area of what is truth. As Chloe discovers, none of these are quite as simple as they seem.

The story begins simply enough, well, aside from the pressure that Vivi and Joaquin's decision to enter her in the highly competitive local bar contest creates. How competitive? Competitive enough that some of the local bars have hired ringers for a month to prepare to represent their businesses. I mean, Wonder Woman's stunt double? Chloe, who is a regular runner, decides to go along with the idea, especially since Joaquin, who won four years ago but won't be eligible to re-enter for another year, says he'll be coaching her. 

What no one planned on, however, was Enrique, one of the ringers, being found dead. Chloe and Ann, a descendant of famed pirate Jean Lafitte, both find themselves on the suspect list. There's a search for a sunken pirate ship and treasure, too, in the mix. We also learn quite a bit about life on the Gulf coast, mixing drinks, pirate lore, and how far some might go to protect others. 

For me, the strongest point of the book was the characters, however. Chloe is strong and steady, but terrified of thunder/lightning storms. If she makes a promise, she keeps it, even if it's to her detriment. She's also vulnerable in the sense of being wary of mentioning her growing love for fire-figher Rip. In other words, she comes across as a real person with strengths and weaknesses.

Her friends, from take the take-no-prisoners Vivi, who co-owns the Sea Glass Saloon with Chloe and seems to have a hot line to the governor, and Joaquin, steady-as-a-rock bartender and friend, are likable and I hope to get more of their stories in later books. Ann remains a bit of a mystery to me but, well, she's a bit of a mystery to Chloe, so that is probably intentional. I'm sure we'll hear more of her as the series goes along, not to mention her fascinating tidbits on pirate lore. 

Bottom line, this book is a winner and works nicely as a stand-alone. It left me pondering the question of what is truth and is omission an untruth, and any book that leaves me thinking is a winner in my book. As I said above, "Shades of Gray". Thanks #NetGalley and #KensingtonBooks - #KensingtonCozies for inviting me along to watch Chloe roll a beer keg up that sandy slope.
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This isn't one of my favorite books in the series. Chloe seems a bit off in this book, and Ann seemed to take over.
This one didn't appeal to me.
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Wow! I'm not sure how the author, Sherry Harris does it! Every book in the series is stellar and while there are murders each has a different vibe.Rum and Choke reads like an adventure story while it continues to maintain a cozy mystery atmosphere. The location is a small beach town, Chloe,the amateur sleuth, a great group of friends, and is comedic in parts ,heart pounding in other parts.. a the reader feels  like they are solving the mystery along with Chloe.
I am excited to be back to the Florida panhandlers at the Sea Glass Saloon. This is a super engaging read. I did not guess the murderer but felt very satisfied with who, how and why at the end. I also liked the further character development of Ann.This excellent cozy mystery is 4th in the series and publishes on Dec 27, 2022
I'd like to thank NetGalley, Kensington publishers and the author for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Loved reading this book and series. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend her and her books. I suggest reading this book in order.
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