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Oh what a beautiful and moving story! Alison is very talented and her books are fantastic! 

From page one I was completely hooked.  Books don't often reduce me to tears but I needed the tissues for this one! Cassie is so strong despite all the hardships thrown her way. 

Stories like this really make me think how lucky I am, despite my own challenges and I am sure many of Alison's readers would agree. This is a heart breaking read and I highly recommend it!!
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This is such a beautiful  book, as are the other books by Alison that I've read. It is a moving, heartwarming, heartfelt story. The plot takes you on an emotional roller-coaster along with the characters as you feel the pain, joy, satisfaction, devastation and hope. The characters are so lovable and memorable, with their own conflicts bringing flavour. Please read this book and the rest by Alison.

Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for a complimentary copy of this book in exchange of my honest review.
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The Child Between Us by Alison Ragsdale was another beautifully written book from start to finish. Alison writes her books from her heart and it will pull your heart...........So you will need tissues and lots of them. It's a heartbreaking story, that you will love and a great book for a holiday on the beach hiding behind your sunglasses. I ended up reading this in one sitting as I did not want to put this beautiful book down.

I highly recommend this book and all Alison's books.

Big thank Alison Ragsdale, Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with this book to review.
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The Child Between Us, Alison Ragsdale,

This is the first book that I’ve read of this author, and obviously, I’ve been missing out.  This style of this book reminds me of books written by Jodi Picoult, Viola Shipman, Diane Chamberlain, and Lisa Scottoline (all favorite authors of mine), in which social issues or challenges of the time are woven deeply into the fabric of their books.

This book immediately aimed straight for my heart, puncturing it and thus allowing me feel each and every emotion of every character.  With my heart in hand, I sailed through the life journeys of Cassie, Isla, Marina, and Grant.  I was unable to put the book  down until the end.  
And by the end, my heart was shredded.  The narrative mirrored true life; heart-wrenching, joyful, fearful, blessed, devastating, priceless, angry, forgiveness, doubtful, and loving.  I was on an emotional rollercoaster throughout.  There were certainly many unforeseen surprises that took me deeper into the story.

The characters were well developed, each had both talents and faults.  I wrestled through each of their conflicts.

I loved that this book was framed in Scotland.  I giggled like a school girl as I learned many new words. Happily, my vocabulary widened. 

I enjoyed this book immensely and did not want it to end.  I would encourage anyone who likes true-to-life emotional fiction to give it a try.  I will certainly be reading many more of Alison’s books in the future.

I am grateful to Author Alison Ragsdale, Bookouture, and NetGalley  for allowing me the opportunity to review this Advanced Reader’s Copy. This is a voluntary review, and all comments and opinions are entirely my own.
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This author never disappoints! I was on the edge of my seat with every page! You will be hooked from the beginning! Highly recommend! What a suspenseful nail biter!
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  It is well written and a fast paced read.  Alison Ragsdale is a new author for me but I will  be looking out for more.
Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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The Child Between Us by Alison Ragsdale

When Cassie's twin disappeared from their lives, no one could understand why. Yes, there were "things," but nothing that should have caused Isla to leave. They searched, and eventually, time went by, and they came to accept she was gone. It has been six years without a word.

When Cassie gets the call, she must go. Isla, her beautiful sister, Isla, is gone. Cassie goes to her home-how could she have been so near all this time? She can feel Isla in every room. Her heart is breaking.

As she wanders she sees photos. There is a picture of her and Isla as children. There is a photo of another beautiful little girl that Cassie doesn't recognize, but there is something there...

When she meets with the investigator, she learns that the girl in the photo is her sister's daughter, she is a lovely little girl named Marina. Isla has written that Cassie is to be her guardian. They begin to transition to a new life together. 

When Cassie's mom meets Marina, she makes an observation, and it is the piece that has been niggling at Cassie's brain. The person who Marina resembles is someone from Cassie's past. 

