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Jesus, a Life in Pictures

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I was a bit disappointed in this book. It is packed full of information in an easy to read voice, which is great. I was just expecting more pictures showing more than what we got. Maybe I was just expecting too much. It is a valuable book to read and to own.
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This was a very enjoyable reading experience. I loved every minute of it and had to read it all in one sitting. I just loved the layout of this book. There was so many beautiful pictures with fantastic colours. It was so well wrote that it made it so easy to understand and take in. I definitely gained alot from reading this book. It made so much sense as I am sure like me some find bible reading daunting at times as you Don't fully understand the wording or meanings. This book did a fantastic job of helping this understand with both pictures and text. I really recommend reading this book as I got so much from it and will definitely be looking out for more books by this fantastic author. I really recommend reading the book over an ebook version as I believe some have had issues with formatting issues. My Review book I read through pocketbooks which had the layout just like the book.

Only the highest of praise goes out to the author and publishers for creating such an amazing reading experience that I got so much from reading it.

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I suspect that this is a work of love and respect for Christ, so my score represents the quality of the galley proof. Probably 80% of the pictures are missing, the text appears in different shades and I lost patience about 30% of the way through the book. I couldn’t give this a proper review. Also, with respect, the photos aren’t brilliant and there are no captions to even say what they are. I was looking forward to this, but I won’t be reading further at this point.
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Could be great, but Publisher's edition had no photos in Kindle version. The text was informative for those with minimal knowledge of Christianity. Easy KJV made scripture a little easier to read.
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I was disappointed in this book for two reasons.. The lack of pictures  made me sad, There are many pages with no images making more The story of Jesus accompanied by some images.

Second I disappointed only white Jesus was included. By now I think many people know that Jesus would have been more middle eastern then Caucasian. I was hoping Images of Jesus by various ethnicities would be included.
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