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Thank you to @netgalley and the publisher for this free eARC.
Coming from a country that doesn't have chilli as a well known dish I was always on a lookout for a good recipe that could explain the process in an easy way.
And with this cookbook I have found it!
There are a lot of great chilli recipes. There's something for everyone - black beans, vegeterian... I can't wait to give them a try.
Highly recommend this to everyone who would like to take a shot at making a good at home chilli.
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Generally I like anything dealing with a cookbook, but for some reason this one fell flat for me. Nothing that I can put my finger on though. The recipes seemed OK, but none jumped out that I’d actually be interested in trying. Not bad, but not great either
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Loved, loved, loved this book. Thank you to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for allowing me to read and review, I actually ended up purchasing a hard copy for me to keep on hand. Seriously good recipes and photos. The layout of this book was phenomenal, making it easy. Each recipe had photos, and information about the original cook. Many different styles of recipes of chili from all over. I highly enjoyed the book and recommend.
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I never watched the office. I just really love chili. So many different recipes for chili! I can’t wait to work my way through this book. First up is Steak n’ Shake inspired chili!
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of "Seriously Good Chili Cookbook" by Brian Baumgartner. I had seen this advertised on Brian's Instagram and was already excited for it before I knew it was on NetGalley. I feel lucky to have gotten an ARC, especially being a big fan of The Office. I enjoyed how the cookbook is laid out and the photography. You could feel Brian's easygoing, fun nature throughout the book. I also like how the book includes recipes for beginners to experienced chili masters, and recipes from both celebrities and "normal people" alike. I am excited to try a lot of the recipes as my usual go-to is a store-bought packet of seasoning.
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Seriously Good Chili Cookbook is a fun and comprehensive collection of chili recipes curated by Brian Baumgartner. Released 13th Sept 2022 by Fox Chapel, it's 252 pages and is available in spiral hardcover and ebook formats.

Practically everyone loves chili and there are as many family recipes handed down as there are families (especially if you are from the USA). This book is a collection of 177 classic recipes in an array of styles (including vegetarian) to suit all tastes.

The recipes are arranged thematically by chapter: chili con carne, chili verde, white chicken chili, Texas chili, Cincinnati chili, turkey, vegetarian, black bean, homestyle, chili as extra (dogs, nachos, cornbread and more), and a serious look at chili cookoffs. Each recipe includes an introduction, cook times, yields. Recipe ingredients are given in a bullet list with measurements in imperial (US) units only. Recipe ingredients will be easily accessible at almost any well stocked grocery store. Some specialty fresh peppers might require a trip to a well stocked international grocery store, depending on the reader's location.

The standout with this collection is the photography. There are many many full color photos for the recipes showing finished serving suggestions, sides, alternate toppings, and cooking progress photos. It's a really good collection for cooks who might need an extra help with serving suggestions and presentation ideas.

There's a lot of behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of The Office which also makes this collection fun to read.

Five stars. This would be an excellent choice for public library acquisition, home use, or gift giving to a fan of The Office -or- chili fans.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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This is a collection of chili recipes from individuals around the US who submitted them to the author.  Baumgartner does put his personal recipe in the beginning but we do have to remember that he is an actor not a trained chef. He is also a spokesman for a beans company and their cans feature in the photographs.  I tried several of the recipes and they were fine.  But there is something overly glossy and perhaps a bit lazy (the photographs are professional with varied backgrounds despite the recipes being from layman, so I question if they are actually of the recipe or that they were photographed for the book) that makes me uncomfortable. I guess it doesn't help that the introduction is from another actor and not a chef.

The recipes are broken down as follows: Brian's chili, chili con carne, chili verde, white chicken chili, Texas chili, Cincinnati chili, turkey chili, vegetarian chili, black bean chili, homestyle chili, chili takes (dogs, nachos, corn bread etc.), ICS world championships.  Other chapters include top chili cook off locations, recipe conversions, hot pepper heat scale, etc.

Each recipe is nicely laid out and easy to read.  There is a large title, an introductory paragraph cook time, serving size, then ingredients and directions.  Some recipes earned rewards - those are listed on the recipe page as well.  There is no nutritional information included. Many recipes call for unique ingredients and/or canned/premade products.  There is a short paragraph about the recipe's author.  Several are bloggers or celebrities.

