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Heartbreak Homes

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC. 
Great book. Kept me interested and was very well written. I would definitely read more from this author!
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Narrated from multiple perspectives, Heartbreak Homes  is about what compels us to kill—and the true face of justice.
The ending will blow your mind!  Simply WOW…
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I absolutely loved this book! 

Overall seeing how everything went down that night from the different perspectives, helped put everything into focus. All of the aftermath as well as how the town itself and the parents and what they were doing was affecting all the kids was realistic. This book dealt with the changes in friendship due to school changes, and life-changing due to a financial crisis in different forms. We also got to see how the foster care system is broken and how teens would rather live on their own in the woods than be in a foster home that was bad again. This book dealt with not only the mystery of what happened that night that caused Malcolm to die, but the mystery as well of who set the fire, and what else was happening in the town that was the rich man's secret. 

Cannot recommend this book enough for anyone wanting a multi-pov mystery that deals with real-life situations in a realistic way.
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Heartbreak Homes
By: Jo Treggiari
⭐️⭐️⭐️/3 stars

"A gripping locked-door YA murder mystery told from multiple perspectives."

I was initially drawn to this book by the cover and I was hoping for more of a thriller than was offered. The story starts out at a party-one last hurrah before school is back in session. This party is being held at an abandoned home that is part of a development deal that went bad.

This story is told from three perspectives but with multiple characters involved. It was really difficult to keep everyone straight especially when nicknames were used as well. Basically, Frankie goes to this party with her best friend, Jessa. Jessa has started hanging out with the "cool" kids and Frankie goes because she doesn't want Jessa to start drifting away. Jessa is trying to get together with Malcom who is a popular senior that winds up dead by the end of the night.

Could the killer be Jessa? Someone at the party? One of the crew of homeless girls that are squatting on the property? This story just seemed to flow to slow at times and I found myself distracted.

Thank you @netgalley and @nimbuspublishinglimited for this ARC in exchange for my honest review

Published on October 11, 2022
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A wonderfully written Mystery novel for YA. I love the way that the narrative was told from multiple points of view. Really added to the whole atmosphere f the book. 
Easy to follow and totally engaging it was an absolute pleasure to read. 
I’ve not read this author before but I will be looking out for them in the future. 
Thank you to the author, the publisher and Netgalley for my arc. 
Highly recommend.
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For a YA book this captured my attention from the very beginning and hooked me in the the end.  The multiple pov added an intensity to the pages and i needed to keep reading well into the night.  A fast paced page turner for sure.

Thank you Netgalley for this arc
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This is a solid YA murder mystery. It is a a quick and easy read and the characters are well written. I read a lot of thrillers and, as a result, found this one to be a little slow paced and lacking some of that edge of your seat feeling. But please keep in mind that this is because the book is written for a YA audience.  I did enjoy the story overall.
If you have a teen who wants to read mystery/thriller, this book would be perfect!
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I tried multiple times but have been unable to finish. This in no way means this is not a great book, we all have different likes and this just wasn't one for me.
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Being a book blogger and having read a ton of books on netgalley, I’ve come to realize that many deliver either an innovative and unique story OR beautifully crafted prose. Very rarely can they do both. BUT THIS ONE IS THE UNICORN. 

The way Treggiari wove multiple character viewpoints was flawlessly magical, without it ever relaxing into the overused, procedural mold that we have seen before. It would make an absolutely fantastic teen television mini series. And I would be invested as an adult. 

My only issue is with the cover... it doesn’t do this amazing book justice! I highly recommend that the editors change it to something more eye-catching that will get readers to pick it up because I truly believe this one deserves a wide audience.

I will read anything this author writes!
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I’m a sucker for a YA murder mystery so I was really excited for this one. Admittedly, this wasn’t exactly what I expected. It’s advertised as a locked-room thriller but doesn’t necessarily fit the category for me. I knew it was about a murder at a high school party so I expected all the characters to be stuck at said party with an unknown murderer among them. That did not happen at all. This takes place over the course of many days as the characters work to understand what happened that night. So, is it really a locked room thriller? No, not really. But thankfully, it was still a very solid read! It follows the POV in alternating chapters from three different outcasts from different backgrounds; Frankie, a girl whose best friend recently became popular and is into the It boy, Martin, a boy who used to have money and be popular but now is poor, and Cara, a homeless girl who comes to the party for free stuff. Now everyone’s a suspect in a murder but who actually did it? And why?

So much fun! Pretty predictable for an adult reader and I guessed the culprit literally the second the character was introduced, but I think this will very much appeal to the YA crowd it’s intended for. Overall, totally recommend to fans of Holly Jackson and Karen McManus.

Treggiari is a new-to-me author and I feel this was a great introduction to her writing style, definitely going to check out her other titles.
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The only thing better than one surprise sapphic in a book is MULTIPLE surprise sapphics!!! 

Heartbreak homes is a teen thriller set around the murder of a classmate at a party, too often with these types of stories the pacing is either way too slow, or rushed at several points which I absolutely can not stand, HH does not have this issue at all. Both the pacing and the engagement levels are pretty constant throughout. 

The story is told from a good number of perspectives which keeps the story feeling fresh as well as giving us multiple perspectives on the events ongoing, this mixed with the short chapters makes it super easy to speed through this book.

As I mentioned earlier there ended up being multiple queer characters which was a great surprise for me, as time goes on I'm no longer having to search for specifically queer books to get representation, I get to see queer main characters by accident, which is so refreshing!

