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Know Your Bible Devotions for Women

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This was such an enjoyable devotional. It's messages were short and sweet. The questions and their answers so relateable. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book.
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I received a free copy of Know Your Bible Devotion for Women by Tracy M Sumner form author, publisher and NetGalley for a honest review. This book is a keeper. It has a great 365 reading plan to inspire you get be
closer to god. This book offers a verse and background of the verse scripture. By the time your read the 365 days you will have a over view of al 66 books in the bible. This book is a must have, highly recommend this book. if I good give this a 10 I would.
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The content of this devotional was strong but I didn't care for the layout. Perhaps it was just the ARC file I received but I found it hard to tell where each devotion started and stopped. Still, it was biblically sound and enjoyable, just  tough to follow.
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Know Your Bible Devotions for Women by Tracy M Sumner is a great book of devotions for women who are interested in learning more about the bible. I enjoyed the first several devotions so much I am recommending it for the book in my next bible study.. 

The devotions are short (one page) but informative and impactful.  

I highly recommend it.
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Know Your Bible Devotions for Women is a cohesive helper to the Bible. Well, that how I think of it anyway. You can dive a little deeper into certain things in the Bible through this book. Some questions I had about different things in the Bible were answered in this book. At the end of each devotion there are “homework” verses to read and study too. Verse references are from the NIV version of the Bible. My preference is KJV. My ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reflects that.

I was given an eARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I received this book from NetGalley for review last week. I enjoyed it so much I ordered a copy for myself so I can start the daily Bible readings in Jan. 
I love that this devotional is geared to women and gives highlights of the stories in the Bible and how they can impact our walk with God. The Bible is still speaking to us today through these stories. The reading plan looks very organized. Along with the devotional reading this should give me plenty to think about during my bible time.
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Great way to motivate and follow along with the Bible.  I haven’t made it all the way through yet, but I appreciate that it is arranged in manageable  sections that would provide for about 15 minutes if study at a time.  As a Catholic, some Bible devotions deviate a lot from the precepts of the faith.  So far, I’ve found it to be accessible.  Will edit review if something changes.
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I found this book to be very helpful because many of the questions she asked and answered are many of the questions we ask ourselves, when reading through the Bible. They are short questions and answered with knowledgeable scriptures, and ending with a quick prayer. There is a daily reading plan, but it’s not necessary to follow, (for those who have read the Bible), if you choose to skim through to another part. I received an advance copy of this book through NetGalley, but choosing to leave a review is of my own volition.
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This book of devotions also feels like a good study of God's Word. It starts in Genesis, sharing highlights of scripture from Old to New Testament. Having loved, read and studied the Bible since childhood I have really gotten into these daily devotions. Each devotion is a quick retelling of a particular important event or lesson which ends with a brief personal prayer. In the first few devotions my reaction was, this book is for anyone, not particularly women but as I read along then I did see a focus is on us. (women) I think the book is excellent for any woman who is new to reading and studying God's word or someone like me who may want a sort of refresher study into the beautiful history and reminders of why the Bible is for us, today.
One solid reminder is that we are all, even the Biblical 'greats', kings, prophets, leaders, capable of sin and that God forgives us when we seek that forgiveness.
These devotions include women of the Bible who God blessed and led toward for His purpose.
Daily titles such as: What is Lamentations all about, Can God's word be destroyed, What Should I do When I'm having a bad day, Why is Isaiah 53 important, What should I do with my fear and How can I control negative thinking are just a few of the diverse subjects in the book. All have scripture references and each one ends with prayer.
I received an advanced reader's copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley and this is my own unsolicited opinion. I think it is a devotional that has strong value for daily time with the word and a great year-long aid. Writing this review in December of 2022 I would highly recommend it for a personal devotion to start reading on January 1st and it's definitely gift worthy! (It is not dated so will work any day of the year.)
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What made this a 4-star book?
1. The comprehensive view of Scripture -- the entire arc of God's word is covered from beginning to end.
2. The devotionals are short, but include a question like "Can I Trust God's Judgments?" followed by a brief answer (often referencing other verses) and a prayer. Since there just numbers for each one and no date, the reader can begin at any day in the year.
3. A reading plan is included to read through the Bible in one year alongside the daily meditations.
4. References from the book of Hebrews were often used to support the answer for the question of the day. I just studied that book with a group at my church and loved all those connections.
Why not five stars?
1. Some of my favorite chapters were skipped over for the daily readings like Romans 8.
2. I had hoped this might be an evangelical tool, but after reading it I see the audience is women who already have a church home and a basic knowledge of the gospel.
Finally, I want to add that while I had a couple of quibbles about the book it was still a rewarding read. I took five days to read through for an overview. Even though I was not using it as intended, I was still blessed by that time of considering and reflecting on God's word. This would make a great gift for a special woman in your life.

