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In Her Highlander’s Bed is the eleventh book in the Highland Brides series by Lynsay Sands. Allissaid MacFarlane is cared for by Calan Campbell, Laird Kilcairn after being brutally beaten. Through treachery, burgeoning feelings, and passion, the couple finds happiness even through uncertainty.

Allissaid is such a robust and resilient character. She was beaten close to death yet heals and thrives under Calan and his family’s care. Calan is protective and thoughtful towards Allissaid, and it is quickly discovered that the two are smitten. Calan and Allissaid are thrust into danger, yet they can’t deny their growing feelings for each other.

The plot was classic Lynsay Sands; intrigue, action, humor, and passionate romance. The humor is flawlessly executed in the story to bring entertainment and levity to a plot full of tragedy and violence. This was a medium, evenly-paced book that kept my interest from the first page. The characters were relatable and lovable. The antagonist was three-dimensional and unpredictable. The couple’s connection grows gradually throughout the book culminating in love.

In Her Highlander’s Bed met all my expectations! It had romance coupled with an entertaining, riveting plot. Lynsay Sands is perfect at crafting characters you can one hundred percent invest in and a story that leaves you breathless, smiling, and entertained. I loved Calan and Allassaid’s romantic journey. If you love Scottish romance, you must read In Her Highlander’s Bed, for Lynsay Sands is the queen of this romance genre!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book through Netgalley and the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Enjoyable historical romance.

Calan is Laird with a noble heart so when he realizes that his clothes were stolen by a naked lady his first course of action is to figure out how to best help her. Allissaid has escaped a dire fate and is worse for wear. As she takes time to heal at Calan's castle, she decides that a little subterfuge is necessary to protect her from the evil she escaped. As Calan and Allissaid spend time together hiding in Calan's rooms, they build first a friendship and then a romantic relationship with one another. However, how long can they hide from the dangers that brought them together and what happens when that danger returns.

In Her Highlander's Bed is #11 in the Highland Brides series. I personally found that it was difficult to read as a standalone. As a reader, we are dropped in the middle of a major plot element, which carries over from book #10. How the main characters conveyed information to the reader always felt forced. I do not think that Lyndsay Sands's writing is for me personally.

The story opens with Allissaid being kidnapped by the villain of the story. However, we didn't see the events from her point of view until after half-way through the story, so it is a big mystery. This would make sense if the heroine actually had amnesia, but since she is only pretending, I wanted to see her remembering what happened. Additionally, Allissaid showed no emotions concerning the kidnapping despite the attempted SA and physical assault from the villain. In my opinion, that is extremely unrealistic and took me out of the story.

The villain was very cliche in his desire for power, land, and influence. I don't understand how the other characters allowed the villainous character to go unchecked for so long. Calan was a great hero, albeit a little forgettable. He took his role of Laird and paragon of chivalry seriously.

Trigger/Content Warnings: Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault (off page), Sever physical assault, Murder

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After all the hard work, a little refreshment is needed, right? That's exactly what Callan Campbell thought after the hard battle with the enemies. A short refreshment in the lake...
He couldn't even imagine what this decision of his will bring. A bit of a chase, a bit of a fight, an inveterate thief, and a series of events that will bring the beautiful Alice McFarlane to his home.

Fear hides the truth, the decision to trust a stranger is not easy, but the hopelessness of her situation will make this brave girl reach out to Callan. The forced proximity brings feelings that both of them are not ready for, and the enemy is getting closer, will they manage to survive long enough to find out what all those tremors that appear when they are near mean?

I have read all the parts of this series, and as in the previous parts, here the author kept that familiar formula of familiar elements, with the addition of novelties that are enough to keep your attention.

The beginning was a bit confusing for me until I connected who is who in this story. But as the pace picks up, the tension builds and you just can't put the book down. Solidly built characters, with a good balance of descriptions and dialogues, extra hot scenes but also enough romance to enjoy until the very end.

A great choice for all romantics who want to travel back in time to the handsome Highlanders and the brave ladies who manage to conquer them.

