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Such a cute book!!! I really hope there are many more books in this series. Your little ones will love the girl and her puppy.
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4 stars = Great! Might re-read.

A darling sequel that will feel super familiar to any creative who has struggled with moments when the ideas just won't come. Would make a great classroom read aloud.
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"For anyone who ever stared out a blank page"
The Most Magnificent Idea," is a companion book to bestselling "The Most Magnificent Idea", I admired the book from the first page, the buildings were done as a line drawing with girl popping out of the page. Each page was a place to explore, for example the drawing in her room/workshop were a study of her idea, and along with her friend the pug.
The girl loves building things, many are useful and some are down right silly. " Some of her creations are good and some are great and few 'MAGNIFICENT'. Not only was this book entertaining, but also educational,, anytime a young person is interested in STEM is a win. 
Thank you Ashley Spires, Kids Can Press LTD, and NetGalley the privilege of reading and reviewing the book.
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I was so looking forward to the second book in this series because I totally adored the first one, "The Most Magnificent Thing"!

And, I'm happy to announce that it exceeded every expectation I had!

This series is just MAGNIFICENT!

So, let’s see... How do I write a review that does justice to this 5-star-jewelry box adorned with amazing emotional imagery in the form of superbly aesthetic and whimsical illustrations???

Or, should I say toolbox? Because this in one magnificent STEM toolbox for girl power!

If book one was an tale of empowerment for girls to be daringly imaginative, inventive, creators and makers, this second book is an oh-so-precious "necessity is the mother of invention” tale of encouragement for those girls already embarked in a creative journey experiencing that creative block all creators eventually experience.

That's what I loved most about this book. This is a universal story humans of all ages can relate to. It is a reminder of how inventive and creativity, even when we struggle to connect with them, are an inherent part of being human and our birthright and we just need to to find our own paths and ways to claim them.
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From the creator of The Most Magnificent Thing, comes The Most Magnificent Idea. Ashley Spires has both written and illustrated the story of a little girl's struggle to create. She makes and creates all the time but one day she is uninspired and does not know what to make. The girl tries what she can to become inspired once again. It isn't until she notices a problem that she has an idea! The whimsical artwork for the book was created digitally in Photoshop. This satisfying picture book will make an excellent read aloud for children that preparing to create. Whether the creating is writing, building, making, or creating art of some kind. It also makes the perfect companion to The Most Magnificent Idea. Highly recommended. (less)
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This is like a book about burnout for kids! I like that Spires stresses the need to rest and wait and let things come to you naturally. Children can get just as burnt out as adults if they are pushed too hard and too far. This is a cute picture book and would make a great read aloud.
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As a librarian, there are three key components of a story that are always sure to capture my attention.
1. Mixes a fun storyline with educational content
2. Would make a good read aloud
3. Unique art work

The Most Magnificent Idea does it all, which isn't surprising considering how much I enjoyed The Most Magnificent Thing also by Spires. This is such a great STEM read, encouraging children to think outside the box and keep exploring their creativity. I already know it will be in popular demand once it hits our library shelves!
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The girl in this story is always inventing things.  Until one day comes and she has no ideas...
KidsCanPress and Net galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

She tries all kinds of tricks to get ideas but nothing comes to her.  Then she gets an idea on how to help her neighbor.  She succeeds in what she created and the next day, she's back to normal!

I enjoy this character and what she can do.  Why don't you and your little one get to know her?
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What's a young inventor to do when she runs out of ideas? 
1.Take her dog on a walk
2. brainstorm
3. research
4. ?? 
5. Profit??

Join this girl and her clever sidekick as they try to figure it out. This book teaches that inspiration can be found in the world around you, but everyone hits a slump sometimes. 

Artwork: Very cute style that mixes a plain line art with a vividly colored main character and important objects. This style reminds me of "Elouise" and "Olivia." Pictures are funny & compliment the words. There's plenty more to talk  about on each page for your young and emerging readers. 