So, yes there is a lot here and from various sources so it is a much less homogeneous set of recipes.   It is nicely laid out and easy to follow.  But the photographs feel like stock photos rather than actual photos and you have to remember that this is from an actor and not a chef - hence, no nutritional information or in depth analysis from someone trained in the field.  But it is clear that Baumgartner is passionate about the subject.  Reviewed from an advance reader copy provided by the publisher.
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My fam loves The Office, so as any Office stan knows the chili episode, you know you wanna try Kevin’s chili recipe. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t tried all of the recipes from this cookbook yet, but I am excited to try them as the weather turns more chilly (PUN INTENDED!). I’m looking forward to stuffing myself silly with the recipes as the days grow colder, though!
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I love chili! And now, thanks to this book, I have a TON of new recipes to try out. Easily understood recipes. 
I have my own "The Office"-like chili episode to share.....
About 15 years ago, I was working in a governmental office in DC. Every year there was a chili cookoff fundraiser. And people working there took it SERIOUSLY! They guarded their chili recipe secrets more closely than the most top secret documents we worked with. They worked for days preparing their chili. And it was cutthroat! More than one friendship was threatened by being beat out by a friend. I never wanted to participate. It just was not my cup of tea. However, I was approached by my boss, and told that, to be a good team player, I should enter the competition. So I submitted to the peer pressure and threw my hat into the competition. 
I really did not want to waste a lot of time preparing anything (I was commuting by train from Maryland, and didn't have a lot of extra time). I went to the grocery store and bought 5 of the cheapest cans of pre-prepared chili off the shelf. Threw it in a slow cooker and took it to work the next day. 
Lo and behold, to my great shock, I took second place! Who would have believed it? It was one of the funniest things I ever saw. In a perfect world, I would have taken the ribbon and shut up....but no....I had to rub people's faces in it.  At the awards ceremony, I accepted the ribbon, and when asked for my "secret", I told them. OMG!!! You would have thought I murdered someone! Ostracized and berated, banned from the competition for life, the only good part was when my boss pulled me aside and told me that she thought it was hilarious!
Anyway, that has nothing to do with the book, other than Kevin's chili fiasco reminded me of it. 
This is a fun book, and if you like chili, you should give it a try!
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I requested this solely based off of one of the best cinematic scenes in TV history. If you don't know what I'm talking about I feel sorry for you and if you do, you get it. 

However, I ended up with a fantastic book filled to the brim with all kinds of chili recipes that have been tried and true including chili cook off winners. You are bound to find multiple recipes you want to try. 

Would make a fantastic gift for The Office lover in your life that likes to cook.
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I have never watched The Office, but the thought of an all chili cookbook was something I wanted to check out. Funny thing is, I don’t like chili. However, I figured if I could find a recipe I’d like, it would be in, SERIOUSLY GOOD CHILI COOKBOOK: 177 of the Best Recipes in the World: Explore the Ultimate Comfort Food with Brian Baumgartner. 

Without knowing The Office, I still found this to be an entertaining cookbook. You get a lot of fun that comes with the recipes and other information contained on the pages.

When I review a cookbook, I normally include some of the recipes you would find in the book, but the description from the book itself lists several. 

There are a ton of wonderful color photos to tempt even the pickiest tastebuds. Honestly, at times I could smell the chili cooking just looking at them. 

SERIOUSLY GOOD CHILI COOKBOOK, is a seriously good chili cookbook that every chili fan will love. And yes, this non-chili fan even found a few recipes I can adapt for myself.
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Who knew there were so many chili variations with regional and cultural differences?! This cookbook is perfect for anyone who loves chili and, especially, if you’re an Office fan (who doesn’t love Kevin and remember his famous trip with the chili pot episode?!) 

There are so many recipes in this book to appeal to every palate. Brian Baumgartner has included his own “tried and true” recipes as well as “recipes from national champions, world renowned chefs, and people who just make awesome chili”. In the beginning there are historical and fun facts about chili and this book contains helpful QR codes to view instructional videos for some of the recipes. Also, there is a comprehensive “Hot Pepper Heat Scale”, interesting and helpful. 