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In Her Highlander's Bed is another great addition to this wonderful series. It has wonderful characters and a captivating storyline that will keep you turning the pages until the end. I love this book and this series.

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Having read almost all of Lynsay Sands novels, I'm always excited to see her publish a new one. Her historical books always have just the right amount of humor and this one is no exception. Allissaid's first encounter with Calan is certainly a memorable one with her having "borrowed" his plaid while he's swimming is just the first of many humorous incidents. Overall, a highly enjoyable historical romance that fits in well with the HIghland Bride series. Please note that the book can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading them all since they are just that good.

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Terrific book with a great balance of romance and suspense. This book picks up where the previous book (Highland Wolf) ends. Allissaid MacFarlane is the sister of the heroine in that book, and when the villain in that book is foiled, he immediately kidnaps Allissaid to continue his efforts to steal her family's lands. Allissaid is no meek-hearted miss and risks her life to escape, even though she's badly injured. When she attempts to steal, umm.. borrow a plaid left on the shore of the loch, its owner catches her, and in the struggle, she loses consciousness.

Calan is taking a quick dip in the loch when he sees a lad running off with his plaid. However, once he tackles the lad, he discovers the lad is a lass and a lady. Because she's unconscious and to protect her reputation, he sneaks her into his room at the castle. He'll straighten things out once she's awake and he knows who she is. When she awakens, Allissaid has no idea if she's in the home of a friend or foe, so she pretends she doesn't remember anything, including who she is. Calan's instincts to protect are aroused, and he's determined to keep her safe.

I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Allissaid and Calan. Since his father's death eight years earlier, Calan has been busy learning to be a laird and taking care of his lands and people, with neither time nor inclination to look for a wife. But Allissaid drew his interest from the start, and I loved seeing this tough Highland warrior show his softer side as she wormed her way into his heart. It doesn't take long for Allissaid to realize that Calan is an honorable man and that she can trust him.

Most of the book's action occurs in Calan's bedroom, where Allissaid is hidden to keep her presence secret until MacNaughton can be dealt with. Calan won my heart with his sensitivity, from the late-night snack scene to his understanding of her fears for her family. He falls for her more every day and is soon determined to have her for his own. Allissaid falls equally hard for him and starts hoping he feels the same. There are some blatant matchmaking vibes from Calan's mother and sister, so it's no surprise their growing attraction puts them into a compromising situation with predictable consequences. There is a hilarious scene with Calan and his mother regarding the wedding night, and Calan's reactions had me laughing out loud. The ending was fantastic, and I look forward to seeing more of them in future books.

The story's suspense was good, keeping Allissaid's danger present without overwhelming the romance. The more we hear about MacNaughton's actions and intentions, the more Allissaid's peril is evident. Calan and his family have had issues with MacNaughton and are determined to keep her safe. I liked seeing the steps taken to mitigate the threat and how clan relationships and alliances make that possible. There is suspicion that MacNaughton has spies planted in the various households, intensifying the need for secrecy. The final confrontation was a nail-biter as an unexpected (by them) player entered the game and put Allissaid in danger. The ending was well done, with Calan to the rescue.

The secondary characters were terrific, too. I liked Calan's sister Inghinn. Like Allissaid, she is intelligent and strong. I liked her quick understanding of the danger Allissaid was in and her efforts to keep her safe. I laughed at her mother's blatant matchmaking attempts with Alick and am interested in seeing if anything comes of it. Calan's mother was great. I liked her obvious caring for Allissaid and wasn't surprised at her attempts to bring her and Calan together. It was fun to see Calan's confusion when she didn't react as he expected her to. Calan's cousin and best friend, Gille, had an intriguing backstory, and I'd love to see him get his own story. I loved seeing more Buchanans and hearing about other clans and characters from earlier books.

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Whether the leading men have fangs or wear kilts, I will always devour a Lynsay Sands book. In Her Highlander's Bed is part of the Highland Brides series, but this one can easily be read and enjoyed as a standalone without too much trouble.