An exceptional book. You can feel the emotions of each character, and you may shed a tear. Alison Ragsdale has done it again!
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Cassie’s world changes forever when she receives a phone call. Whilst initially shattering, that phone call allows her to come to terms with the past and to find love and peace. This was a book that touched my heart and had me reaching for the tissues.
Set in Edinburgh, we see the life that Cassie has built for herself, creating a protective wall. We are introduced to her mum and those around her, who play a special part in her heavily work-orientated life. Cassie had not had contact with her sister for 6 years. She finds that her twin sister had bolted to an island where she had tried to find herself and her peace, before tragically passing away. This is the beginning of a journey that has her questioning many things. In the process she finds forgiveness and creates a new future for herself and the niece she didn’t know she had.
This book dealt with some harsh realities and events in life and the connections we have with those around us. My heart ached for the harshness dealt to the family, and the little girl trying to process and understand why mummy has gone and she has to leave her home. Most definitely a 5* for me.
Many thanks to Netgalley and Alison Ragsdale for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I just have to start by saying that I’m not entirely sure my heart will ever recover after reading this book 😢
Gosh… this book just keeps on giving and giving throughout the story! Just when you think Cassie has been given everything anyone could ever have to deal with, another challenge comes her way. 
I can not tell you how much I absolutely adore Cassie for her strength, her determination and her love for the people around her. Such a beautiful character! 
This story will make your heart ache and your eyes sting, but it will take you on a journey that will stay with you for a very long time 💕
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To read a book written by this author is an invitation to clean out tear ducts. This book has characters that you truly care about and a plot that continues to unfold.
Our main character, Cassie, has become guardian to her twin sister, Isla's, young daughter. Isla has always had issues with her sister and their mother so there's added pressure.
With each novel, Alison Ragsdale, writes better, plots better and tugs at heartstrings better. What happens in her stories could easily occur in real life. She reminds us that the ending we long for may take on an entirely different look.
I, so, highly recommend this one. We currently live in a world where the ugliness seems to dominate. This story is full of hope, acceptance and especially, love. It's a 'don't miss' book. 
I was given an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are my own. @bookouture @alisonragsdalewrites
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Cassie becomes guardian to her twin sister’s child, Marina.  However, she didn’t even know that she had a niece.  Isla tragically dies and leaves Marina’s care to Cassie.  Cassie is faced with the care of Marina, but also with her own health issues. Eventually, the question of the father comes up. When the father is revealed, it will be more heartache and questions for Cassie.  While much of the story is about Cassie’s heartache and other tribulations, she also discovers love for Marina and others. This book is a good mix of positive and negative events. It is quite balanced. This book was a heartwarming read.  Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Haven't cried with a book in so so long and now I'm bawling!!! I'm writing this review with my heart in my throat!! My soul is destroyed!!! The entire story is beautiful, there's so much forgiveness and endless love that you just want to get in and hug everyone!!!!! I'm crying because this story is way too beautiful and the end just broke me in so many pieces!!!!!

Fck I just hope many of you go right now to get this book!!!! This book needs to stay around and days be in a hype. It really has so much love and so many feeling that ugh I just can't even find the words to describe you the beauty of this story. Be ready to love the characters so much that you'll just feel a connection. 

I can say if you like Kristin Hannah, Jojo Moyes, Nicholas Sparks, Colleen Hoover, Jodi Picoult, etc.... you'll definitely love this book!!!!! 

⭐️ available now
Find it on kindle unlimited !!!!!! 

I'm so so grateful with the author and the publisher for letting me have a copy of this book!!!!! Just thank you!!!!! 

Trigger warnings...
Stop here if you don't want spoilers

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The Child Between Us
by author, Alison Ragsdale

Gifted to us is a story of emotional substance and connection that never falters between the reader and its characters within this significant yet beautiful narrative through the ebb and flow of family ties.

THE CHILD BETWEEN US is an immersive, masterfully woven journey of the heart with its bitter and sweet, the paths that lead to hope, and where shattered dreams make way for new and meaningful beginnings.

When you find yourself completely at ease as to a story's tenderness, yet captivated by the compelling elements that tug at your heart from the deepest of places, you can be sure of one thing~ the author has opened their own heart in a most profound way that invites us into their imaginative world. One that comes to life through tears and the warmth of human emotion. Ms. Ragsdale has done just that, and flawlessly.

I thank the author, NetGalley, and Bookouture, for my copy of this wonderful novel which has become not only a favorite of mine, but one I highly recommend to readers who cherish a well-written, thoughtful storyline~ and one that delivers on 'all the feels' in a most endearing way...

5 Stars


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My first time delving into the work of author Alison Ragsdale and I am delighted.
Delighted to have loved her style of writing and to know I have lots of her books to now catch up on.
This author knows how to tell a right good story and keep her reader engrossed.
I loved The Child Between Us from the very first word to the last one.. 
The tears arrived with gusto and by the time I closed the last page I was a blubbering mess.
Thank god my husband was out for the day..
We meet Cassie Hunter in this story. She and her family are grieving the loss of her twin sister Isla having disappeared without a trace a number of years ago.
A phone call brings it all to a head for Cassie and her life changes in so many ways.
She must try to fulfil her sister's wishes as best she can while having some sort of normality in her own life.
I laughed a little, cried alot but felt myself connect to the character Cassie that this author created. I adored her. Her strength was admirable. 
The tremendous amount of guilt she carried with her throughout her life for her sister broke my heart and there were so many times I hoped she could forgive herself.
A beautiful story, with a setting that will envelope itself around you.
So very well worth your time.
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Why do I do this to myself, these stories are always so emotionally charged and require tissues, by the lorry load.

