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Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1)

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This was a very intriguing book and I loved it. I absolutely love sci-fi and I look forward to read the rest of the books.
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This was a really beautiful start to the Wise Society series, it had what I enjoy about the scifi genre. The story itself was wonderfully done and I was invested in what was going on in this world. The characters worked perfectly in this world and were entertaining. I really enjoyed the way A. D. Zoltan and Steven N. Nagy wrote this book, it worked so well as a beginning to a series and I'm excited to read more in this universe.

"Everything happened so fast. We heard a small popping sound and a moment later the PIs warned us that the ship was being hit by a peculiarly strong burst of a solar flare in a rare spectrum we still know very little about. This event triggered a chain reaction that led to an explosion of a volatile substance in the research lab. Ester’s force field automatically detected the danger, but the PI could not properly calculate the direction of the explosion and was unable to fully compensate for the force of the impact. Her small body couldn’t withstand such massive trauma.”
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