Allissaid is one of my favorite Sands heroines. She is brave, selfless, and emotionally strong. Allissaid had such a tough go at it; she was betrayed, taken, hurt. Even when she believed she may be among enemies, she remained strong and did what she needed to do. When her life was in danger, she still worried over her family. She may not have been physically strong, but she had strength in all other ways. And that actually made her the perfect love interest for Calan.

Calan had many of the attributes you typical find in Highlander men. He was physically imposing, good with his sword, and often quiet. But I loved Calan because he was also loving and thoughtful, always putting Allissaid's needs ahead of his own. Whether that meant getting ready for battle or going out of his comfort zone, Calan always had her in his heart.

There's a lot I can't say regarding why I loved both of these characters - otherwise I'd have to give away major parts of the plot - but if you're going to read one Highlander romance, this would be a good one to read. The plot had meaning beyond the romance, the main characters were well done, and there was a whole cadre of fantastic secondary characters (all I'm saying is, Calan's sister needs her own book, too).

Overall, In Her Highlander's Bed is a great Highlander romance that will pull you in from the first page.

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Book: In Her Highlander’s Bed
Author: Lynsay Sands
Series: Highland Brides, Book #11
Number of Pages: 366
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: January 24, 2023
Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
Blog Rating: 5/5 Saltire Flags

Historical Scottish Highlands

In the last book in “Highland Wolf” where her sister’s betrothed Bryson MacDonald was assumed dead like his murdered parents. Except he was in hiding and brilliantly takes his bride Claray MacFarlane back. She was being forced to marry their enemy Maldouen MacNaughton, with the help of Claray’s despicable Uncle! Except the Wolf gets a message from Claray’s father to come out of hiding and rescue and marry her.

This book begin where the evil Maldouen MacNaughton abducts Allissaid, who is another MacFarlane sister. He abuses her with severe beatings, but she fights back and stabs him with his own sgian dubh! This monster also puts her family's life in mortal jeopardy, but she escapes totally naked up from a high castle tower into the freezing loch! As all MacNaughton wants from all his neighbors is their land and property, therefore he is raiding and murdering to claim all their territory. This is where she discovers Laird Calan Campbell needing a swim in the loch after defeating his enemy the MacNaughton's in battle. He suspects Maldouen from trying to kill him with an arrow wound in the chest which he is still healing from. It is the same song and dance routine where he wants to murder Calan to marry his sister Inghinn, however he had previously refused the match. Furthermore, he was already suspected Maldouen of murdering his sister Inghinn’s betrothed, as well as Allissaid’s childhood betrothed. This man was a corrupt sadistic murderer!

Calan was not expecting a troublesome naked lad to steal his plaid! So after chasing this thief he catches him and discovers where he accidentally knocks him out. It turns out that this little person is not a him at all, but shockingly is a lass! Furthermore it is not a farmer’s daughter or a servant, but she was definitely a lady. He could tell by the expensive ring she wore and by the grooves in her digit, he could tell she had been wearing it for a long period of time.

On top of that in the desperation of her being naked, he understands her need to steal his plaid to cover herself. However, there had been horrible evidence that this woman had been horribly abused from the bruising and hand markings all over her body. Evidence around her neck of strangulation and below she had been thrashed horribly and he suspected possible ravishment too which she obviously fought back with every inch of her life! This only proves she is a strong fighter who did not give in easily!

All Calan knew is he had to bring her home to be healed as she was bleeding at a heavy pace and certain she needed a stitch or two. His cousin Gille and his second in command would do the heavy lifting as ne couldn’t due to his wound and stitches. Therefore when Allissaid woke up in her highlander’s bed she had to pretend she had no memory as she saw this Campbell family was helping her, but they didn't know who she was or her circumstances. After the nightmare she had been through she wasn't taking any 9chances. Afterall they could be one of MacNaughton’s allies for all she knew and deliver her right back to her evil abductor so she thought it was safe to claim she had no memory! Except Calan wanted to save her reputation and didn't want her ruined so he kept her in his room while his sister and mother were healers. Except it was getting more difficult as he was extremely attracted to this kind hearted lass whom he wanted to protect and kiss passionately. The attraction was the same but soon things changed as it seems Calan’s mother Fiona knew exactly who Allissaid was. Was she a friend or a foe? Read this amazing book and find out. Will this evil MacNaughton

Calan is a swoon-worthy hero and then some as he is braw, protective, and honorable and the attraction chemistry between himself and Allissaid is smoking hot! It is a story historical readers and Sands fans don't want to miss. I have read and loved every book in this series and honestly I am always near drooling over these braw highlanders too! I love her style of writing which always has me absolutely mesmerized!

