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Wow what a great story full of twists and suspense following Seattle attorney Camille Delaney as she fights for justice for a woman whose baby died as a result of the actions of  Dr. Jessica Kensington. 
This is a intense story as Camille fights against Doctor Jessica Kensington well known father Dr Kip Davenport who is respected and has a high profile in the community.
As more women come forward to say they also lost babies the pressure mounts to a surprising ending.
Look forward to reading more books by Amanda DuBois.
Thanks to NetGalley and Girl Friday Books for a ARC.
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Deliver Them From Evil starts with one of the most gruesome scenes I’ve ever encountered in a mystery.  I would advise pregnant women (or anyone hoping to become pregnant) to steer clear of this.   
It’s the second in the Camille Delaney series but works fine as a stand-alone.   I had not read the first and had no problems immediately settling in.   
Camille was previously a lawyer with a large outfit, but has now hung out her own shingle. She’s struggling to make ends meet.  She’s asked to take on a “dead baby case” which most lawyers refuse to handle because the payouts are so low.  Still, as a mother herself (and hoping for a quick settlement) she agrees to handle the case.  
Things quickly go from bad to worse.  It seemed like anything that could go wrong, did.   I started to feel like I was reading a soap opera instead of a mystery. 
I found Camille an engaging character.  But I was really put off by the majority of this story, which came across as The Perils of Pauline.  Until I got to the end.  And boy, oh boy, I never saw that twist coming. Of course, I don’t think the twist would hold up in a rational world. <spoiler> somewhere along the way, I’m convinced Dr. Kensington would have lost her medical malpractice insurance if not her license to practice medicine.</spoiler>.  
My thanks to netgalley and Girl Friday Books for an advance copy of this book.
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With Deliver Them From Evil, the second book in the Camille Delaney Mystery series, Amanda DuBois once again presents a fabulous book that is part medical thriller, part legal thriller, and one hundred percent just plain thrilling.
In this book we see the main character, lawyer Camille Delaney, actively caught in the dilemma of quick money for her struggling business versus the moral responsibility to do the right thing by her client. As the case she has taken on gets more complicated and twisted, so does her moral dilemma.
As in the first book, the mystery is well-written and gripping. DuBois adeptly navigates complicated medical and legal concepts with a clear and concise narrative that even the reader unfamiliar with medical and legal terminology can understand and get engaged in. 
This book is difficult to put down and destined to become one of the best thrillers of the year! 
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Deliver Them From Evil by Amanda DuBois is a courtroom and medical drama. I really liked the cover; it's spooky and sets the tone of the story. In book two of the Camille Delaney Mystery series, a mother turns to Camille for help investigating a top Seattle doctor after tragedy strikes the delivery room. 

I did not read the first book in the series, and I don't feel I missed anything. I enjoyed reading this book. It had the right amount of drama and tension to keep me reading.

Camille's neighbor and her assistant, Amy, were a bit much to take in, and there were times I did not like those characters. I knew some kind of sinister medical issue was happening but didn't know to what extent. Deliver Them From Evil is a good medical and courtroom drama.

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Amanda DuBois, Deliver Them From Evil, Girl Friday Books 2023.

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this uncorrected proof for review. 

This is the second Camille Delaney Mystery that Amanda DuBois has written, and that I have read. I looked forward to seeing where Camile Delaney would go, after having left her well-paying position in a prestigious legal firm and setting up for herself in far less attractive conditions. In this novel, she remains independent, worrying about her income, and dealing with another medical legal case. 

DuBois’ background as a nurse, and then lawyer brings special qualities to the novel, both of which add to the information that she brings to the case. The reader is also advantaged by this inside look at the medical and legal systems about which DuBois writes. I found this information worthwhile – an excellent addition to the plot, and engagingly written. Where I found the detail somewhat tedious is in the plethora of information about less relevant topics, and where it seemed entirely unnecessary. As I noted in my previous review, I found this an issue in the first novel, making the narrative move too slowly and demonstrating a lack of selectivity about what might contribute to the story. 

Camille Delaney is a lawyer with a conscience, and that is an appealing feature. So, too, is some of the information about her family and their impact on her feelings about herself, and her present situation. I also enjoyed the way in which her para-legal’s feelings about herself manifested itself in seeking delicious chocolate pastries and beverages when she was feeling down, and being able to dispense with them when she was following her conscience. Vignettes such as this add to the way in which we see the characters and are a useful addition to the novel; but all too often the information was not as relevant or enticing. 

The plot is strong, with its links to Delaney’s friends and enemies, and the premise that leaves the reader wondering about the guilt and evil of the doctor against whom Delaney conducted the case on behalf of bereft parents. The way in which Delaney’s assumptions impact on the case; the way in which her para-legal’s chocolate addiction provides clues to her activities through a link with Delany’s private investigator; the court situations; and clues along the way are well drawn.

Camille Delaney is an interesting and valuable protagonist, with her mixture of human failings, sharp legal mind, and determination to make the justice system work for her less powerful clients. I look forward to the next Camille Delaney novel where perhaps the scene setting, introduction to the main characters and extraneous material will have less prominence.
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Book Title: Deliver Them From Evil
Author:  Amanda DuBois
Series: A Camille Delaney Mystery 
Publisher: Girl Friday Books
Genre: Medical- Legal Thriller
Pub Date: April 4, 2023
My Rating:   🌟🌟🌟🌟+ WOW Stars!

