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Greek Mythology for Kids

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Kids love mythology. Anytime I bring up greek myths in a classroom (really no matter the age) the students buy in almost immediately. The problem is, most greek myths aren't accessible for younger and middle grade readers. Greek Mythology for Kids is the perfect exception! This book contains about 20 myths, each about 2-4 pages long. This length is perfect because it allows readers to understand the premise of the story without getting bogged down by complicated plot of many greek myths. Characters' names are bolded and are described on a glossary page at the end of the book. The names are also written phonetically which is super helpful for younger readers who might not be familiar with the names. The illustrations are beautiful. They remind me of superhero comics and I think they will not only draw the reader in, but also help with comprehension. While I did not carefully check each myth for appropriateness, for the most part the book seems to be written with middle graders in mind, therefore adult content sometimes found in greek myths seem to be watered down and appropriate for readers in the 9-12 range. Thanks NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read and review this book!
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This is the book I've always wanted to read when I was a Kid/Teen! Since younger days, I am interested in History, for this is theknowledge about How We became what We are, and somheow Our behaviour as Society. And Mythologies in general simple drawn my attention, specially the greek one and also roman, part of that resisdes in the fact that both had strong influence in the our now living culture, subtly or crystal clear. This narrative is well structured, the images helps Us to personalize each character mentioned in the current story, and also makes the reading a lot more interactive and compelling. I believe not just kids or teens would love this, but people who loves History content that might get to know about the myths We've been only heard but not knowing deeply, until this book appears to Us in a clear and  dynamic way.

Thanks Netgalley for the ARC =D
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