4.5 stars rounded up to a 5, I loved this! Will be searching for more by this author.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this book.

This book is a sort of murder mystery for teens. After a party in an abandoned house goes horribly wrong, a group of teens tries to figure out who murdered the popular kid. 

I liked this book but it wasn't anything that kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought the pace was a little slow and there were times when it was difficult to stay engaged in the story. It isn't a bad story at all,  but I look for something a little more snappy and quick in a thriller.
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HEARTBREAK HOMES is a fascinating mystery that tells the story of Frankie, Martin and Cala. Frankie attends a party with her best friend Jessa at Heartwood Homes—or more aptly named, Heartbreak Homes. Once upon a time, Heartwood Homes was going to be a beautiful estate full of mansions and places to die for. But then the project went bust. Now, it lies abandoned, and it is the perfect place where a perfect party can go horribly wrong. When Heartwood Homes went bust, Mar-tin’s father lost everything, including Martin’s college tuition. All Cala has are the girls at her side and the clothes on her back. So, when she hears that rich kids are throwing a party, she realises they’re the perfect mark. But the night does not go as planned and soon a dead body is discovered, and an intense game of Whodunnit breaks out.

This was a quick read that I found myself flying through. I was invested in the mystery and wanted to know who the murderer was. I cared deeply for Cala and her girls and wanted them to find stability so they could relax for a short while. The murder was woven into the plot with enough detail and suspense that I never found myself wanting. It was well developed and fairly interesting. The char-acters led the story well and the side characters added a depth to the story that it would have needed otherwise. Frankie was a soft soul who I empathised with and who I felt made the story what it was. She was smart, inquisitive and sharp, which I enjoy very much in a character. Martin fell flat in some places, but he was still an entertaining character who’s point of view I enjoyed to read.

This book did feel slow paced every so often. I felt like there could have been more action, or the pacing could have been tighter around some areas. It made it somewhat difficult to keep reading when I was waiting for something to happen, and nothing would. I also don’t believe the description did the story justice, as it led me to believing this story involved a serial killer when it was far tamer than that. The climax definitely didn’t play out how I expected it to, and I believe that there should have possibly been a trigger warning for sexual assault at the beginning of the book, as that kind of content could trigger someone who is sensitive to that sort of material. 

Overall, I feel this book wrapped up well, and it was a nice, cosy mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would definitely recommend this if you’re someone who enjoys a quick, simple young adult mystery that takes you through various different points of view.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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3 1/2 Stars!

Heartbreak Homes by Jo Treggiari is a YA mystery. This book has an interesting storyline with Frankie and her friend Jessa being the main characters. I felt this had a slow pace but at times the pace got faster. I do like the main characters though.

I received an ARC and this is my honest review.
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Easy to read and fast to get into the action of the plot.

The protagonists did annoy me a little, they seemed to be quite cliche.
That being said, I think this will be popular with YA readers.
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Frankie and Jessa have long been the best of friends, but recently Jessa has started hanging with the cool crowd and vying to socialise with them and further away from home, which sees the duo descend on the annual back-to-school party, one more apprehensive than the other. Jessa disappears and when Frankie finds her again she is at the heart of the scene of a crime. Could Jessa be responsible? Was she the unwitting eyes to a murder? Or was this a horrible and inexplicable accident? 

I found the premise an intriguing one, as were the three perspectives used to narrate this tale. Frankie provided the initial eyes into this word, which was perhaps why I felt most affinity for her. I did, however, empathise with Martin, whose family's financial loss saw him removed from the elite academic institution the rest of his friends still attended and Cara, who dwelt on the streets with others around her age. I thought the author did a good job of discussing economic decline and the fallout of residing in areas were work was scarce, crime was high, and future prospects slim. I appreciated how the different perspectives illuminated a gradient of wellbeing and living standards.

The mystery itself, however, I felt less enjoyable to explore. I felt much of the novel moved at a sluggish pace, concerning the uncovering of clues. The journey into finding the murderer was less about puzzling out answers and more about getting to know the characters who attended the party, which was of less interest to me personally.
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This book is most deff going on my bookshelf when it comes out. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I went into this kind of blind and I am not disappointed.
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Thanks NetGalley and Nimbus Publishing for this eARC, these opinions are my own. I found myself intrigued through this book! Frankie, Martin, and Cara are all at a party when the host ends up dead. Martin has just been in an altercation with him, Frankie’s best friend like him but she was not a fan, and Cara and her friends weren’t even invited to the party. Can the figure out who did it? Are they suspects as well? Do the people they thought they could trust have secrets? I honestly couldn’t figure this one out till close to the end and even then I though I might be wrong! I also hadn’t anticipated some of the things that come out at the end! I enjoyed Frankie, Martin, and Cara. I think Cara and her friends had been through so much! There were a few holes for me but maybe I just missed them in my read. In any case they weren’t that big and didn’t distract from the major plot! I highly recommend reading this if you like LGBTQ+ mysteries! Can’t wait to read it again!
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I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book but I really liked it.  It’s essentially a murder mystery told in a very locked room theme.  I would consider it an updated spin on Agatha Christie.
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4.25 for the YA genre

I really enjoyed this book! I love multiple pov in mystery. It really gives us a better look into the goings on of the story, as perceived by more than just a main character. The characters were very relatable and the mystery/twist was a nice surprise. 

This book is reminiscent of Holly Jackson and Karen McManus, I’ll definitely read more by this author.
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