I would definitely buy copies for friends! I hope they make another edition as a board book; I could see this being a big hit with babies and toddlers as well. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for providing an Advance Readers Copy in exchange for my honest review.
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What a lovely follow-up to "The Magnificent Thing!"  As soon as I read the dedication, I knew I was in for a treat.. The concept of the girl's dream machine on the blink will delight my readers and, at the same time, allow them to identify with just that problem themselves.  She has run out of ideas and who hasn't experienced that same issue?
The illustrations are so vibrant and the words so clever.  Another great read!
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This adorable sequel to The Most Magnificent Thing has the same main character with a similar problem.  She can't think of a new idea.  She tries lots of different strategies and is ultimately successful.  A wonderful addition to a STEAM library!
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This is a great companion book to The Most Magnificent Thing.  This follows a girl who loves to create, but today she is stuck and cannot think of a single idea.  A great story showing perseverance and how inspiration can come from anywhere.
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The Most Magnificent Idea is such a cute sequel to her previous stories.  It is a cute story about a girl who loves to build things.  Big things, little things, magnificent things.  But what happens when you don't know what to build next.  She has her assistant, her dog, and sets off to try and come up with her next big idea.  It's such a great picture book, the illustrations are adorable.  Seeing the character struggle makes her relatable and having a dog companion/assistant is just so down to earth with our most of us talk to our own pets and see them more than just that.  

Thank you NetGalley for the eARC, this review is my honest opinion.
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A young girl is full of ideas and enjoys being her ideas alive. Her mind is so full of ideas that her hands can't keep up...except for today. Frustrated with her lack of ideas she goes looking for inspiration and found it right in her neighbourhood.

Read this book to promote discussions on inspiration, STEM, inventors, frustration, patience, and getting started.
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This was an absolutely brilliant book - a wonderful story, exquisitely drawn and inspirational. I love that it’s the story of a little girl who is empowered to create.
Bravo! We need more children’s books like this.
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The is such a great book.  A perfect follow up to The Most Magnificent Thing!   It would be great to read in a classroom setting to get ideas going and the two read together would be great to read while talking about inventors.
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I love the way this story takes a look at the creative process!

It is just as important for young readers to understand that creative thinking is oftentimes a process!! I adored the one illustration with the web diagram demonstrating that sometimes there is even logic behind creativity. The perspective in this story is just so cutting edge and STEM related I think this is a wonderfully important book for young readers to experience. The illustrations are crisp, detail oriented and very colorful and sure to capture a young readers attention throughout the story.

Grateful to have received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley & Kids Can Press
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Ashley Spires has come up with the most magnificent sequel to her previous bestseller! As we all know, our protagonist from The Most Magnificent Thing makes all kinds of things assisted by her canine friend. In her latest adventure “The Most Magnificent Idea”, she wakes up one day and realises she has run out of ideas. But ideas are everywhere – so she goes out for a walk, in search of inspiration, admires other builders, goes through her journals, brainstorms, researches, does everything possible in search of one. She does not give up and just like that, from the most trivial of situations, pops up an idea!

What a great book to introduce children to the concept of creator’s block! Even before I turned the first page, the book dedication won me over with a Don Murray kind of appeal – the book is dedicated to “…anyone who has ever stared helplessly at a blank page.”
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This is a really unusual book about that all too familiar frustration felt when you want to do something, but you can't decide what. The illustrations are beautiful and I really like the range of page layouts used. 
My only critique is that the page with "she realizes she isn't the only one who is lost" doesn't seem to fit with what's happening on the story.  I understand that the cat is lost but I wasn't sure in what sense the girl was lost. I felt the message at the end was therefore a little muddled.
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I absolutely adored this picture book! I’m a fan of The Most Magnificent Thing, the companion book to The Most Magnificent Idea, and am thrilled that the story of the intrepid young inventor continues in this story. The theme explores ideas and where they come from (and how hard they can be to find, sometimes). It is a fantastic picture book for young readers and encourages them to continue to try and seek inspiration rather than give in and give up. I will be adding this book to my go-to pile for young students. Thank you to  Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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