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The Fight of Our Lives

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I gave 4 stars for the educational value, & the easy readability of this book. It's very interesting non fiction. The author told about her growing up years & education in Ukraine (& outside Ukraine too), & that shines a light on the life of the common citizens of the country, & also the country's history. She tells about the political history of the country, the rampant corruption, the oligarchs, the relationship to Russia, & also Zelenskyy's rise to leadership. She also tells about the use/manipulation of the spoken language (& different dialects) used in the various areas of the country....& how big a factor that is in that country. I learned a lot about that area of the world that I hadn't known before, so that earns an extra star from me! This title fits the content....along side of learning about the author, we also learn about Ukraine. The book isn't very long in pages, but it makes the most of it, in explaining that country! I'd recommend it to anyone that wants to understand more about how Ukraine came to be where/what it is today.
I received an e-copy of the book from Atria/One Signal Publishers via NetGalley for review purposes....& this is my own fair/honest review.

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I have recently taken a liking to non-fiction reads and this one really taught me a lot. I didn’t realize how interesting this topic was until I finished reading and had to sit with what I had just learned. I definitely would read more from this author.

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Very touching and informative. This was a interesting new perspective on current events that I had previously thought I knew most that there was to know about.

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