Again another brilliantly written book by one of my favorite writers Lyndsay Sands who I have been reading for over 25 years! As always she does not miss a beat. In this gripping tale which had me from the start and I was holding my breath and gasping for air with so many twists and turns my head was spinning! She puts a bit of everything in her tales as it has mystery,
suspense, murder, abduction, violence, family, romance, love, empathy and so much more. A riveting, awe-inspired, fast- paced, page turning romantic adventure, that historical romance readers don’t want to miss. Of course readers can read this as a stand alone but I highly recommend to read this entire series! As she is one of my most favorite authors and her story is always are a delight and joy to read!

Highland Bride Series by Lynsay Sands
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In Her Highlander’s Bed #11

Disclaimer: I received an advance reader’s copy from Avon publishers. I voluntarily agreed to do an honest, fair review and blog through Netgalley. All thoughts, ideas and words are my own.


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I really enjoyed reading the latest book by one of my favorite authors. Ms Sands know how to write those oh so sexy highlanders with all brawn and muscles invigorating. Especially wearing the kilt and showing those fabulous knees!! The characters were fully developed with thoughts and feelings of their own.
You see a man in a pool of water doing his thing, and next you see a person taking off with his clothes. He chases the young boy but comes to realize he is a she. Calen is the Laird of his Clan, and he takes the woman back to his home and treats her wounds.
Amnesia is the cause of Lady Allissaid MacFarlane distress since she escaped from her family's castle where a bad dude kept her prisoner. She knows not to trust this man who brought her to his home, and well she will just have to wait and see.
There is an instant attraction between the two. Allissaid and Calen are endearing to each other personalities. They will have to trust each other with secrets and love is the key.
I appreciate Net Galley for this ARC title in which I gave an honest review.

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I love all things Scottish so I keep coming back to highlander romances. And each time I'm always bummed at how much of the storyline is furthered by violence against women or women being saved before the violence can happen. I know, I know, it was a different time. But i'm not picking up romance novels to be reminded about that sort of real world violence.

That being said, this was probably the most successful highlander romance I've read at sucking me in despite the story's violent start. Allissaid is clever and brave, and Calan was surprisingly sensitive and sweet. I really liked them together, and I especially loved the scenes that were just them talking and getting to know each other. He was just the right amount of protective towards her, enough to be romantic but not so much that he felt overbearing. And discovering that she was one of the only people he really talked to and opened up to made their connection come to life.

Their families were great supporting characters, and I can see why this is a popular series. Even though I started this review by complaining about the violence, I'd still come back and read more by Sands. Especially if the next book has a laird like Calan too.

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I have been reading books by Lynsay Sands for a few years, and I have always enjoyed them. However, something about this book seemed more difficult for me to get into. My best guess is that unlike beginning with one of the two main characters being from a family with which the reader is already very familiar, both protagonists were mostly unknown. The character of Allisaid is the sister of Claray from the previous booik, and while it is true that this book *is* a stand-alone, there is a LOT of time rehashing what happened in the previous book in order to give context and reasoning behind why certain things are happening in this book.

Once we got into the actual story, I particularly enjoyed the family dynamic in the Campbell loch between Callan, his sister and his mother as well as when Allisaid's cousin Alick (someone from one of the fore-mentioned very familiar families) entered the picture.

There did seem to be a lot of violence specifically toward the women in this book. In previous books the heroine was often in danger via poisoning, mishaps, and even the occasional arrow. The presence of gruesome beating and graphicly depicted memories of an attempted rape that felt like almost a step too far.

However, I enjoyed the happily ever after and look forward to future books from Lynsay Sands.