I read and enjoyed "The Complication" which was Book #1 in the Camille Delaney Mystery series.
This is a medical-legal thriller.

Camille is a former nurse and now a family-practice lawyer. She and her husband Sam, a doctor at the University live in a houseboat with their three daughters (Two daughters are legally adopted and the third is a foster daughter).

This story starts off with Camille struggling to keep her independent practice afloat as she typically takes on low paying cases.
Helen Anderson comes to her and is looking for an investigation into the practice of popular and
charismatic OB GYN Doctor Jessica Kensington. Helen has had C-Section delivery and her baby died. 
She believes Dr. Kensington was at fault. 
                       (Trust me when you read the details on what happened- you will be hoppin mad)
Dr. Kensington is respected in the community. Camille is reluctant to take on this case as litigating cases involving the death of a newborn is expensive and insurance companies resist paying damages to couples whom they believe can “have another baby”! 

 Camille does take the case. She and her friend PI Trish Seaholm begin to uncover what happened in the delivery room—and what lies behind Dr. Kensington’s seemingly flawless facade. 

 I love good courtroom drama and this one had my head spinning!

I always enjoyed reading the Author’s Notes/ Acknowledgements. In this case, I liked reading the Bio of our author. 
Author, Amanda DuBois a lawyer practicing Family Law in the Seattle area. She first was a nurse with high-risk labor & delivery patience. Her husband Philip is now retired but was an OB GYN Doctor. 
They have two adult daughters. 
 So Amanda and Camille sure have a lot in common.

Additionally Ms. DuBois tells us her motivation in writing her Camille Delaney stories.
 She invites readers to take an interest in how we define justice in our legal system.

I certainly am looking forward to the next Camille Delaney story but first I have to get my head to stop spinning!

Want to thank NetGalley and Girl Friday Books for this early eGalley. 
Publishing Release Date scheduled for April 4, 2023
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this was another great mystery novel in the Camille Delaney Mystery series, it does everything that I was hoping for and then some. I really loved the plot of the book and getting to know the characters in this world again. Amanda DuBois has what I was hoping for in the writing department and am glad I was able to go through this.

“The tradition is that if someone does something really special for you, and you wish for a particular outcome, you write what you’re wishing for on a piece of paper and put it in the box.” Helene reached over and removed the paper from the box. “See?” She unfolded it. “It says ‘justice.’”
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This wasn't scary or very thrilling to me. I don't think I'm a fan of courthouse procedurals. I will probably skip this author next time. Thank you to Netgalley for the arc!
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Thank you Net Galley for an ARC of this book for an honest review. This was an intense page turner about a lawyer that is barely getting by when she’s asked to represent a couple who the dr forcibly caused 
their baby to die at birth. It’s a very expensive lawsuit that the lawyer can hardly afford to take on but wants to do the right thing. At the same time her assistant leaves for a better paying job and everything goes haywire from there to the end.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, from Girl Friday Books and #NetGalley. Thank you for the opportunity to preview and review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.

Hard to put down, so clear your schedule.
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I was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review-
What a page turner!
Camille’s law practice is struggling when Helene comes in to hire her to take her case against a doctor who killed her baby in delivery.  What seems to be an easy case  starts to have problems as her paralegal quits for another job and Helene has secrets.  As she continues her search she finds numerous cases of women having fertility treatments and then miscarrying their babies,  What horrifying practice is going on?  Can she win this case?
A fast passed medical/legal thriller that will keep you turning the pages.
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A respected obstetrician deliberately causes a hideously painful labor that leads to the death of a newborn. How could this happen? After several lawyers refuse to take this malpractice case, the mother turns to Camille Delaney. Camille takes the case and files suit against respected Dr. Jessica Kensington. Things do not go well for Camille. Her paralegal takes another job, Jessica’s father and partner, powerful ob/gyn Dr. Davenport, threatens her and the judge hearing the case turns out to be a golf buddy of the defense lawyer. 

As Camille struggles to pay expert witnesses, works long hours responding to defense requests, she hears rumors of Jessica’s disturbing actions in other situations. What could have caused this dedicated doctor to behave this way? The reason is shocking and disturbing.

Deliver them from Evil is the second in a series but can be read as a standalone thriller. It is well written and Camille is a sympathetic character. My problem is with the case itself. I had trouble believing that, for any reason, a doctor would behave as Dr. Kensington did. 4 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Girl Friday books and Amanda DuBois for this ARC.
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Mystery and intrigue.  Family and is a cannot put down medical/legal novel that is written by a talented and gifted author.  This book was sent to me by Netgalley for review.  Thanks to the publisher for the electronic copy. The protagonist is professional while trying to make things work with her husband and children.  She cares about those who work around her and for her.  I liked this book.  It was innovative, written by a talented and gifted author.  Although the language could have been left out, it did not distract from the story.  It did not add to it either.  Don't miss this book.
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