Thank you to Barbour Publishing and NetGalley for a DRC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a precious resource as you read through your Bible. The writing brings clarity to many difficult to understand passages (think Old Testament), and shows us how to make what we are reading and learning personal. This is a great way to enhance your daily devotions and to define your personal application. This book would also make a wonderful gift for anyone who reads through their Bible on any program.
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I loved these devotions! I was floored because the author did an impeccable job and made them relatable and helpful for women. They are easily connected to me as a working mom, and also they are easily relatable nowadays and easily understood. I would recommend this to any woman or anyone looking for a devotion to helping understand the word of the Bible and also how to incorporate the word into understanding and daily life! I loved this book, and I recommend it!
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A very well written collection of devotions for women.  This would be a wonderful gift.  I definitely recommend this book.  My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my boook.  This is my unbiased review.
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Know Your Bible For Women“ has inspired this one-year devotional, a collection of 365 daily readings that focus on key Scriptures in biblical order—from Genesis to Revelation. This devotional is easy to read and understand. Key themes from the Bible are explained and common questions are answered. Someone new to reading the Bible will appreciate the simplicity. Each devotion ends with a three sentence prayer.

This devotional is different, because it does not begin with a personal story. Each day begins with a Bible story. “Know Your Bible Devotions For Women” is a good way to remember key themes and events. Each day starts with a question, offers evidence from Scripture, and ends with a prayer.

As a Bible teacher, I enjoyed these daily reminders about favorite Bible stories. Applying the Bible today is a key message throughout. This devotional also includes a Bible reading plan for a deeper experience. Readers of inductive study will appreciate the “who, what, where, when, how, and why” questions before each daily devotion. This devotional book would make a lovely gift.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley and purchased a copy for my library.
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Know your Bible Devotions for Women is a great way to start your morning. It has enough devotions to last you a year - and I love the balance between personal experience and Biblical Truth. Each starts with a scripture, then unpacks it in a way that we can all understand and then the author shows how it relates to women. 
Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read a copy of this book - all thoughts are my own.
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Great women's devotional, I love how it's organized from Bible scriptures starting at the beginning to the end, especially since most pick from some of the more well-known verses and jump around based on the message (works for shorter devotionals, but I think it made a huge difference in its readability). There's a small prayer at the end of each of day's lesson.  Positive and uplifting.  Good option for a gift.

Net Galley Feedback
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What a great book!! So full of scripture and great short summaries that walk the reader through the Bible. I found myself wanting to read multiple sections in one sitting. I’ve read and studied  through the Bible several time and I still found this book very helpful and interesting. This book is rich in scripture, the explanations are wonderful, and the prayers are so helpful and edifying. I’d recommend to any woman who wants to dig into the word.
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Highly recommend this devotional. It's a one year devotion book starting with Genesis and working your way through the entire book. Great for helping you understand the verses. Would make a great Christmas gift.
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I love having a devotional in order to spend my time reading and studying God's word. This devotional was set up where it poses a question, then the verse, then an in depth passage for the verse. It makes one really ponder the verse for the day.  I will definitely be coming back and using this devotional another time. I received a copy through Netgalley.  A review was not required.
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A wealth of Biblical Information

Tracy M. Sumner states that throughout the sixty-six separate books, 1,189 chapters, and hundreds of thousands of words, the Bible shares one extraordinary message: God loves you. From the first chapter of Genesis, where God creates human beings, through the last chapter of Revelation, where God welcomes anyone to “take the water of life freely” (22: 17), the Bible proves God is intimately involved in, familiar with, and concerned about the lives of people. 

This one-year devotional, a collection of 365 daily readings that focus on key scriptures in biblical order, from Genesis 1: 1 to Revelation 22: 21, was inspired from the book "Know Your Bible".  The author states that over the course of twelve months, readers will get a clearer perspective on what the Bible’s big picture means to them, and there's even a built-in reading plan to help you read through the Bible itself.

This is a great way to really get more familiar with God’s word and grow closer to Him. This book of devotionals are very easy to read and unders. It's a great resource book for anyone's library. Highly recommand.
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