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Oh my gosh! This book hit all my marks and it did so in a delicious manner!

Calan was the biggest, toughest highlander laird with a heart of gold. I melted everytime he displayed all his soft and gooey tender care with Allissaid. He was protective and gentle and his concern over what she was offered to eat was too freaking cute.

I enjoyed the bit of mistaken gender identity that Calan experienced. It’s definitely a favorite trope of mine as long as it doesn’t continue for long and this one did not. I actually wouldn’t have minded a little more of it. The same with the amnesia trope.

I was pulled in within a few turns of the page and soon I couldn’t stop. This had the perfect amount of danger and drama laced throughout with humor that had me grinning. The chemistry between Allissaid and Calan was displayed in a believable and heat inducing manner. With secondary characters that added to my overall enjoyment of this book, I’m highly recommending this one to anyone who enjoys a highlander romance.

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Part of the Highland Brides series. Although the prologue gives a lot of background, to enjoy the story fully, I recommend reading other books in this series.

As Calan is swimming after a raid, he spots a young boy stealing his plaid. Giving chase, he tackles the boy unconscious and discovers he is actually an injured female. He brings her back to his home, but doesn't want to tell too many of his family until he has more information.

Allissaid awakens with her memories of her ordeal intact, but feigns amnesia while she assesses the situation. She doesn't know if Calan's clan are allies with her abductor. Soon she realizes Calan's mother was a friend of her own mother and quickly tells them about the plot behind her ordeal. With Calan going into full protective mode, will he be able to keep Allissaid safe?

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Intensely romantic, perfect in its execution a tale of a Laird and the Lass who captures his heart brings a riveting tale of danger amongst the splendor of the Scottish Highlands to captivating life.
Calan Campbell, Laird of Kilcairn wasn’t expecting to have his plaid stolen while taking a swim after a battle. He soon discovers the thief is not what he first thought after giving chase and capturing them.
Allissaid MacFarlane has escaped from a dangerous situation not of her making and keeps her secrets from Calan when she awakes in his bed, in fear for her life and not knowing if he is friend or foe.
Oft times humorous, sweetly engaging their story soon becomes a compelling read of succulent prose, intrigue, adventure and clan machinations which keeps the narrative flowing and the reader glued to the pages as all the twists and turns unravel and a steamy bond soon begins to form between two excellently crafted lead characters.

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Calan Campbell, Laird of Kilcairn, took a quick swim in the loch however he quickly runs out to catch his plaid thief in In Her Highlander’s Bed by Lynsay Sands!!

I love Lady Allissaid MacFarlane’s character portraying cleverness and strength!! On top of her great escape and her own loch swim, she is mistaken for a male and tackled. She endures more pain in order to survive a potential enemy and another potential great escape.

I love how Calan cares for the lost lass! He will be demanding and strict if that is what helps Allissaid heal faster and keep her safe from being found.

I love their close proximity! They learn so much about each other and his mother only makes the situation sweeter by allowing some society rules to be broken.

When we find out the traitor, the reasons and the events after the reveal are wild!

If you enjoy highlanders, close proximity, low angst, marriage minded mamas, sick bed, and who-dun-it stories, then this book is for you!

Thank you to Net Galley and the publishers for the ARC in exchange for a honest review.

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Calan and Allissaid are the next wonderful couple we meet in Lynsay Sands’s next Highland Brides series in, In Her Highlander’s Bride. The issues with the dastardly, villainous, McNaughton continue to plague not only the McFarlane family but the rest of the Highlands in this book. The background information on McNaughton provides great insight into his history and his devolving immorality. The nostalgia of old characters as well as meeting new characters was simply wonderful. The same twists and turns that I have enjoyed and come to expect with each book in the Highland Brides series occur in this installment. I hope that Lynsay Sands will continue to write this series (so I can finally see the rest of the single Buchanan brothers married off).

Many thanks to NetGalley, Lynsay Sands, and Avon for this amazing opportunity to read and review this ARC of In Her Highlander’s Bed.

