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Advika and the Hollywood Wives

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This was my first book to read by this author but won't be my last! The story and its characters will stick with you long after you finish the story. Highly recommend!

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Advika Srinivasan is stuck in no-end job grieving the untimely death of her twin. In college she won a prestigious screen writing award, but since then, she has been stuck working on the service side of Hollywood as a bartender and caterer, rather than a writer. When a chance meeting after the Oscars puts her in the orbit of a famous film producer, her life literally takes off.

It's not long before she finds out that the producer has a bit of a history. Her friends and family are quite worried but it's not until one of producer's ex wives leaves Advika something in her will that she is forced into action.

A super fun story! I loved it! #GrandCentralPublishing

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Advika and the Hollywood Wives was a great and thrilling read, with insight into the Hollywood scene. I enjoyed learning more about Advika and her relationship with Julian.

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finished this ARC from @netgalley a couple of nights ago. happy to say i really enjoyed advika and the hollywood wives by @kirthanaramisetti ! it follows a young woman named advika who marries and becomes the fourth wife of julian zelding (a famous film producer). this book isn’t just about love but about grief, ambition, and secrecy. as the story unravels, advika learns the truth about her husband through the lens and experiences of his past wives. this book will keep you hooked and was such a unique and enjoyable read. book comes out in april of 2023 and i recommend you pre-order if this sounds like your jam! also check out the author’s first book, dava shastri’s last day (being turned into an hbo series!).

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I think this was a great follow-up to Dava Shastri -- the perspective was very different, but it retained the elements of frothy seriousness that made the first fun. Advika was a somewhat frustrating character, but the author did a good job in terms of showing how she got sucked into Julian's orbit. I would have liked a little more development for Louisa and more information about Harley, and there were some inconsistencies with age, but the latter might just be galley issues.

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Advika is having a terrible time bartending at the 2015 Governors Ball when she meets the award-winning producer Julian Zelding. They wed - but when she grows suspicious, Advika must rely on her wits and her husband's ex-wives to get out of this mess.

A MC of Indian origin in a book set in Hollywood? Marital drama and strange secrets? Sign me right up!

For the most part I quite enjoyed this book. Advika is an unusual lead in that she is often very unlikable, but you still empathize with her youth and her guilt over her sister's death. I liked that the author was not afraid to engage with contemporary issues of racism and feminism, focusing on how women are often subsumed into their relationships with powerful men.

However, I did wish we got more of an understanding of Julian and what drove him; his side of the story remains rather ambiguous, which may have been the point, but it does leave the reader without much resolution. I also felt that the secret of the film reel came out of left field and was not at all given the due it required, ending up more a throwaway plot device.

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Thank you to #NetGalley for letting me read an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. The book begins when aspiring writer Advika meets producer Julian, 41 years her senior and a member of the Hollywood elite, who immediately woos her and provides a respite from her grief following her twin’s death. Only after their marriage does she figure out who she married— partly via learning about the three wives who came before her. This was a deliciously fun read, even though it started a bit slowly. I quickly became swept up alongside Advika, and was eager to see her unmask her new husband.

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Even better than the first! I was so looking forward to this sequel and am thrilled that it lived up to the hype!

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I enjoyed this book. I thought it was how the writing style kept changing. There were a lot of characters, and I had a bit of trouble keeping them all straight. Overall, a good read!

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Advika is a young aspiring screenwriter who gets swept up in a swift romance with an older, established Hollywood producer named Julian. However, what starts as a whirlwind marriage quickly unfolds into suspicion, scrutiny, and fear as Advika uncovers secrets left by Julian's previous wives that leave her to question his character and true intentions.

I wanted to love this and was hoping I’d be able to connect with the characters as an Indian American woman myself. However, I really struggled to finish this novel. Though I was initially compelled by the book's premise, it failed to deliver.

The characters were poorly developed and defining character details were often haphazardly revealed, as if an afterthought. Further, there were far too many characters to keep track of, many of whom were tangential or entirely irrelevant to advancing the plot.

The dialogue was painful, unoriginal, and inauthentic. None of the conversations seemed realistic.

Though I appreciated that the author's attempt to layer in elements of a contemporary discourse around diversity, equity, and inclusion (#Oscarssowhite, that bit about nova being Mexican) it felt contrived and out of touch.

The style of the chapters switched between traditional prose, text conversations, and interview transcripts. The flow was choppy and not all of these styles suited the author's strengths.

Finally, this book could easily have been a third of the length.

Ironically, the part of this book I enjoyed the most was the author's acknowledgements that state, "this novel is an ode to the women whose accomplishments have been diminished, their careers unjustly derailed, or whose worthy stories have never been told. Thank you for your sacrifices and perseverance. Your light reaches us still." It was only then that I realized what this book was meant to accomplish and the broader purpose it was trying to fulfill. Unfortunately, this did not come across in the novel itself.

I appreciate NetGalley for sending me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Hmmm… this is a little slow burn for me! It’s a story embracing different genres including women’s fiction, mystery and romance. Diversity representation and feminism vibes blended in appropriately.

My hesitation to get into the story is about heroine Advika : she met with five time Oscar winning producer at governor’s ball: when she was working as bartender. She’s struggling screenwriter. She’s still suffering from losing her twin sister and being abandoned by her parents who moved back to India, slowly drifting away from Sherman Oaks childhood Indian friends circle! So I can relate with that I can clearly understand her frustration and how she is wooed by Julian! Because there are so many things missing in her life!

But for god sake! The man is 67! Not 47! There’s 41 years age difference! He’s even 6 years older than George freaking Clooney! And that man didn’t put a gun to her head to move on with him after dating a few days later!

I understand Advika is broke, soon to be homeless and jobless so she sees him as her savior. But she doesn’t even try to find a job after moving into his house, not saying no to use his Amex card and not rejecting the expensive gifts she’s taken!

Why the hell she didn’t interrogate him about his past or his previous wives!

When the first wife of Julian offers 1 million dollars to his baby bride to divorce him before she dies, things get a little interesting but still the revelations were not so heart shattering or jaw dropping for me!

Advika should have thought twice to make decisions! Again I’m repeating she was not at gun point at the time she said “ I do”

So I’m giving my solid three stars! It was still enjoyable to read a book telling more about movies and dark side of industry!

I am still intrigued to read other works of the author!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.

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I really enjoyed reading this, I enjoyed getting to know Advika Srinivasan. I thought the plot was well done and worked for this type of book. I was invested in the characters and what was happening, it was a beautifully done story. I enjoyed the way Kirthana Ramisetti wrote, she had a great writing style and I enjoyed reading her work.

“Well, thank you for reaching out,” she told Lucia, starting to feel nervous about what Evie’s friend would reveal to her. “I didn’t know whether to believe it was you or someone trying to pull a fast one on me.” “Totally understandable.” Lucia reached for a green macaroon. “It was impulsive of me, although it did take three hours and my neighbor’s assistance to understand Instagram and how I might be able to contact you.”

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