As I read through these recipes, I was astounded at the diversity of ingredients that I never considered adding to mine like, coffee, cocoa, beer, and soda. There are so many chili recipes I can’t wait to try but some of the ones that really stood out were Buffalo Chicken Chili, BBQ Pulled Pork Chili, Italian Chili, Mango Black Bean Chili, Vegan Chorizo and Vegan Pumpkin Lentil Quinoa Chili. And there are so many more, this book contains 177 chili recipes including an entire section with World Champion Chili Recipes. Seriously, this is THE KING of chili cookbooks! 

Thank you NetGalley, Fox Chapel Publishing and the author for this eARC in exchange for my honest review. This book is available now and I highly recommend it!
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If you are a fan of The Office or of chili or of both The Office and chili , you'll get a kick out of this book filled with various chili recipes. I thought it was a cute idea for a book and I am always up for new chili recipes!
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Once I saw that he was coming out with a chili cookbook, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  SERIOUSLY GOOD CHILI COOKBOOK by Brian Baumgartner.  If you’re not familiar with who Brian is, he played Kevin on The Office.  Look up “Kevin spills chili” on YouTube, and you’ll see why his name is synonymous with chili.

This cookbook is full of nearly 200 chili recipes, many being competition winning. I plan on making many of them but the first one I’ll be making is Kevin’s recipe from the show which I was so happy to see included (the trick is to undercook the onions).  The book also includes more than just recipes.  I enjoyed learning about the history of chili and the competitions, chef bios and comments, and all the scrumptious photographs.  

Many thanks to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for the gift of this wonderful ebook in exchange for my review.  5 huge stars!!!
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This is a cookbook everyone should own! I enjoyed and have already made some of the delicious chili recipes in this book. Simple, easy recipes to follow!
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Holy buckets, this cookbook is amazing. I cannot wait to try more of these recipes as my entire family loves chili. Everyone needs this book.
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If you like trying different Chilis this cookbook is for you! I never knew how many different chilis existed and now I'm excited to try them all! There are homestyle chilis, Award Winning Chilis, Meat chilis, Green, white and vegetarian chilis, Chili from different regions in the US and more. This book is a collection of recipes from different chefs and food bloggers. Very nice. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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This one could do no wrong for me because I love anything related to The Office, but I am being dead serious that when I say I have never been so excited to make chili (which I may do for three straight months now) than I have after flipping through this. This book may be responsible for making me gain twenty five pounds. Also a personal favorite was Oscar's very qualified introduction. This one is just plain fun, and would make a great gift for the guys, too!
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I was drawn to this book because I’m a huge fan of The Office, the character Kevin, and chili. I really enjoyed the history, humor, and recipes. There was no way I was going to nail enough of these recipes before writing a review, but I have a pound of ground round ready to go for chili and there’s no way I can now go wrong.

Thanks to NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing for an ARC of this book.
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Thank you to the author, publisher, and NG for a digital copy of this cookbook in exchange for honest feedback.

At first glance, this cookbook's appeal comes from its author who is the actor behind a beloved character from the hit television series "The Office" (US). The character has an infamous slip-up in which he spills a pot of his famous chili in the office. The author has carried this chili concept over into a cookbook. With a note from his co-star and coworker Oscar, the cookbook opens to reveal that it's not just a gimmick. There is a lot of valuable information thematically provided that any chili connoisseur would enjoy. 

The content: all sorts of chili recipes ranging from the most standard to the most unique, different ways to serve it, etc. 

Two points I'd like to make that add unique value to the book aside from its author: 1) contributions are provided from an array of cooks and experts; 2) QR codes are provided and you can scan to them to open a video of the recipe being made. I read a lot of cookbooks and this is the first time I've seen something like that. I love this idea. I also love all the different contributions and the section that shows the award winning recipes from the competitions in the back of the book.

All around, great book. Good gift for a The Office fanatic, but this book is only briefly related to this by that scene and its author. This is a serious cookbook, but one that is also laidback, straightforward, and innovative.
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