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In her Highlander’s Bed by Lynsay Sands is the eleventh book in a series called Highland Brides.  I have never read any of the books in the series nor this author before, but I will read her and more of this series moving forward.  I enjoyed the novel with the characters and storyline.  

Calan Campbell, the Laird of Kilcairn, is in the midst of some interesting times.  He is healing from an unexpected wound.  He is having to push the MacNaughton clan off his lands. Never mind, his mother is making noises about him marrying. However, the most interesting thing is that while he was swimming in the loch, a thief took his tartan and when he tracked down the thief, he discovered a lady.  

Allissaid MacFarlane was caught outside of her castle walls and kidnapped by MacNaughton.  He was horribly abusive to her, forcing her to escape. The storyline then brings us to Allissaid trying to “borrow” Calan’s plaid so she can cover herself.  He accidentally knocks her out and brings her into his family’s castle for help.  It is here that his family pitches in and tries to keep her safe, and help her heal.  There are some twists and turns that Calan and Allissaid have to deal with.

I enjoyed the novel and liked the characters; Calan and Allissaid were fun together.  In her Highlander’s Bed by Lynsay Sands was a good read.

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I devoured this delicious Highland romance almost as greedily as leading man, Calan, eventually does his Highland lass, Allissaid.
Allissaid MacFarlane finds herself the latest victim in the plot by her clan's dastardly enemy to take over their lands. Kidnapped and forced to marry, she escaped by risking her life, only to then wake up in the bed of clan laird, Calan Campbell, after he accidentally knocks her out while she's trying to 'borrow' his plaid. What follows is a series of revelations, both personal and about the plots endangering Allissaid's family and Calan's people, that slowly help them develop a deeper bond than anyone could have expected.
It's amazing how Sands manages to make a story where the main part of the plot happens almost entirely within the confines of a single room feel so expansive, to the point where you are fully aware of everything that's happening with the rest of Allissaid's family and the complex situation that lands her in her Highlander's bed.
Overall, this truly is a delicious bit of romance from an author that definitely knows how to use characters and situations to create the best possible story. It's romantic, intriguing, and full of everything that makes historical romance so fun to read.

Delighted thanks to NetGalley and Avon for the swoon-worthy early read!

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Another great highland romance from Lynsay Sands. I love the amnesia trope, even better when the person is faking it. Highly recommend!

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Allisaid is a lady in trouble. She's on the run and grabs a plaid she finds on a rock in her haste to escape. This is an unfortunate decision for Calan, who also needs that plaid! He chases her down and inadvertently knocks her unconscious. Once he brings her back to his castle, it appears that she has amnesia. Actually, she's biding her time until she can recover and determine whether Calan and his clan are friend or foe. In the process of her healing, Calan and Allisaid fall in love. But her enemy's not going down without a fight! It looks like Calan needs to do more than win her heart. He needs to fight for her life!

I was very pleasantly surprised to encounter my first cinnamon roll highlander! I just loved the scenes in which Calan took care of Allisaid. I knew I was going to like him when he merely held her hand in an effort to relieve her discomfort. He has very sweet relationships with all of the women in this story, including his mother and sister. Calan is a great caretaker! Tankards of mead or cider (he brought both), delicious fruits, meats, and cheeses...all delivered to her bedside by a very attenttive man. What's not to love?

Ultimately this story didn't really work for me. Trigger warnings: It was too violent and gorey for me, though I understand the highlander subgenre often contains these types of situations. Two women are beaten (off page) and another woman is stabbed and then dragged around while dying. There's also an attempted sexual assault. Calan falling for her and making romantic advances towards her while she was still recovering felt morally grey to me.

A great deal of this story was spent explaining events that had already happened, either in previous books in the series or in the characters' pasts. That made for a less exciting story. However, much of the events were so gruesome (such as a violence explained above, or a plague that made Calan's father's limbs fall off), it was probably better to hear vague reference to these events rather than fully experience them. The last 15% of the book was a surprise in terms of twists and action, making for a more satisfying ending.

I'd like to thank Avon and Harper Voyager Publishers and Netgalley for this eARC. All opinions expressed are my own.

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