The Child Between Us takes us on a heartbreaking journey with Cassie as she comes to terms with losing her twin sister and the realisation that she has a niece who now needs a mother figure.

The characters are three dimensional, real and by the end of the book I could feel an attachment to them. The plot was credible, the story riveting and enjoyable. 

A beautifully written story of second chances and unconditional love.

Highly recommended. 

Many thanks to Bookouture for my tour spot.

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Oh my word. I have no words to describe this book.  Although I'd worked some of it out it didn't distract from my enjoyment. Keep the tissues handy!
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Oh my goodness what an emotional story this was. A brilliant read but heart breaking too. I didnt want it to end. Alison Ragsdale knows how to write a gripping story. Highly recommended
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Alison Ragsdale truly enjoys bringing us through life experiences that teach us compassion, empathy and how to understand the human condition in a more loving manner.
I feel as though her stories make me a better person. She shares lessons on the importance of family and love, in general. Anything that makes me think about being a better, more understanding or forgiving person is a book that I would always recommend. So, I am highly recommending this story.
At the center of “The Child Between Us” you’ll meet a Mother, sisters and a child.
I don’t know where Alison Ragsdale comes up with these genius scenarios. I’m always left thinking deeply.
Behind the doors of families there is always something going on that isn’t being shared with the world. Alison Ragsdale brings these to light. She makes you stare in the mirror and ask yourself “What would I do?”.
Her tear inducing, soul-stirring, moving stories have you investing in Kleenex tissues.
Don’t miss Alison Ragsdale’s novel that may leave a painful ache in your heart, but will make you appreciate family so much more leaving that ache to warm you up and call a family member of your own.
Alison’s ultimate lesson is always love.
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A humongous thank you to Alison and Bookouture for having me on this tour as well as the review copy!! I always, always adore Alison’s book covers. They complete the story and entice you to read!

When Cassie discovers her twin, her other half, has died after being away from her family for so long, she is crushed. She can’t understand how this happened. And then Isla’s lawyer gives her even more news! She has a niece, a precious little girl named Marina. The feelings and emotions are unfathomable. And Isla has left Marina to Cassie, to care for and raise. They’re developing a truly beautiful relationship when life happens and Cassie is diagnosed with every persons worst fear…

The absolute ONE thing that you can always count on with Alison’s writing, she leaves you boohoo crying at midnight. She gets you all in your feelings and won’t let go. She draws you in from the first page and you can’t distinguish between real or fiction. Her stories are so lifelike, you wonder if you’re a fly on the wall of these characters stories and you’re just down for the ride. I absolutely LOVED this story, I loved the beginning, middle and end. I loved that I connected with these beautiful people and that I felt something when things happened. Aside from Alison’s The Art of Remembering, I think this may be her her best novel yet, but you all know me and if you know Alison’s writing, I’ll probably say this about her next one. She’s truly brilliant and these stories are always heartfelt. An absolute five star read! I implore you to get this one and to get your tissues ready!
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In this heartbreaking story, Cassie is about to become guardian to her sister Isla's daughter Marina. However, she wasn't even aware that she had a niece. What is more is that Isla had not been in contact with Cassie or their mother in years. Cassie is more than willing to be there for Marina, but she also wants answers about why Isla drew away from the family. More than that, Cassie is also very much concerned about their mother Sadie and the trials she is enduring.

Make sure to have a box of tissues nearby as this story hits hard. Some serious subjects, most notably loss, but also mental illness are factored into this story. However, this is also a story of connection when it comes to what happens to Marina. This is also a story of kindness, compassion and love, even while grief weighs heavily for everyone concerned. 

There was no way to read this story without tears falling. While worrying about Marina was only natural while reading this book, readers will no doubt also be completely drawn to Cassie for what she is facing. Alison Ragsdale is gifted when it comes to writing emotional stories where the reader is pulled in to the actions and experiences of the characters. She has proved that she can make the readers think, but especially feel. This utterly compelling story comes highly recommended.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.

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